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Coincidence? I think not...

Fact #1: In the year 2000, the South almost completely voted in favor of President Bush over Vice-President Gore.

Fact #2: So far, it looks like most of the South will vote for President Bush again.

Fact #3: Florida was THE key to President Bush's victory.

Fact #4: Both nominees from the Democratic party this time around are named "John."

Fact #5: The Russian version of the name "John" is "Ivan."

Does anyone else get suspicious when it turns out a hurricane named "Ivan" appears to be hell-bent on severely punishing the South? I think it's time for a bipartisan commission to investigate this...



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IT'S ALL A RIGHT WING CONSP... (Below threshold)


As a Southerner and residen... (Below threshold)

As a Southerner and resident of central Alabama who will probably only have another 12 hours or so before I join Kevin in mandatory blog-silence, I hereby call on John Kerry to CALL OFF THIS SHADOWY PARTISAN HURRICANE.

I've just taken a closer lo... (Below threshold)

I've just taken a closer look at Hurricane Ivan, and I don't think it was produced on a typewriter.

Also, the previous hurrican... (Below threshold)

Also, the previous hurricane was called FRANCEs... A coincedence? I think not.

I question the timing of th... (Below threshold)

I question the timing of this hurricane and this election.....

And Charley was used in Vie... (Below threshold)

And Charley was used in Vietnam as a slang term for the Vietnamese (usually the Vietcong). And we all know John Kerry was in Vietnam. Coincidence?

You think the hurricanes ar... (Below threshold)

You think the hurricanes are bad. wait till we get hit by tidal wave of illegals stampeding to get drivers license, amnesty and social security benefits. That Mexico Treaty allows immigrants, legal and ILLEGL to collect even if they never contributed a dime. This makes me SICK.






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