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Kerry Versus Tyson

Anyone notice that the Kerry campaign is trapped outside the media vacuum created by Rathergate? It's like they were put in one of those three dimensional space jails - like the villains from Superman 2. CBS isn't doing the Kerry camp any favors by offering lame defenses, lying, and stonewalling. All that is doing is prolong the story and crowding out Kerry. It's entirely possible that Kerry/Edwards will remain virtually attention-less until the last weeks of October.

In a bid to get back into the story, today the Kerry campaign takes (arguably) the dumbest political move ever attempted (Operation Fortunate Son) in stepping up attacks on Bush's National Guard service. Rather than address the specifics of the folly of their ways, I intend to frame the issue in terms of championship boxing.

For those of you who remember Mike Tyson in his prime; you may remember that the conventional wisdom was that there were only two ways an opponent could potentially beat Tyson.

Method #1 was to try to take Tyson into the late rounds, since he rarely fought beyond 2-3 rounds, and hope he would run out of gas. Of course there was the small problem of not getting the living shit beat out of you for the 10 or so rounds that would be required to test this approach. Needless to say few ever got the chance to fully test this method. It's worth noting that one man who picked this method, journeyman Buster Douglas, ended up knocking out a dispirited Tyson in the late rounds of their fight. Tyson was never the same after that fight.

Method #2 was the bum-rush technique. The idea was that you come out with everything you've got and ignore conserving energy for latter rounds, as you will either knockout Tyson early or he'll knock you out real early. This was a popular and deeply flawed strategy for one simple reason - while Tyson's opponent might land the occasional good punch in a futile search for Iron Mike's glass jaw, the beating they took in return was (no exaggeration) life threatening. The bum-rush technique made for some short but exciting fights - pretty much all of Tyson's early opponents were in this category. One of the best examples of the technique though was not a Tyson fight, but the Marvin Haggler-Thomas Hearns title fight where the two essentially stood toe-to-toe trading massive blows until Hearns just simply ran out of gas.

It seems today that the Kerry campaign is opting for the bum-rush technique. The problem for Kerry (just as it was for Tyson opponents) is that the counter attack is going to be worse that whatever they can dish out. Voters heard all these allegations against Bush in 2000, what they haven't heard is a detailed retelling on Kerry's post war activities. In Kerry's defense, these stories are coming regardless of what the Kerry campaign says or does, but bum-rushing Bush's Guard service is essentially abdicates the moral high ground, and exposes their soft underbelly for a massive counter attack.

So the question is, which Tyson opponent will the Kerry campaign choose to emulate: Michael Spinks or Buster Douglas?"

Operation Fortunate Son makes me think the answer is Spinks.


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Comments (16)

soon Kerry will be saying "... (Below threshold)

soon Kerry will be saying "No mas! No mas!"

The only fraud is what is b... (Below threshold)

The only fraud is what is being done by you far right wackos trying to smear hardworking reporters and spread fear (AS USUAL!) -- soo fascist.

see here to be DEBUNKED wingnuts:


You kooks are going down.

Something is up with this. ... (Below threshold)
mark Buehner:

Something is up with this. No political advisor in their right mind would be tieing their candidate to this story until they had a clue what the blowback would look like. Kerry is going all in on this accusation, and every time he parrots it is another nail in his coffin when this forgery story bursts open. Either he knows his campaign is tied to it and is trying for a knockout block, or he is just in total freefall and is swinging at anything in range. Either way this move is all downside.

BSL, im no expert but i do know that the Word replication of those documents is orders of magnitude closer than any typewriter reproduction yet put out. I also tend to listen to experts without obvious axes to grind a bit closer. How do you respond to this individual:

The problem for Kerry is as... (Below threshold)

The problem for Kerry is as follows:
1) When Kerry denounced Vets upon his return from Nam...it hurt many Vets..now his talk about his service has re-opened those wounds and many Vets want "payback" and rightfully so...and won't stop until after the election
2) If you assume this CBS story of Bush were true (which looks like oit is not) it did not seriously "piss off" thousands of Vets and National Guard members...he DID NOT lie about THEM.
Overall analysis is the Kerry problem with the Vets HAS "NATURAL" LEGS and will continue regardless...Bush National Guard does not...unless forced by the willing media

- Continuing the pugilisti... (Below threshold)

- Continuing the pugilistic metaphor, does anyone else see a similarity in the Bush camps strategy to the "Thrilla in Manila" ....Ali's "Rope-a-dope" thing...

Operation Fortunate Son is ... (Below threshold)

Operation Fortunate Son is possibiliy the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Time is not on the challenger's side. He can still perform decently if he focuses on domestic issues. Clinton gave him good advice.

