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"Plausibly Live Real"

Remember the NBC Olympic coverage that executives labeled "Plausibly Live?"

That's effectively what CBS is going to claim this evening on 60 Minutes II, though they're substituting real for live. Their story is accurate, they say, even if the documents are in question.

Complete bullshit.

They've corroborated phony evidence with hearsay from the secretary of a dead man...

Here's a list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers for every CBS affiliate in the country.

Update: Check back throughout the evening for analysis, and a Wizbang exclusive article - Rathergate (The Early Years).


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Comments (27)

Kevin,See comments... (Below threshold)


See comments in previous post - #14 SJDoss for one and then the one after that.


Hey, Hope I did all justice... (Below threshold)

Hey, Hope I did all justice... plugged WhizBang more than my own site, but it was worth it lol...
From the land of trailer trash... Steve

Love you guys!

Sounds like Clinton came up... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Clinton came up with the CBS strategy.

CBS News - Fake but Accurat... (Below threshold)

CBS News - Fake but Accurate!

No doubt that will be their new tagline.

Why would the charges be co... (Below threshold)

Why would the charges be complete bullshit?

For at least a month America heard biased opinions that were often discredited dealing with Kerry.

But when people ask the credibility of Bush it's complete bullshit.

As a non partisan American I feel knowing exactly what sort of scumballs we are dealing with in this election a very worthy point. Knowing that our two party system has been bought out by intrest that don't have America's best interest at heart bothers me. Showing how poor the choices we are given in an election further displays how far our ideals of democracy and freedom have fallen.

Try and be non partisan for an instant and ask yourself whether you really wonder or not if Bush is as bad as Kerry, and the only real difference is symbolic.

To IXLNXS,I know w... (Below threshold)


I know what I believe & it isn't Kerry. That's not partisan that's the truth. Since when did the TRUTH become a partisan thing anyway?

You should be just as outraged that a major news network would out & out lie to Americans. Don't be so cynical that you can't see it for what it is...FRAUD!

People who sit on the sidelines thumbing their nose at others, & let lies continue can't sit in judgement of those who are willing to speak up on issues like FRAUD!

The charges are based on FO... (Below threshold)

The charges are based on FORGED documents! That's why they are BS. They couldn't find any real documentation, no matter how hard they tried, so they manufactured it. No amount of liberal whining about the seriousness of the charges will ever make them anything more than BS. To take them seriously is to lend credibility to someone who has, in all likelihood, commited multiple felonies. Now those charges aren't BS!

IXLNXS"As a non part... (Below threshold)
Greg F:

"As a non partisan American ..."

With that statement IXLNXS demonstrates he/she is as disconnected from reality as Rather is.

The "plausibly real" defens... (Below threshold)

The "plausibly real" defense planned by the 60 Minutes II crew proves two things beyond any doubt:

1) The so-called reporters at 60 Minutes II -- including, of course, Dan Rather -- are partisan hacks devoted to serving the Democrats.

2) The Democrats are truly 100% the party of Bill - fellatio isn't a sex act - Clinton.

The revealing of all this to the entire world is truly a great event for the United States.

IXLNXS, to answer your ques... (Below threshold)

IXLNXS, to answer your question, I think that both Bush and Kerry are both too pro-government. I am not thrilled either that I have to choose between these two. That said, it is clear that Kerry is still much more pro-government than Bush (most of his complaints amount to "Bush isn't spending enough money!), so Bush wins by default.

But that isn't THIS issue. What if these faked memos had been about Kerry's war record? Would there be different players? Sure. Would I still want CBS to come clean? You had better believe it.

I think I'll just print me ... (Below threshold)

I think I'll just print me out some "plausably real" checks and take them down to the bank. Sure, technically they'll be forgeries, but the real underlying story is I need to get me some money.

Checks, hell. How about som... (Below threshold)

Checks, hell. How about some "plausibly real" Benjamins?

[DISCLAIMER: The preceding does not represent the intention or desire of this comment's author, nor the management or owners of this weblog, and is presented for purely satirical purposes only.]

IXLNXS,This IS a n... (Below threshold)


This IS a non-partisan group filled with non-partisan people. What we do is go after the truth and the truth comes first and foremost. Because it's an election year, covering the stories is very important and making sure that information gets out there to everyone else. That's the truth and knowledge is power. Based on what we know, the best candidate of the two is President Bush, but if he were lying, we'd say that, too. But you just can't go around and make stuff up about people and expect it to work. Mass Media is well known to be partisan and every newsgroup is slanted that way. Very rarely will you find a non-partisan news media whether it's on television or in the newspaper so that's where blogs come in. Yes, they can be partisan but let me tell you, most of us are not and Wizbang is the best blog ever. We only have 2 choices but to lie about one person instead of focusing on issues is just plain wrong. Forged documents are wrong, actually much more than wrong. And Bullshit is bullshit, so get your hip-boots out, you're going to need them if you are going to be partisan, which you obviously are based on the way you talk. Face Reality with eyes and ears wide open and always ask questions, never take anything for granted. Do research, do whatever you have to to find the truth and that's what we do, that's what Wizbang does. It's also what I do. You, obviously, do not, and that was your first mistake.

