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Operation Fortunate Son Self Destructs On Takeoff

Before they could even get the message going, The Drudge Report had a story and official document up contradicting their claim. This UPI article on a previous medals controversy confirms that Bush was authorized to wear a medal from the active duty Air Force unit he was assigned to for training.

Remember this is NOT a 527 going down this path, it's the Democratic National Committee. If John Kerry EVER brings up the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth again (by definition an unaffiliated 527 group), politely remind him that he can't denounce them without denouncing his own party.


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Comments (11)

- Hey ... we gotta slow dow... (Below threshold)

- Hey ... we gotta slow down and let the Demdorks at least hit enter before we bitchslap them.....

- I'm thinking about the pajama thing.....

- Theme song....Hell thats a slam dunk ... "The Pajama game" ...

- Lets try to stay away from "jammies" as a slang reference... or they'll have us in the types with "feetsies" next

- The ensemble won't be complete without a "Magic hat" with the Chrismas in Cambodia baseball team logo....

- Of course the bloggettes will start demanding Bill Blass or Old Navy color schemes called "nuevo riche mauve"...

- a pair in Navy blue or maroon decorated with little TANG fake memo's would look nice...

- Kevin ...you gotta start ... (Below threshold)

- Kevin ...you gotta start thinking about a line of geegaws for Whizbang product recognition...Damn...the commercial possibilities coming out of the Dem campaign that wasn't boggles the mind...

You bloggers are changing t... (Below threshold)

You bloggers are changing the world!!!!! Awesome!!!!

So. How come there a... (Below threshold)

How come there are orders placing the President on Active Duty for 120 days?

Active Duty is Active Duty.

Yea. That is what I thought. Just another one of those "things" floating around.


Almost everyone that joins ... (Below threshold)

Almost everyone that joins the Reserves or National Guard goes on Active Duty for a period of time. There is first boot camp which varies in length from service to service and then there is the MOS school. About the only people that don't have to do these when joining are prior service individuals or in the case of MOS school the job can be learned with OJT during the weekend drills. I would actually bet that W had more than 120 days active duty since if I recall most flight schools are around 6 months long.

Kerry was in Veitnam for 4 ... (Below threshold)

Kerry was in Veitnam for 4 months - thats 160 days. So is the cut off on things that count somewhere between 120 and 160 days?

In the last year Kerry has missed 90% of his roll call votes in the Senate - so those don't count and thats why he is not running on his Senate record right?

Headzearo, redo your calcs.... (Below threshold)

Headzearo, redo your calcs. 4 months is approx. 120 days. By this logic, can you say Kerry was ever in Vietnam

Is this the best the democr... (Below threshold)

Is this the best the democrats can do? Who is going to change their vote based on this argument:

"Technically, serving in the Air National Guard is not serving in the Air Force."

Forget the fact that it's already been proved false (Drudge), it's just a "who cares" argument.

I hear the next big lie they have caught W in is that he once said that he owned an IBM computer but it was actually just a PC.

This just in: Democrats now... (Below threshold)

This just in: Democrats now claim Bush lied in taking the inaugural oath. He said "So help me God" but that's not part of the oath in the Constitution.

</Kool-Aid® mediacrat>

How about operation fortuna... (Below threshold)

How about operation fortunate consort? Don't tell me her money didn't get him the nomination.

The one thing to me that is... (Below threshold)

The one thing to me that is interesting is the timeline for the Operation Fortunate Son DNC Ad and the broadcast of CBS's bogus story on Bush's Texas Air National Guard service. The DNC is behind the eight ball on most of their responses, and we are suppose to believe that in five days (Sept 8 to Sept 13) the DNC was able to craft OFS. Unbelievable! That is unless Mary Mapes of CBS was working with the DNC. With all those calls to Joe Lockhart; who will ever know?






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