Shot in the dark here, as I... (Below threshold)
Mark Buehner:

Shot in the dark here, as I hadn't been born in 1973: When did the term 'CYA' enter the common parlance?

"It's like the were put in ... (Below threshold)
David C:

"It's like the were put in one of those three dimensional space jails like the villains from Superman 2."

Heh. Someone skilled with such things really oughtta photoshop this....

I've been looking for react... (Below threshold)

I've been looking for reaction on this site to Pat Buchanan's comments (book plug) on CNN with Wolf Blitzer yesterday morning. Did anyone here see it, or were you all lost amidst the kerns, leading, and superscripted th's?

- Margaret....If the "W" i... (Below threshold)

- Margaret....If the "W" in GWB is taken for "wrong" the "F" in JFK inescapably has to be "F**kedUp"...

Looking back over this campaign cycle, once it is mercifully put to sleep in November, it will be hard to choose which of the endless mistakes in Kerry's challenge run was the straw that broke his political back. There will be so many to choose from. One new dimension in this election cycle that will be obvious is the that the work of Kevin, Paul, and Jay Tea... all the pajama pundits, bloggers and blogettes... will have been the glaring difference...

The DNC will be sending out... (Below threshold)

The DNC will be sending out a press release that says in a pamphlet in George Bush's campaign stated he flew jets in the Air Force. They claim this proves Bush is a liar. However, the record shows that Bush indeed flew fighter planes during 100 days of active duty with (drum role please) THE AIR FORCE. The DNC and Kerry Campaign are reaching the level of insanity.

Re: Jim KouriOh, D... (Below threshold)

Re: Jim Kouri

Oh, Drudge has the document .

- Radio on the scene news f... (Below threshold)

- Radio on the scene news flash from Lakehurst N.J. Air station...

..."Its on Fire folks....The Kerry Zepplin is burning...people running for their lives...Horrible...I..can't...can't....Oh the humanities..."

Does this mean Kerry is the... (Below threshold)

Does this mean Kerry is the political equivalent of Leon Spinks? He of the ill-considered "let's really piss Mike off just before the fight" strategy, which led directly to a 90-second knockout?


John Kerry 'trapped' outsid... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

John Kerry 'trapped' outside the media vacuum? Actually, I think that is what Kerry wants. The more he is in public, the more people hear him speak, the more that Theresa speaks, the more he gets (almost) pinned down on specifics (and then flip-flops)...the more he goes down in the polls.

When was the last time he sat for interviews with the press? A month ago? Longer?

Isn't this unprecidented in a Prez candidate at this point in a campaign?

Meanwhile, his easily assaultable past voting record, flip-flops and vague contradictions stay off the radar screen.

Which is just what his campaign wants.

Hunter (for some reason pos... (Below threshold)

Hunter (for some reason posting his comment on the website/Win98 thread) talked about Pat Caddell's ripping the DNC a new one on Fox New's Dayside show. With out guaranteeing it's 100% accurate, I found the following "instant transcript" at http://homepage.mac.com/mkoldys/iblog/C168863457/

Some highlights:

VESTER: "Pat Caddell is pretty mad. As a long-time Democratic strategist and former Presidential pollster, he's got a list of all the screw-ups he has seen."

CADDELL: "I think the problem is, first of all, I don't think the campaign has a definition. It didn't have one in Boston. The reason we had the problem with the swift boats is not because George Bush rounded up the swift boat veterans. It's because the Democrat campaigners decided they would make John Kerry's campaign about VietNam. And when you take that scab off, the natural result was going to be to bring people out who have very strong feelings. Nobody in history has ever run for President as a hero. You become a hero because people know you're a hero. You don't run and say you're a hero."

VESTER: "[H]e has not talked to [the media], given them an interview in 34 days."

CADDELL: "Linda, because there's an arrogance. [... W]e have some, what I would call, political crypto-gangsters who have taken over the heart and soul of the Democratic party in Washington. And their job is to hold on to power and hold on to money. [...] They're counting on things like what's going on at CBS this morning, with those documents, which are just unbelieveable."

CADDELL: "Let me tell you, when you have National Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, who put in $100,000 into Global Crossing and walked off with $18,000,000 as your National Chairman, it tells you the moral and integrity level my party has been reduced to at the DNC. [...] I don't care if people agree or disagree with the President; they don't like political hacks going around calling the President of the United States a liar, whether he's a Democrat or a Republican. [...] Look at NBC today. They put on Kitty Kelley? Why don't they just put on the National Enquirer? [laughter] For three straight days."

CADDELL: "When the press decides that its job is to decide who should be President and who should be not, what truth you should know, what truth you should not, they destroy the very premise for a 1st Amendment, and that threatens our freedom. [applause]"

CADDELL: "Look, there's some values that are more important than your party registration card. [...] I would never, ever put partisanship above being a citizen."






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