Viacom/CBS's stock dropped ... (Below threshold)

Viacom/CBS's stock dropped 2% today. According to the KerrySpot, the CBS affiliate stations are angry at CBS News. Keep contacting these folks with your outrage and give your support to those are helping to get out the truth.

See this link for the Top 50 Viacom/CBS shareholders:

List of CBS Affliates:

Kevin,Sigh...check... (Below threshold)


Sigh...check this out http://www.worldnetdaily.com/



UNREAL.Say whateve... (Below threshold)
Martin Hague:


Say whatever you like. Substantiate it with fake documents. Find an old lady that rubbishes your documents. Coach her to tell you the 'content' was accurate. Call it vindication.

They've lost their fucking minds, if you'll excuse my language.

The CBS affiliate where I l... (Below threshold)
Greg F:

The CBS affiliate where I live ran ..... drum roll please .... a Billy Graham Crusade!

So what would the documents... (Below threshold)

So what would the documents matter if they were true. The Prez and his staff say at age 40 he turned the corner and everything before that is irrelevent. So let's see, if you wipe out the first 40 years, that leaves him with 18 years life experience. That's should be enough for anybody.

I think these comments sum ... (Below threshold)

I think these comments sum up the entire episode quite nicely (thanks, Scott Harris, for the most efficient of comments yet):

I think I'll just print me out some "plausably real" checks and take them down to the bank. Sure, technically they'll be forgeries, but the real underlying story is I need to get me some money. --- Posted by: scott harris at September 15, 2004 08:24 PM

I think that, when all is w... (Below threshold)

I think that, when all is written and done, what we see today from CBS are people who really lost all sense of reason, just completely lost touch with reality.

As has today's permutation of the DNC. Something about mass lunacy has taken hold of a segment of persons influencing the Left in the U.S. today, and it's desperately insane, some sort of fomenting emotionalism that reminds me of mass onset of Alzheimer's. Seeing a CBS defender on FOX earlier this evening, trying desperately to somehow tie in "conservatives" to this mess...it was truly and completely sad to view and hear.

Sorry...should have read...... (Below threshold)

Sorry...should have read..."...something LIKE mass lunacy has taken hold of a segment of persons influencing the Left..."

I think, that until Rather ... (Below threshold)

I think, that until Rather exposes the source of the forgeries, every witness who comes forward to corroborate them should be looked at as though they are the forger. Not that any of these anecdotal charges have any weight, for they produce absolutley no documentation to support their memories, but while the criminal remains at large all of these people have motive to have done the crime; thus they all lack credibility.

It's strange how people kee... (Below threshold)

It's strange how people keep forgetting that despite memos real or forged, Bush did complete his obligation to the ANG. Even if the memos were accurate, they would not prove that he didn't make up for the required 50 points that one year.

The memos are definitly fake tho. All that they prove is that the demoncrats are willing to break any rule to remove a republican president.

What really scares me is th... (Below threshold)

What really scares me is that when the news media begins hoisting fraud upon the American citizens to impact the democratic process, it begins to look a lot like the old Soviot Union's process of "airbrushing" inconvenient and uncomfortable facts out of existence by and through photos released in pravda.

An example: http://www.newseum.org/berlinwall/commissar_vanishes/1_2.htm

We're dealing with that same mindset right now in the American left, and it is truly frightening. They now believe that the ends justify any means, and that can only mean one very chilling thing if they come back to power.

This is a copy of a letter ... (Below threshold)
Bill Brandley:

This is a copy of a letter I sent to all my representatives and hope that you might be interested in posting it.

To: The Honorable Robert E. Andrews
The Honorable Jon S. Corizone
The Honorable Frank Lautenberg


I am writing to you regarding the GW Bush National Guard story broadcast by CBS on 60 Minutes last week.

I concur with the experts that I have seen interviewed by the media and I believe the memos presented were fraudulent. I believe that somewhere in this great nation there is someone who is guilty of perpetrating a crime, a crime against the American people. They are guilty of the crime of election fraud, guilty of attempting to influence the upcoming presidential election through deceit and misrepresentation. Such an attempt is abhorrent and must not be tolerated.

As I write this, CBS is asserting that the content of the memos has been vindicated by virtue of some 30 year old opinions, carefully selected opinions at that. They are defending forgeries with selected opinions!

I am writing to you to request that you support a Justice Department inquiry into this event. I want to know who it was that made the attempt to influence my vote by providing fraudulent documents to CBS. I want to know how and why CBS broadcast this fraudulent message to millions of American voters without sufficient safeguards to ensure the veracity of the story. Such actions by the media cannot be simply rationalized away.

A crime has been committed. Right now, CBS is abetting that crime. Media source confidentiality does not apply when the source provides blatantly false information in the commission of a crime.

We cannot, we must not, allow an attempt such as this, to subvert our electoral system, to go uninvestigated and unpunished. Turning a blind eye will only encourage more outrageous acts in the future. I expect you, as my representative, to pursue this travesty to its rightful conclusion.

Plausible undeniability?</p... (Below threshold)

Plausible undeniability?

"Accurate if not authentic"... (Below threshold)

"Accurate if not authentic" has a pseudo-ringing tone to it.






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