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Happiness is...

In mostly descending order:

This map (Sorry Alabama)

A hotel room with free wireless access

Having my flat screen iMac fired up.

And having my Tivo. (Yes, I brought it with me)

For those that don't get the inside joke, start here. We left New Orleans at 4am and managed to mostly stay out of traffic. Expedia Suck and btw Expedia sucks. But besides that I can't whine too much.

Now we just need to pray for the people still in Ivan's path.


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Comments (13)

Paul I am glad to see you m... (Below threshold)

Paul I am glad to see you made it out safely. And I did not know you were a Mac fan, you just went up big time in my estimation!
God bless and protect you and yours!


Paul- So we take it you fou... (Below threshold)

Paul- So we take it you found the little packets of shampoo in the bathroom and you'll resist the urge to pig out on the 5 dollar cokes in the mini-frig...Good to hear you're alive, ok, and just as much of a PIA as usual....*chuckle*....did you pack the valour maroon jammies?

Glad to hear you're safe Pa... (Below threshold)

Glad to hear you're safe Paul.

Hey sucka - I live in Alaba... (Below threshold)

Hey sucka - I live in Alabama!

Great you got away. If you... (Below threshold)

Great you got away. If you are at some spiffy "inn" like drury or whatnot you are there during the week and they have free booze and pizza and baked taters at the ones here in San Antonio. Love that free broadband :)

Glad you brought the iMac with you and now i have even more respect for this blog. A fellow mac user.

I am not a lone conservative with a house full of macs!

stay safe!

So where did you end up goi... (Below threshold)

So where did you end up going, Paul? Hopefully WEST, not east because you might be stuck right in it's new path. I hope when you get home, it's still there, I really do. When I watched Charley blaze through Florida, I sat there and cried the whole time, for the people, for their homes, for their businesses, for all their hard work and all their losses. I really do hope that wherever you are, it's safe for you and your family and that your home can handle whatever comes near it. I'll be watching it and praying that not only does it downsize in strength, distance, damage ability but does not destroy areas like Charley and (dah? OMG, my brain just fizzled - the other hurricane) that has totally destroyed the state of Florida. Unfortunately, there's another one right behind it. I swear we are going to lose that state and might as well move everyone there to Texas because it has plenty of room.

You and your family take care; don't you just love the wireless? I have it, it's great. No tivo tho. I can't get my vcr/dvd/recorder/player to work! Why can't things be more simpler??? :-) Glad you're okay.


6 pm - first death here in ... (Below threshold)

6 pm - first death here in the US from a tornado in Panama City, Florida.

Sorry Panhandle, Alabama and Louisiana.

Another 8-10 hours before it hits. It's 157 miles from Mobile, AL, 145mph winds, gusts 160mph, Category 4. Lots and lots of tornadoes. Extensive flooding already. Highway is open both sides going one way. Still that far from the coast, hope it does not pick up speed. Going 14 mph right now.

Now can we bring our troops home to rebuild here?

Gas to outrun the hurricane... (Below threshold)

Gas to outrun the hurricane - $50

Nice place to stay with wireless access for my laptop - $120

Blogging in the lobby in my cool spideyman jammies - PRICELESS

Love it, OneDrummer!! Now t... (Below threshold)

Love it, OneDrummer!! Now that's living!

just jealous of Paul is all... (Below threshold)

just jealous of Paul is all....

only problem with all this wonderful access, bosses everywhere will want productivity even when fleeing a Cat 4 hurricane.....

can't work during a hurricane party can ya?

You see that S on the map..... (Below threshold)

You see that S on the map...

I'm slightly to the east of that...

This should be fun.

I wish everyone within that... (Below threshold)

I wish everyone within that cone path and further out all the best. My love to you all.

Paul: I am so glad to read... (Below threshold)

Paul: I am so glad to read that you found a safe spot to rest and wait out the storm...I was concerned about you, I really was. Now, just a bit ~envious~!

Stay safe, enjoy the time away and best wishes, just glad you managed to get away.






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