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Everything Old Is New Again

Some people never learn. Via Wonkette we learn the original official Bush/Cheney Sloganator is back:

Of course you should also remember that the Kerry Sloganator has never left:

Tip: As many have already discovered, you can send your text to the Kerry Sloganator in a URL string. Don't forget the Kerry Sloganator Gallery where you can post and view your (and others) masterpieces.

What about the Kerry Core (where you get your own page on the Kerry site)?

I's active again. Sign up now. Make sure you do a screen capture for posteriety in case your page is removed.

PS - If Jeff Goldstein is goes missing for more that 24 hours call for professional help.

PPS - It's about time to update the Kerry Sloganator to the Kerry/Edwards sloganator. I'll start working on that.


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Comments (13)

I'd do the Edwards/X slogan... (Below threshold)

I'd do the Edwards/X sloganator first, retired men post no bills.

enjoy <a href="htt... (Below threshold)
Mr X:
These are too funny. I lov... (Below threshold)

These are too funny. I love the one about drafting Hillary. One look at her would scare any terrorist. LOL

Mr. X,

When activated this message came up... it said....

There was an error processing your request.

An error log has been generated and sent to the site administrator. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused, and encourage you to check back frequently for updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us or click here to return to the site and continue browsing the site.

Kevin,I'm at work ... (Below threshold)
Senator PhilABuster:


I'm at work and cant save the sloganator to transfer it to the archives. Could you do one for me?

My slogan: "This Sign Forged By"


Glad I shot me a screenshot... (Below threshold)
Mr. X:

Glad I shot me a screenshot of the webpage I made on there...I knew they would shut it off quick.

Here it is -

- Reuters Tickertape wire u... (Below threshold)

- Reuters Tickertape wire update ... 9/14/04

- "Dan Rather has hit back at the critics of his handling of the "Memogate" fiasco by unveiling yet another expert to counter charges he is senile"...NYT

- "The Melbourne Zoo hopes to pump up flagging tourism with its new "Lions petting center" audience participation program. Giddy zoo officials say their upscale attraction will include on the spot medical treatment, and staff photogs so Zoo goers can capture the moment." ... Zoo Nooz

- "According to insiders Scott Peterson's defense attorney Mark Garogos is planning to file a dismissal of all charges based on the fact that his client is a widower." ...Modesto Voice

- "The DNC announced a "vote for Kerry" gift giveaway to be added today on their Kerry campaign website - moveonboneheads.org - Among the items is a "Magic hat" adorned with the Christmas in Cambodia Vietcong regional baseball team logo"... Liberal Lunatics Newsletter

Bush sucks..... It will be ... (Below threshold)

Bush sucks..... It will be a travesty if he gets reelected.

Bush sucks..... It will be ... (Below threshold)

Bush sucks..... It will be a travesty if he gets reelected.

Looks like Roger is as seni... (Below threshold)

Looks like Roger is as senile as Rather -- he keeps repeating himself.

Hunter,Pleasepleas... (Below threshold)


Pleasepleaseplease find me a link to that Reuters Tickertape!

Puddle Pirate

Not only that but Roger can... (Below threshold)

Not only that but Roger can't seem to spell "Kerry." And what's with the extra "re" on "elected"?

You are right, McGehee, I a... (Below threshold)

You are right, McGehee, I apologize. Bush wasn't actually "elected" last time. He was basically given the role. Also, check your dictionary:

reelect - to elect again, other forms include reelected, reelects, etc.

However, I think we have already established that the term was used incorrectly.

And you keep misspelling "K... (Below threshold)

And you keep misspelling "Kerry." What's up with that?






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