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Smooth Upgrade?

So there was some sort of Blogrolling migration that according to Dan Cochran went off without a hitch. Blogrolling is the service I use to maintain the links to other sites in the left sidebar.

Perhaps Dan could explain why his username (dcochran) was barfing errors all over my blog (and others) for several hours (6:38 PM EDT until I finally removed the code at 9:05 PM EDT) this evening?

Smooth, my ass..


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Comments (15)

I noticed that D. Cochra... (Below threshold)

I noticed that D. Cochran's smooth ass was "visiting" my humble blogs; as well!

I also noticed that if one didn't "pay attention" to their primary/registered email address receipts that managed to get past filters... a few days back; one might have thought that blogger.com was having its own problems, yet again.

Technology...ain't it wonderful?


- Repost- Here's ano... (Below threshold)

- Repost
- Here's another read on Burkette at WaPo by Sylvia Moreno -


- On theme that comes through is He is incensed at the misshandling of the DNC with Kerry's campaign...

- Many of us have risked everything on this election," Burkett said in a message posted on Aug. 31. "The disappointment is deep and difficult to manage. But we fight on, in spite of incompetence at the top."

- Would'nt it be ironic if his "everything" led to his own candidates downfall....

- Kevin - wake up - what's ... (Below threshold)

- Kevin - wake up - what's with the side bar - half way across the screen....?????

My blogroll dead; left side... (Below threshold)

My blogroll dead; left side of Wizbang's screen acting all mental ....
Rather's Revenge on the blogosphere?

He fried my blogroll! It's... (Below threshold)

He fried my blogroll! It's toast!

Well, the whole blogrolling... (Below threshold)

Well, the whole blogrolling site is now dead. Just gives a fatal error message when you go to it.

I <a href="http://www.mcgeh... (Below threshold)

I had to change my code this morning -- but my blogroll still isn't displaying on my blog. In fact, I have three separate 'rolls and not one is displaying.

Okay, this is a stretch<br ... (Below threshold)

Okay, this is a stretch
(a huge, I'm having triplets at any moment stretch)
but shouldn't--can?--this stuff be distributed so days and things like today don't go down?

I got bandwidth to offer ... if I can trust them.
(back to listening to Steve & Edie while burning my Mom's CDs--HELL, I'm telling ya. GD hell.)

This is why I keep just lin... (Below threshold)

This is why I keep just links to the blogrolls on the IFOC sites. And I try to keep them synced, but... well, you know.

Ours is hand-coded and quit... (Below threshold)

Ours is hand-coded and quite extensive, if anyone feels the urge to surf and is being thwarted by a lack of blogroll of their own today.

I've just put up a hand-cod... (Below threshold)

I've just put up a hand-coded version of the two of my three blogrolls that I actually control. That way if the other one suddenly reappears I'll know to revert to the Blogrolling.com code.

It's starting to look like ... (Below threshold)

It's starting to look like this could take a few days...

Dammit. ... (Below threshold)


The barfing all over the bl... (Below threshold)

The barfing all over the blog was happening to anyone caching blogrolling.com. It was doing that on mine in the early afternoon (EDT). Threw my sidebar way off in MSIE (or so I was told, I don't use MSIE).
Seems to be running again but it's not doing updates.

I have nine separate accoun... (Below threshold)

I have nine separate accounts with Blogroll on the nine blogs I operate. I cannot add or delete links, let alone see the updated rolls. When I go to bitch at them on their news blog, it pretend it doesn't even know who I am.

I think it is Kerry's fault.






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