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Guess The New Expert Witness

Pajamahadeen Alert! - Rathergate Update Due At Noon

CBS plans to issue a press release at noon where they will continue to stand by there story. The Wall Street Journal reports that they will offer additional evidence to support their claim. Anyone keeping up with yesterday's news can probably guess that if CBS uses Killian's secretary Marian Carr Knox as a corroborating witness they are effectively admitting defeat. No doubt CBS will be tempted to use Knox's Dallas Morning News interview, because in the midst of insisting that the documents were forgeries she opines that they are consistent with her memory of the time period. Of course the problem for CBS is that to use some of her statement and ignore the rest only serves to fuel the belief that the evidence was created to support the story's thesis. It's worth noting that while the DMN reporters went out of their way to present Know (86 years old) as lucid and in command of her memory of details, Killian's family has questioned her memory of details from the time period.

Yesterday's clarification introduced their new trump card - a typewriter repairman. It's not clear who CBS will trot out to attempt to buttress the CBS party line, so that means for the next hour or so it's time to play Guess The New Expert Witness!

Have your say...

Update: If Allah is correct there very well could be up to six "experts" who each reviewed the SIX documents that CBS obtained. You might be wondering how there could be six documents when CBS only presented 4 documents. That news broke a few days ago but didn't garner a lot of attention. It now seems that at least two of the experts convinced CBS not to run with 2 of the six memos. The CBS strategy for authentication seems to have been and elaborate game of compartmentalization.

Update: Looks like the press release is coming this afternoon. That just means more time for you to guess!!!


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Comments (26)

- The ghost of Granny Clamp... (Below threshold)

- The ghost of Granny Clampton from Hollywood Hillbillies...

It will be my wife, Morgan ... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

It will be my wife, Morgan Fairchild! Yeah, that's the ticket!

As long as she remembers to... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

As long as she remembers to wipe her chin, she should come across as a credible witness.

I've put my prediction on t... (Below threshold)

I've put my prediction on the record on my site. I think the odds are pretty much even that CBS will retract the memos but stand behind the story itself.

Have to agree Jeff, most li... (Below threshold)

Have to agree Jeff, most likely they'll retract the memo's and offer Knox to backup the claim that the story is valid.

*sigh* Wouldn't it be nice though if they admit defeat and fire everyone involved, including Dan Blather... oh well... we all have our dreams...

I think they'll bring out M... (Below threshold)

I think they'll bring out Marion Barry. It's just about time for cBS to wheel out the old "The B---- set Me Up!" defense.

CBS didn't release on of th... (Below threshold)

CBS didn't release on of the docs because the signature is, well, not right. Compare the signatures for yourself.

John Edward "crosses over" ... (Below threshold)

John Edward "crosses over" to interview Killian in the spirit world.

"Some have expressed doubts... (Below threshold)
Mike G in San Diego:

"Some have expressed doubts, based on certain small, technical points, as to the authenticity of these documents. It may in fact turn out that these particular documents are recreations or secondary copies of the originals. Nevertheless, we stand behind the essential accuracy of our story as a whole, which is corroborated by many witneses and independent pieces of evidence. Indeed, everyone knows that there can be no doubt -- none whatsoever! -- about the essential truth expressed by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ..."

<a href="http://www.rightsi... (Below threshold)
Justin @ RSR:
Pajamahadeen???How... (Below threshold)


How about 'pajamarazzi'.

I'm pretty sure CBS will re... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure CBS will rely on this: Glennon, Katz Win Nobel Prize in Forensic Typography . . .

UPDATE: My wife, Morgan Fai... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

UPDATE: My wife, Morgan Fairchild, inspected only one of the six documents. I have since learned the identity of the other 5 experts:

1. The Tourist Guy
2. Nicole Simpson's real killer
3. That guy my friend's cousin heard about who drove home from the bar really drunk and woke up the next day to find a 7-year-old girl embedded in the grille of his car
4. Piltdown Man
5. Baghdad Bob.

Yeah, I don't like the name... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I don't like the name "Pajamahadeen". It's hard enough being taken seriously without being associated with radical Islamists.

<a href="http://www.steview... (Below threshold)

Stevie Wonder? or The Maytag Repairman?

Will you be awarding your loyal readers a free automobile?

I must return to my good life...I must return to my good works! I will miss the Holidays and I will miss my crooked ways.

I will become a bull dyke and ride a Hog! My thighs are all a' twitter!



Someone is going to have t... (Below threshold)

Someone is going to have to take pity on a country boy, here, and explain, in simple words, why it is news that a pilot on his way to a non-flying job would skip a flight physical.
I'm not, nor have I ever been a pilot, but my understanding of the flight physical is that it is far more unpleasant and invasive than a regular physical and that nobody takes them unless they are in a job where they fly.
Help me out, here. Bush and Killian both knew that there was not going to be a cockpit seat for Bush in Alabama. They both knew that his stint in Alabama would be both non-flying and long enough that Bush would have to redo his flight qualifications, including the flight physical, on his return. and that he didn't have enough time left on his enlistment to make such requalification feasible.
Someone please explain why this is a story, let alone a story so big as to justify forging documents.
See BS is throwing what's left of it's reputation into the fire for this?

So has anybody seen CBS's r... (Below threshold)

So has anybody seen CBS's release yet?

- Congressman Cox is callin... (Below threshold)

- Congressman Cox is calling for a senate/FCC investigation into the source and nature of the fraudulant documents and the nature of CBS's involvement ( Sevral other congressman have joined him such as Fred Thompson )....Other Senators pointing out that the DNC has already aired Bush bash ad's using references from the questionable memo's....

.."A high up executive asking for anonymity stated that "We know we have to find a way to authenticate the documents. The rpoblem we have is how to do that without revealing our source"....( probably Heyward...) - issued as a prelude to the press realease?

- CBS is stalling ... Maybe the comments coming out of congress this morning is curdling their latte's... could be a regroup....

A flight physical is not mu... (Below threshold)

A flight physical is not much more than a routine physical. The main reason moonbats are pushing this issue is that they insinuate that W missed the physical to avoid taking a drug test. In fact, drug tests weren't part of the normal routine for a flight physical at that time.

I figured it out! Rather wi... (Below threshold)
Greg F:

I figured it out! Rather will insist they had a press release at ‘high noon’ and they are standing by their story.

The new witness will be a s... (Below threshold)

The new witness will be a small Amish boy, escorted to the podium by Harrison Ford.

l:05 PM and nothing at Drud... (Below threshold)

l:05 PM and nothing at Drudge, the Blogfather, foxnews.com, nor cbsnews.com. I think they'll release at the top of some hour, claiming, "It's noon somewhere."

I am starting to smell a in... (Below threshold)
Greg F:

I am starting to smell a involuntary resignation/ retirement.

They'll claim the press rel... (Below threshold)

They'll claim the press release advising of the announcement was a forgery.

They will offer 6 psychics ... (Below threshold)

They will offer 6 psychics who have independantly conacted the spirit of Lt Col Killian, and assure us that he did indeed create them on an experimental typewriter at the Univerity of Texas at Brownsville.

Of course, tomorrow someone will note that that campus wasn't founded until 1991, and they'll have a new story Friday.

New Witness?They w... (Below threshold)

New Witness?

They will resurrect the "Unknown Comic."

Paper bag firmly on head he will henceforth be known as the "Unknown Typist."






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