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The 10 Spot - Monday Edition

  1. Strengthen The Good has picked it's latest micro-charity - it is the Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children, which offers care and education to autistic children and their parents. The Foundation was created by Tracy Woodall, who lost her husband, Brent, in the South Tower on September 11th, 2001. Tracy was 5 weeks pregnant at the time, and she created the foundation as a way of dealing with her grief and extending his legacy. Please visit and give!!!!
  2. Michelle Catalano is back and she's wearing pajamas!!!! OK, so she may not be back at A Small Victory full time, but Rathergate was too large a temptation to resist. She's got and op-ed on whole the Rathergate mess worth reading. She may be on hiatus at ASV, but you do know she's working hard at The Command Post, right?
  3. Please help a friend of David Scott Anderson's located this missing woman - Tamika Huston
  4. Winners for the Weekend Caption Contest™ will be announced tonight.
  5. Here's a pretty good spot to find a roundup of Rathergate humor.
  6. La Shawn Barber profiles non blogger Matt Drudge.
  7. Stephen Green asks, "Since when did Rip Torn wear such cheap suits?"
  8. Operation Fortunate Son is off to a shitty start.
  9. Gerard Van der Leun reminds us that Rathergate isn't the first time Dan Rather and CBS played fast and loose with evidence to advance their own agenda.
  10. American Daughter attended the Kerry Lied While Good Men Died rally Sunday and has a full report.
Also, sometime yesterday Wizbang passed the 4 million visitor mark via the SiteMeter stats. Thanks!


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Thanks Kevin, this is great... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin, this is great.

Thanks for the link!... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link!

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And so say we all!






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