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John Kerry is Rodney Dangerfield†

You know it's bad when...

Kerry's got to grab his party by the lapels and slap some sense into them. "I don't need more Bush-is-the-boogeyman scenarios!" he needs to tell them. "Start talking about me. Talk about my vision, my character, my qualities, my policies and ideas. I'm turning into an afterthought in my own campaign! It's not Bush versus Rather, or Bush versus Michael Moore, or Bush versus George Soros! It's Bush versus me. I mean, Jeez, not even that punk who writes the Kerry Spot writes much about me anymore!"

You know it's bad when Kerry becomes a bit player on a blog called "Kerry Spot."

It is funny but the larger point is that the advice given is sound. Kerry needs to get back into the race. That might seem impossible as we view the world thru a lens of today's headlines. But remember, with 47 days (and the debates) left to go, it is unlikely he will stay on the sidelines forever.

For all you Bush fans out there, just remember this advice cuts two ways... "It's not Bush versus Rather, or Bush versus Michael Moore, or Bush versus George Soros! It's Bush versus [Kerry]"

Don't forget to keep your eye on the ball.

If you think that is obvious advice, look at the mountains of time the liberals spent trying to running the Swifties down, forgetting that they aren't on he ballot.

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"Talk about my vision, my c... (Below threshold)

"Talk about my vision, my character, my qualities, my policies and ideas."

I think there's a good reason why Kerry has not said something like this already. He has no vision, character, qualities, policies, or ideas.

I'm with Josh. Suppose Kerr... (Below threshold)

I'm with Josh. Suppose Kerry said that, and the campaign obeyed. What would they talk about for the other 46 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes?

Kerry's strong point has al... (Below threshold)

Kerry's strong point has always been that he's not Bush. His campaign people rightly sense that's going to have to be enough -- 'cause there ain't much else.

- DNC Letter to all precinc... (Below threshold)

- DNC Letter to all precinct captains...List of things we can't draw attention to during Kerry's campaign:

1) Cambodian Chrismas cards.
2) Autographed Copies of Kerry/Ho Chi Min fund raising dinner guest list and "Win with Min" campaign buttons.
C) Any references to the "Amazing disapearing Vice presendential Candidate", be sure to hide all copies of the Edwards best seller "Upstaging your running mate for fun and profit".
ii) Kerry's 20 year senate record. Stay on message. Yes he served in the senate. But he never inhaled.
15h) Wisconsin football stadium names.
1) Any mention of Iraq. We've already covered that in 18 different ways.
ix) Anything to do with abortion. Just say Kerry believes in Doctors rights and let it go at that.
4) Wasteful consumption. Yes the family owns 11 cars, 6 SUV's, and an Oil Tanker, but Kerry has never been told.
1) All questions pertaining to TANG memo's or Kinko accounts. If asked Kerry and Rather have not been on speaking terms for the last 2 weeks.
K9) Simply smile serenely at any jokes about "57 sides of every issue".

- For all "face time"/Photo Ops/Interviews
x) Frame all response's to any and all Questions starting with "John is a genuine war hero who......" and ending with ".... now that should be crystal clear"
6) An alternate thats acceptable is ...."That draft dodging lier Bush [anything that comes to mind]...and he should explain it to the american people".

- Footnote concerning Terasa...
- Anytime she says something "pithy" counter with ... "Well everyone loves her, shes such an earthy sexy Lady and she doesn't believe in politics, and anyway everyone knows shes just kidding"...

I don't care about running ... (Below threshold)

I don't care about running Kerry down, or Bush v Kerry right now. That will eb decided by the public's reaction to the debates, in adition to other things.

This is DanRather vs. the credibility of the 4th Estate.

MORE RE: MRS. KNOX [Jed Bab... (Below threshold)

MORE RE: MRS. KNOX [Jed Babbin]
Just spoke to another one of Dubya's squadron mates from the 111th. (I don't know how to do superscripts on e-mail). He passed on the Question of the Day for Mrs. Knox: You said that Mr. Bush got into the National Guard on the basis of preferential treatment "...because there were a lot of other boys in there the same way." Does that include your son, Ted, who joined the squadron in about 1972?

Well, CBS is finally admitt... (Below threshold)

Well, CBS is finally admitting that the documents are a fraud. End of story. Anthing else is nothing more than gossip & heresay. No one really cares so much what GWB did 20 yrs. ago (unlike Kerry of course who did make his military time an issue), & we all know what we have with GWB & we also know Kerry's voting record. THAT'S THE REAL ISSUE.

Frankly I'm tired of this story anyway. It's all fraud so let's get on with what the candidates have done while in office. I know the left is very fearful of looking like McGovernites but that's what they are. If talking about his record in the senate is unfair then I say to him...WAAAAA!!!! Stop being a crybaby.

