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The Pen is mighter than the lock


Do you use one of those fancy Kryptonite bike locks? If so, I have a tip for you. If you ever lose your key, just whip out a bic pen and you can pick it in about 5 seconds. Video here and it works with other kinds of locks too.

I should also note this is the kind of lock used on many laptops as well.

I knew there was a tricking using fiberglass resin and WD-40 to kludge a key. (great for company coke machines if you hate your boss) I never really thought about applying it to existing plastics.


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Comments (3)

So, does this shed any ligh... (Below threshold)

So, does this shed any light on whattheheck Kerry was talking about when he told people to "just go to truth.com..."

truth.com is a lock&security company.

Window locks...um, I DO think Kerry's a hacker and a troll, at least encourages both. No surprise there.

Paul, it's suggested that y... (Below threshold)

Paul, it's suggested that you use TWO bike locks, however. Not one, but two. At least two because most bike thieves look for the easiest grabs. At least, that's what I've been advised...and to listen for a little whistle from a parking lot or from across the street when you're walking away from your bike. In which case, hear that whistle, turn around and walk back to your bike and look around for whoever whistled and to where they're looking. And then move your bike and lock it up elsewhere.

Well, either that or ride a... (Below threshold)

Well, either that or ride a crappy looking bike. Thieves don't want junk.....






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