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The pajama brigade now has a meta blog called Rathergate as an additional source of combined information from the blogs activly covering Rathergate.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Rathergate:

» Attaboy linked with Rather.com

» Brain Shavings linked with Rathergate.com

» miss-information.net linked with Rathergate

Comments (12)

Very nice! But does the Paj... (Below threshold)

Very nice! But does the Pajama Brigade have a logo? Are there special uniform jammies? Lemme guess... digital brownshirt jammies? Just checkin'...

Britt Hume just did a story... (Below threshold)

Britt Hume just did a story on Web Bloggers and interviewed one of the attorneys from Powerline. And it was very favorable. Hume acknowledged that bloggers were the one that broke the story on Rathergate. Way to go! Cutting edge journalism while still in your pajamas.

Yeah, Rather sucks. It is ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Rather sucks. It is his fault Iraq is going to hell.

Why do I get the feeling that the reason the Right is so excited about the Rather fiasco is because they realize Bush has created a house of cards, and any real debate about the decisions he has made as President will expose his failures?

And as I said before, I do think Rather fucked up and probably should resign.

R.G. Why do you get ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Why do you get that feeling? Because you are in a delusional state of denial.

Your constant attempts at thread hijacking are tiresome.

Glad to see you think Rather should go. He really hurt the Kerry campaign this time.

- Beth - The velvet valour ... (Below threshold)

- Beth - The velvet valour maroon ones with the little IBM word processor buttons ....

Very cool! FOX aired Presi... (Below threshold)

Very cool! FOX aired President Bush's address at the the National Guard convention. He spoke boldly & had fire in his eyes when he said "and I am proud to have served in the National Guard."

Very Very Cool!


Les:No, not delusi... (Below threshold)


No, not delusional, just a little drunk. Next time I will try to stay in line and agree with whatever is said. Will that make you happy? Because it is all about making you happy.

Because it is all about ... (Below threshold)

Because it is all about making you happy.

Of course it is.

Well, that and the whole "staying in touch with reality" thing.

Kerry! is at it again like ... (Below threshold)

Kerry! is at it again like in 1971, all the terrorists need to do is hold on, kill as many as possible while CBS celebrates U.S. deaths, and Iraq becomes the "New Viet NAM"

Kerry! is at it again like ... (Below threshold)

Kerry! is at it again like in 1971, all the terrorists need to do is hold on, kill as many as possible while CBS celebrates U.S. deaths, and Iraq becomes the "New Viet NAM"

RATHERGATE: "The rush to pu... (Below threshold)
John In Texas:

RATHERGATE: "The rush to push a political agenda disguised as news; creating or readily accepting falsified documents in support of that agenda; interviewing individuals of dubious credibility and with definite conflict of interest (Ben Barnes comes to mind here) to corroborate the hoax; and when the fraud is discovered attempting a cover up."

This term can be abridged and used as a verb and other parts of speech as in: "He really Rathered the truth;"or: "Rathering was discovered in the article by an astute reader."

RATHERGATE is slimy enough on its own, yet it represents only the tip of a media iceberg that has for years been both chronic and systemic. The vast majority of both television and print journalists has become more blatant and vicious in its attack on individuals and policies with with it does not agree, yet at the same time, critically blind to absurd facts, positions and activities of those with which it is allied.

The good news is that we have now reached a point at which the American public is now taking notice and, as individuals, voting with changed viewing and reading preferences (READ: "Just Say No to Media Elitists"). The major TV news programs are steadily losing credibility - and market share - as are many publications. The media culture - including schools of journalism and communication-will be forced to raise their standards or suffer the consequences.

First suggestion: all reporters,editors, anchors and opinion meisters need to disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest (economic, political, etc.) relative to the report. I have to do this if I publish a medical article, give a talk, or conduct a clinical research trial. This system works well in medicine. I think that it would represent a good first step in the rehabilitation of American journalism. One of many necessary steps.

Best wishes to the media for a full recovery,
John W. Zern

Reading this nonsense remin... (Below threshold)

Reading this nonsense reminds me why Bush was able to steal the last election. No doubt this crew will support a full investigation into Georgie's activities during his NG stint. The question isn't whether or not he's a liar (we know that answer) rather (pun for ya) is he a congenital liar-a 40 year liar. You folks don't even talk a good game-nothing more then a pretense against reality.






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