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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Here are the much delayed winners of this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™, for the following photo:

Dan Rather

1) (Rob) - "Go run this fucker through the Xerox 30 times. We're on in 10 minutes."

2) (Paul Zrimsek) - "Fake a letter, Maria."

3) (Rube) - "Fax from President Bush for ya, Dan." "Hmmm...What does that mean, 'Punkd'"?

Honorable Mentions

(Laurence Simon) - "Here's the frequency. Distribute it to everyone but Kenneth."

(Crank) - "Looks like we're going to have to run the one that says, 'FRAUD AT POLLS.'"

(charles austin) "What do you mean you'd rather not present this? Is that supposed to be funny?"

(ac halle) - "Rumple this and the other papers up right now and shove 'em up Berger's ass and get him THE HELL OUTTA the building..we gotta commercial gogogogo"

Until next Friday...


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Comments (14)

Damn I'm funny.... (Below threshold)

Damn I'm funny.

Dang! thought my berger com... (Below threshold)

Dang! thought my berger comment was funnier....

So, who do I make the check out to... uh, Kevin, what?

I thought Laurence Simon ha... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I thought Laurence Simon had the first original kenneth/frequency joke I've seen for a while.

I like #3, but what about:<... (Below threshold)

I like #3, but what about:

Is this my job offer from Fox?

Dan: "This can't be the off... (Below threshold)

Dan: "This can't be the official Weekend Caption Contest winner list. It's not on Wizbang letterhead and its poorly formatted. And the whole, darn thing is printed in superscript."

Oh geez...more DNC propagan... (Below threshold)

Oh geez...more DNC propaganda election year blather. What's their point? Clinton was a DRAFT DODGER & their idol???

Likely Bedfellows
If it's good enough for 60 Minutes, it's good enough for the DNC.
by Stephen F. Hayes
09/14/2004 3:30:00 PM

Update 6:05 p.m.: Late Thursday afternoon, NBC News and CBS News requested that that the Democratic National Committee pull the campaign video in question. The DNC, through a spokesman, says that the matter is under consideration.

NBC released a statement Tuesday afternoon. "The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has included an edited excerpt from a Meet the Press interview with President Bush that was broadcast on February 8, 2004 as part of their promotional campaign to be used as a web video and shown in battleground states. NBC News does not authorize its copyrighted footage to be used for partisan political purposes. NBC News did not, and does not, license use of our material for these purposes and we have asked the DNC to cease and desist immediately from using the excerpt."

You can read the article in its entirety here...


Oh come ON. "Here's the fr... (Below threshold)

Oh come ON. "Here's the frequency. Distribute it to everyone but Kenneth." was just damn funny!

Against my better judgement... (Below threshold)

Against my better judgement I moved Laurence's entry from #2 to #4.

I did NOT use personal infl... (Below threshold)

I did NOT use personal influence, or pull strings to get my entry into the top three, leapfrogging Laurence Simon.

Did not.

#3 is brilliant... (Below threshold)
moderate republican:

#3 is brilliant

Yay to the winners. All ma... (Below threshold)

Yay to the winners. All made me giggly.

OKOK, so I'm a leetle late ... (Below threshold)

OKOK, so I'm a leetle late with my captions. I got stuck on the freeway.

"Hey, my suspenders are twisted."

"Like my cool South Central homey haircut?"

"Looky what I found! This new word, 'blogger'."

Check out Ebay, as reported on FOX tonight.
More “Original” CBS George W. Bush Memos Item number: 5520955343

Damn, I had "documentation"... (Below threshold)

Damn, I had "documentation" from Dan Rather that I was going to win this contest...

Better late than never:... (Below threshold)

Better late than never:

"Mr. Rather, monster.com sent your resume back for corrections."






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