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Newsweek's Howard Fineman - Pajama Blogger Journalist

If you missed Scarborough Country on MSNBC tonight, you missed Newsweek's Howard Fineman deliver this classic line, "Let me admit that I have written for the Internet in my pajamas."

Then he explains why Rathergate is a turning point for "big media:"

"Everyone in the world is looking your shoulder while you are reporting and writing a story. It's like when I began as a newspaper reporter at a small bureau in Kentucky, you know, somebody could march right in to the newsroom the next day if you didn't get it right in the newspaper. And that kind of situation now exists on a global scale because of the Internet. ..."

"...I think what we're all selling is credibility. And i think in the big media, let's not say main stream or whatever, in the big media credibility for the accuracy of what you report is what our business is. And that has to be kept in mind at all times. If we in the big media are going to survive in this new world of the Internet, and bloggers, and so forth, we have to sell even more and care even more about our accuracy, because it's easy to stick anything out there on the Internet. Hopefully we do have the quality control, and the editorial judgment, and the journalistic experience so that when readers and viewers and web surfers come to our name brand they can trust what they do [big media journalists]."

"That's what makes this issue so big in journalism and journalistic circles."

Amen, fellow pajama blogger journalist!

Fineman appeared in a segment with Robert Zelnick (former ABC reporter), Carl Limbacher of NewMax, and Bobby Eberle (GOPUSA and Talon News). Both Carl and Bobby stopped by Bloggers Corner at the RNC on several occasions, and were both very nice guys. Good to see them getting some publicity.


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Comments (15)

I saw this. It was pretty ... (Below threshold)

I saw this. It was pretty good. Scarborough had a couple of web guys on too. He didn't cop out on the whole thing like O'Reilly did. He had almost a whole half hour about the topic and didn't weasel out of saying they were basically forgeries. And did let it degenerate into Bush bad, forgery doesn't matter.

- For anyone who hasn't see... (Below threshold)

- For anyone who hasn't seem this already...the chum is finally kicking in...Those sleek killing machines are starting to take large chunks from the carcus....


..Someone get Dan a glass of water...He looks faint...

I'd love to send Howard Fin... (Below threshold)

I'd love to send Howard Fineman an email of thanks on the pajama issue, but I can't find an email address for him. Newsweek's web site routs everything through a catch-all account.

Anybody have an email address for Howard Fineman?

<a href="mailto:howard.fine... (Below threshold)

[email protected]ek.com should work. But I offer no guarantees.

You might have hit it, ALD.... (Below threshold)

You might have hit it, ALD. I sent a message to that address and have not as yet gotten a bounce back.

Thanks very much!

Bingo, ALD. I wrote him a t... (Below threshold)

Bingo, ALD. I wrote him a thank-you note, and he replied:

You're welcome. Written on blackberry while still in regular clothes...

Ol' Br'er Dan got caught in... (Below threshold)

Ol' Br'er Dan got caught in de Briar Patch.

Who's smart now?

Thank you Pajama Brigade. You have done your country a service. 50% alert! You can rest now butwith one eye open until Nov 2.

There are those in temperat... (Below threshold)

There are those in temperate climes that may keyboard nude; is there ever any mention of those in thongs?

Digital Brown...fer' me!


Um. I always just kind of a... (Below threshold)

Um. I always just kind of assumed that "is my pajamas" was a euphemism for nekkid.

Aw, crap on a cracker. A sh... (Below threshold)

Aw, crap on a cracker. A short, simple comment, and I blow it with a typo. That should have been "IN my pajamas," obviously.

Thank you, Sergeant America... (Below threshold)
Ken O'Banion:

Thank you, Sergeant America, for painting that one for us.

It's going to take years to get that image out of my head!

Yeah...pretty sweet (Finema... (Below threshold)

Yeah...pretty sweet (Fineman). But it was PowerLine and/or INDC and/or Intapundit who first shared the Jammies image and called us the Pajama now Jammies Brigade. Over the weekend, think it was Sunday...

Great so far......Keep up t... (Below threshold)
Jim Paveso:

Great so far......Keep up the good work......

Great so far......Keep up t... (Below threshold)
Jim Paveso:

Great so far......Keep up the good work......

Great.... Keep up the good ... (Below threshold)
Jim Paveso:

Great.... Keep up the good work.............DAD






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