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Be careful what you wish for...

Back before Kevin left to cover the Republican National Convention, I publicly demanded that he pick me up a souvenir as compensation for his volunteering me in the Wall Street Journal to live-blog the speeches.

Yesterday, there was a knock on my door. This ratty-looking guy with dirty-blond dreadlocks and dressed all in black was there.

"Hey, dude. Are you Jay Tea?"

"Um... I might be..."

He brushed past me. "Cool. This dude I met in New York -- I think his name was Kevin -- told me I could crash here for a while." He headed straight for my fridge. "Like, where's your X-Box?"

I don't know how, I don't know when, but I will get you for this, Kevin...


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Hey! He could have sent Mic... (Below threshold)

Hey! He could have sent Michael Moore. At least you still have your fridge!

Jay, try rubbing him, maybe... (Below threshold)

Jay, try rubbing him, maybe he'll grant you three wishes.

Or a rash.

HA HA !!!... (Below threshold)

HA HA !!!

- Ok Jay give the guy a twi... (Below threshold)

- Ok Jay give the guy a twinkee and a mountain dew and put him on a bus for San Jose....

- So High Noon CBS is doing yet another amazing time travel memos's news conference?...

Does the embroidered name t... (Below threshold)

Does the embroidered name tag over his shirt pocket contain superscript letters?

( Soft strains of "Do not f... (Below threshold)

( Soft strains of "Do not forsake me oh mah darlin'...music swells...camera in frame shot of dusty main road through dodge....slow pan back...cue actors..."Action"...High noon...Columbia Pictures - Take 132.."snap"!

Set position 1-( Gary Rather, town marshal walks slowly, very deliberately down the center of the town...head slightly turned, eyes narrowed, right hand resting on lightly his holster....jingling of spurs...shots of boots moving through dust..camera pulls back to frame more of the street..)

Grace Kelly huddles in the shadows of the general store, hand over face, cringing in fear,...train pulling away from the distant station...chugging wheel clattering sounds....

Gary stops as Thomas Mitchel ( Carl johnson ex-con ) steps into view...

Set 2 - Zoom to Marshalls face ... Off camera voice of Mitchel...

dialog - Mitchel - ...."Ahm gonna kill you and then Ahm a'gonna take your girl Marshall..."

dialog - Rather - ...."Common ahead iffin you think your man enough..."

set 3 - Close up of Mitchels face in twisted grin...pan to Mitchels gun hand clentching and opening sevral times just above colt six shooter...back to Mitchels face....sudden look of suprise....pan back to behind actors shoot...

dialog - Mitchel - ..."Hold it Marshall ... Is that a shrink wrap copy of MS word in your holster?..."

dialog - Rather - "Well yes...Whats it to yah?..."

dialog - Mitchel - "Yah mean you're not a documents expert?"

dialog - Rather - "Well....no....but I did stay at a Holiday inn last night.."

scene wrap - Garce kelly softly sobbing in background - Mitchel leering - Gary looking shy and embarrassed - Music swells pan back for full street shot and cut.....

Did he call you Kenneth, an... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Did he call you Kenneth, and demand to know the frequency?






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