Kerry did another flip flop. On a talk show he said he would in no way have gone to war with Iraq but he did vote for it. The talk show host said "HUH?"

Will the REAL John Kerry please stand up!

Another reason Bush will win.

Since flip-flop was brought... (Below threshold)

Since flip-flop was brought up:

"I want justice. And there's an old poster out West, I recall, that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'" [President Bush, on Osama Bin Laden, 09/17/01]

"I don't know where he is.You know, I just don't spend that much time on him... I truly am not that concerned about him."[President Bush, Press Conference, 3/13/02]

My biggest concern now is p... (Below threshold)

My biggest concern now is post-election, when the DNC unleashes thier army of 10,000 lawyers, contesting results in every precinct in America in which Bush doesnt win by at least 10 pts. We won't have official results until shortly before 2008.

What really seems bizarre i... (Below threshold)

What really seems bizarre is that Senator Kerry is doing the talking about President Bush, how he is "W for wrong", and about President Bush's TANG service.

Things are looking pretty grim, despite the recent Harris poll, as Rasmussen finally shows a lead, and we hear that Gallup has a poll coming out today that also shows a substantial Bush lead.

The latest attempts to smear the President have been discredited immediately. Kitty Kelley's book is a non-event, and Dan Rather has been horribly wounded.

There are some big things happening in the campaign. It is interesting, given the problems in Iraq, that things are going this well for the Bush campaign. It seems that the Kerry campaign is so inept that they can't capitalize on obvious opportunities.

I have coined a new name fo... (Below threshold)

I have coined a new name for Jim Geraghty over at my blog. I think it's quite fitting.


This could have, and probab... (Below threshold)

This could have, and probably was, predicted at some point. What does Kerry have to talk about? His senate record? Even at this late stage there's too much time for that to fill. He can't talk about his economic and/or foreign policy positions. They're nothing more than contradictory sound bites. No, all the Kerry campaign can do is attack W. They simply don't have anything else.

...but; he could be a mi... (Below threshold)

...but; he could be a miserable failure as a stand-up comic:

The only difference between people in Washington D.C. and people in Las Vegas is that in Las Vegas; people gamble with their own money.

~John Forbes Kerry to National Guard (9/16/2004)~

(insert: audience blank stares, silence and Kerry laughter with 32 tooth grin; Wesley Clark falling off stage while hysterically grimacing in pain.)



Since flip-flop was brou... (Below threshold)
Carrick Talmadge:

Since flip-flop was brought up:

"I want justice. And there's an old poster out West, I recall, that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'" [President Bush, on Osama Bin Laden, 09/17/01]

"I don't know where he is.You know, I just don't spend that much time on him... I truly am not that concerned about him."[President Bush, Press Conference, 3/13/02]

Sorry... that's just a flip, not a "flip flop". For it to be a flip flop, it has to oscillate between the extremes... Simply changing your stance over time is an indication of an evolution in your thinking, which is necessary for good mental health.

Flip flopping all over the place, like Kerry does (i.e., at least four contradictory stances on Iraq this last week correlated with his audience), on the other hand is either a sign of weakness or a lack of good mental health.

In my study of Psychocer... (Below threshold)

In my study of Psychoceramics (the study of crackpots); I found the following to be an aid in judging one's mental health:

Definition of Good Mental Health may found in answering to the statement "what one can change and what one cannot change; knowing the difference between them. (IMHO)

I also find that women may find it hard to communicate with a penis in their mouth...


Talmadge - Could you enume... (Below threshold)

Talmadge - Could you enumerate the 4 contradictory stance for the week? Did you count them yourself or are you relying on the prez's stump speach math?

Kerry may have a right to shift his position on what should be done on Irag. By the time January rolls around, who knows how much further down the crapper the situation will be.

The faces of the National G... (Below threshold)

The faces of the National Guard audience during Kerry's Las Vegas Speech earlier today said it all: blank stares, like they were all thinking, "what...the...F***...is...this...guy...SAYing?!"

Camera quickly panned away, because it was so painfully obvious that the Guard audience during Kerry's speech looked to be caught in the light of a car wreck about to happen. Gotta look...can't stand it...can't look away...it's gonna' be bad...dumbstruck...uhhh....

Moment was priceless.

"...study of Psychoce... (Below threshold)

"...study of Psychoceramics (the study of crackpots)..."

Oh, hahahahaha...

Kerry can be summed up in o... (Below threshold)

Kerry can be summed up in one sentence: John F. Kerry is an empty suit. And his "Little Me" John Edwards is an smarmy empty suit.






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