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There's no way...

If you look up the definition of clueless....

Although Kerry strategists agree the Massachusetts senator needs to be more aggressive, they remain divided over how best to communicate his critique of Bush.

Let's review. He's tells the people daily that George Bush lied to them to start a war. He tells people Bush started the war for the oil profits. He told people Bush was so scared after 9/11 he did not know what to do. He's called the President AWOL, he's called him a deserter and if memory serves, a coward.... He even said he wished he could bring a gun to the debate...

How much more aggressive can the guy possibly be?

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Mark Simone, a local talk s... (Below threshold)

Mark Simone, a local talk show host in New York City, played an audio tape of Kerry making statements on Iraq from 1998 until present. It was astounding that this guy ever even get appointed a school-crossing guard let alone a nominee for the office of the President. He's all over the place. Simone said Kerry won the nomination by default: next to Howard Dean, Kerry appears normal. It's the media's fault, you know. I bird brain like Gore or Kerry are heralded as intelligent while Republicans (all of them) are always denigrated as dolts. What happens then is that the truly intelligent Republicans end up getting over on the truly dumb Democrats. The Republicans best weapon is to allow the Democrats to continue believing their really intelligent and let the news media think reporters and news readers are intelligent. As far as the news media, Helter Skelter author and attorney Vince Bugliosi once said that the news media "are a group that can be counted on to use a mininal amount of intelligence."

Gore needs to step up and h... (Below threshold)

Gore needs to step up and help him. Kerry needs that passion and certainty that makes Gore so special. And the man won the popular vote, so he's not insane or anything. I think a two day retreat right before the first debate would do it.

- You can be passionately a... (Below threshold)

- You can be passionately and to a certainty, left of Leon Trotsky...but its doubtful it will get you elected...

Isn't it against the law to... (Below threshold)

Isn't it against the law to even joke about shooting the president? I mean, even if the president is a joke himself, like Clinton? wasn't some guy arrested for mouthing off about wishing someone would kill Clinton while drunk in a bar?

THREATS AGAINST PRESIDENT -... (Below threshold)

THREATS AGAINST PRESIDENT - 18 USC 871, makes it a Federal crime or offense for anyone to willfully make a true threat to injure or kill the President of the United States.

A person can be found guilty of that offense only if all of the following facts are proved beyond a reasonable doubt:

First: That the person uttered words alleged to be the threat against the President;

Second: That the person understood and meant the words he used as a true threat; and

Third: That the person uttered the words knowingly and willfully.

I guess making it in jest might not pass the "true threat" test but couldn't that statement about taking a shotgun to the debates incite someone to attempt it?

"How much more aggressive c... (Below threshold)

"How much more aggressive can the guy possibly be?"

I here if he drops another two points in the polls he's going to send Theresa to the Whitehouse to kick Bush's ass ...

I think Kerry needs to get ... (Below threshold)

I think Kerry needs to get campaign volunteers to dog the Bush campaign with "flip-flops" and posters of North Korea and a mushroom cloud saying, "W" stands for the "Wrong War"


I think Kerry needs to get ... (Below threshold)

I think Kerry needs to get campaign volunteers to dog the Bush campaign with "flip-flops" and posters of North Korea and a mushroom cloud saying, "W" stands for the "Wrong War"


Well Dave, I think that's a... (Below threshold)

Well Dave, I think that's a great idea. Get right on it, will you?






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