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Exclusive Early Access To The CBS Announcement



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Heh.That was fabul... (Below threshold)


That was fabulous.

LMAO! ... (Below threshold)


- As the third deadline for... (Below threshold)

- As the third deadline for the "CBS epic press conference" comes and goes if you listen carefully you can hear the tick tock theme of jeopardy playing in the background as Alex Treebeck waits for the CBS contestants ( the Lawyers and Management ) to wrestle each other to the floor...Spin their individual versions of the "truth" and scribble "What is Bullshit" on their light boards...

Where is the rest of the "m... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Where is the rest of the "mainstream" media on this? ABC has straddled the fence with a # of articles. NBC and CNN are totally backing CBS!
Where is the "objective", "fair", "impartial" reporting?
Rod Stanton

Could the delay be that it ... (Below threshold)

Could the delay be that it is taking longer than expected for Dan to pack up everything in his office and vacate the building?

Wouldn't that be a shocker on the heels of a retraction?

Ah, wishful thinking but it would send a message straight across the bow of the MSM - no more screwing up, no more partisan games, you are being watched. Report the news, unbiased, and let the public decide what it wants to think.

It may happen... we'll know... (Below threshold)

It may happen... we'll know in about 20 or so minutes...

- Not so sure SJ - Its gett... (Below threshold)

- Not so sure SJ - Its getting close to evening News time and they may have decided on another "noodle suck" with circular firing squad to buy 1 more day to strategize...

The congressional screaming is having the biggest effect on all of this...They know if it gets into the senate they're toast ... The Repubs would love to have a forum to counter all the cheap shots and face time the Dems snuck in on the 9/11 thing....

What happens after Rather a... (Below threshold)

What happens after Rather admits he lied/had been duped?

Will the towns people rise up with pitchforks and torches and storm the CBS castle?

- Well Rather would be fini... (Below threshold)

- Well Rather would be finished probably - But as Hayward said ( I think thats who the unnamed high up source was ) Thier ultimate problem is avoiding burning their source... The senate would bring out enough edge grass He/She would probably be outted... Man....talk about a rock and a hard place....

ABC has straddled the fe... (Below threshold)

ABC has straddled the fence with a # of articles.

It was ABC's Brian Ross who broke the big-ass story last night of the two experts who said CBS hired them then ignored them.

I am a truly amateur blogge... (Below threshold)

I am a truly amateur blogger. That being the case, I am able to find numerous on-line references to the existence of the forged CBS documents prior to August. If I can find them and note the dates those were posted, why can't Dan Rather or his researchers do the same? Are they really that ignorant? P.S. I'm a senior citizen in pajamas.

Nomorelies... when you have... (Below threshold)

Nomorelies... when you have an adgenda to pursue, all else falls by the wayside... now we have CBS PU's playing cya. It's a sad day for those who still think objectivity is a valid.

A little voice in my head still tells me something may be brewing.... or at the very least considered...

Never underestimate the power of the accountants.

LOL!!~CPS W... (Below threshold)


PS What did happen? I had it on waiting but if it was on, I missed it.

Martha Stewart: Good Eveni... (Below threshold)

Martha Stewart: Good Evening, the is CBS Evening News and I am Martha Stewart reporting from my soon to be place of incarceration. Dan Rather is on assignment, but he will be joinging me shortly.

Still nothing! CNN had it o... (Below threshold)

Still nothing! CNN had it on last night starting with Paula Zahn. What is this? If one does it, they all do it? What about Senator Harkin??!!!

Still waiting in my PJ's, too!!!!


Nice. I especially like the... (Below threshold)

Nice. I especially like the path to the hard drive, the cursor, misspelling "th" and the green underlines where the MS Word Grammer caught the space between 187 and the comma.

This forgery is only a bit worse than the CBS docs.

Excellent. Now, just imagin... (Below threshold)

Excellent. Now, just imagine Dan's response if a network, say, Fox News, came up with a memo, subject to exactly the same anachronisms, defects, lack of provenance, etc., purportedly made in 1969 by a now-deceased commanding officer of Senator Kerry, and consisting of the CO's warnings that a certain LTJG had a history of trying to scam undeserved Purple Hearts. Who would be leading the pack to take Fox's license? heh.

All I can add is that after... (Below threshold)

All I can add is that after seeing Jane Fonda and friends (Gloria Steinhem [sp?] and unidentified third female) trying to be "amusing" and actually being very, very snotty before the camera yesterday..."I'm ignoring you, I'm ignoring you...I'm ignoring you...I'm too cool to even KNOW you...hahaha..." sorta banter...I realized that it's just over for the era of the "counter culture." Obviously, Kerry, and others, cannot let it go, are truly stuck in time.

In all due respect.






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