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Why Kerry Won't Win

He puts his own supporters to sleep, how can he get the swing vote?


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Comments (29)

very funny. but they're pr... (Below threshold)

very funny. but they're probably praying. and I'm praying too, that we don't have to suffer through another four years of this so-called leadership.


The unbiased news media (ye... (Below threshold)

The unbiased news media (yeah, right. HA-ha) is gleefully announcing that one poll shows Bush losing his lead over Kerry. However, a Gallup poll shows Bush 14 points over Kerry, but no expect to hear much about that poll. Oliver North said yesterday that National Guard vets walked out on Kerry while he was speaking. Also, the response to his speech was considerably more subdued than when Bush spoke before the same group earlier. But you won't hear about that in the news media. I can understand people falling asleep on Kerry. It's either that or have your intelligence insulted by his constant contradictions.

Kerry's popularity continue... (Below threshold)

Kerry's popularity continues to rise as he travels the country curing insomniacs.

Nice comment, Dave. I love... (Below threshold)

Nice comment, Dave. I love the fact that you can exercise your right to speak (write) your mind in this democracy. But if you think those fine gentlemen are praying, then I think you (and they) must be dreaming.

You can continue to pray all you want, but your guy is all but through, and Bush is going to go on for four more years.


And, by the way, if you think it's hard for you to suffer through another 4 years of he** under the Bush admin and another of the same of both houses of Congress contolled by the GOP, then I am sorry. But just imagine how hard it's been for us iin the conservative camp having suffered for 2 generations under the boot of the left.

And yes, I will pray for you.

God Bless.

Mr. Kouri,As far a... (Below threshold)

Mr. Kouri,

As far as the press coverage of Kerry at the National Guard convention. NPR ( I know, you all think it's the ultimate in leftist press), while not reporting that people left the floor, did report his remarks "were met with polite silence" but the attendees "cheered his promise to provide more resources for the National Guard".

As far as leaving the floor, maybe it was just a trip to the john.

My Dear Rance:I lo... (Below threshold)

My Dear Rance:

I love your citing of NPR's reporting of the story as evidence that the media isn't as unbalanced as some might believe. Did you ever consider actually watching the video of the crowd during Mr. Kerry's speech to that organization? Or, how about reading the hundreds of posts from those that actually attended the meeting and have commented all over the Internet.

The only good thing that NPR offers is Ms. Mara Liasson as a contributor to Fox News during Britt's allstars during Special Report. Her show is about as right as it ever gets (and she's left-of-center).

Kerry will always get a significant slice of any group to enjoy what he has to say, but any military group is going to contain a large number of Kerry-haters. For these men and women, it is a matter of honor, and he evokes in them a depth of negative feeling that you or I can only imagine but never understand.

With all due respect,


Yes, freedom of speech is a... (Below threshold)

Yes, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Sorry if I've intruded on your Bush love-fest. I was kidding of course in my last comment. I just forgot to add a smiley. I think the guy on Kerry's left shoulder is sleeping. I think the guy on Kerry's right shoulder is playing with his game boy -- is that what they're called? His mom or dad wanted to hear Kerry speak and didn't have affordable day care for junior. :)

Most likely he's taking notes of some kind. But I do agree that the other guy is probably sleeping.


Well, he does have that hyp... (Below threshold)

Well, he does have that hypnotic monotone voice.

Mr. Diamond:You di... (Below threshold)

Mr. Diamond:

You didn't intrude, and of course I understood that your comments were on the sarcastic side. And there's nothing wrong with posting your opinions here, as long as they are respectful (which yours certainly were). And I don't think my response was disrectful, either. I may have taken a cheap shot, but I don't believe I meant to. I was simply trying to be humerous in my own poor way. Read back through my response and you'll find some attemp at multiple meanings in the words I used. If they were disrespectful, please forgive me.

The only one who can yank the discussion here is the owner of this site, and to him I am greatful for providing this forum.

If your comments are reflective of thougthful people that disagree with our "Bush lovefest," then I wholeheartedly welcome more of your input.

With all due respect,


One more think, DD:<p... (Below threshold)

One more think, DD:

Game Boy...hmm. That seems like it could be the latest name for the Breck Girl, Mr. John Edwards. Fun, lighthearted, and none-too-serious. And also hypnotic, in a wierd sort of way.

Thanks for the great spark!

Best regards.


If you want to see what wil... (Below threshold)

If you want to see what will happen if Flipper becomes president to your freedom of choice, here's an absolutely frightening example of government social engineers screwing with our free market system:


Just imagine the Federal Government deciding things about your healthcare.

Happy reading.

I'm John Kerry, and I appro... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I'm John Kerry, and I approve this message because insomnia affects millions of Americans.

I will have to remember to ... (Below threshold)

I will have to remember to thank the Non-Governmental Florida Tomato Committee for protecting me, the non-Floridian, from the UglyRipe.

I can only hope for a future liberal President to work toward a Federal standard for such important issues as tomato size and shape so that all Americans can be protected from offensive fruits and vegetables of all kinds.

Now if we can only do something about enforcement against the black market for UglyRipe tomatoes which will certainly result from widespread reading of this article. (Where can I get me some?)


All kidding aside, the only thing I expect my Federal Government to decide about healthcare is that everybody gets some.


Dave:Are you aslee... (Below threshold)


Are you asleep at the wheel? Did you actual read the article upon which you commented?

Did you miss this quote?

"Whether consumers like the product is hardly the point when it comes to the considerations of the Orlando-based Florida Tomato Committee, made up of Florida packers. It's empowered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to regulate the quality of Florida- grown tomatoes known as round tomatoes, the most commonly grown variety in the state. The committee does not regulate cherry, grape or several other types of tomato. "

Either you missed this or I don't understand your post.

Please advise.

Best regards.

My apologies. I must have ... (Below threshold)

My apologies. I must have been high on lycopene. I did read the article, but had not fully digested the group's web site.

Not only are they empowered by USDA, they are in fact a Federal Marketing Order. Even though they are a "local administrative committee" they are still under the heavy thumb of the Secretary of Agriculture.


RE: healthcareEver... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

RE: healthcare

Everybody already gets some. Always have.

If he sleeps now, he'll be ... (Below threshold)

If he sleeps now, he'll be up all night at the Abilene Kinko's...

DD:Very funny come... (Below threshold)


Very funny comeback..."high on lycopene," "fully digested." You, my dear sir, are quite good with words.

You're a liberal I can respect (and probably would love to have a tall glass of lycopen-enriched tommato juice with).

Best regards.


He didn't put them all to s... (Below threshold)
D Carter:

He didn't put them all to sleep. Some he apparently drove insane (see woman to Kerry's right).

Cheney planted him there an... (Below threshold)

Cheney planted him there and set up the photo!!! It's part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Either that or he's extrememly exhausted from listening to the never-ending beefcake football game of Dems v. Republicrats. I sure am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third Parties don't put anyone to sleep!

Those guys are sleeper agen... (Below threshold)

Those guys are sleeper agents put there by Karl Rove!

Am I the only one looking forward to the debates? I think the circumlocutions by Kerry, while properly 'nuanced' and erudite, will pale beside Bushes simple, stacatto, to the point manner of speaking. Admittedly, GWB will mangle the occasional word. But being understood is more important than being eloquent, n'est pas?

My Gosh, both KCTrio and Di... (Below threshold)

My Gosh, both KCTrio and Diamond are putting me to sleep with their comments. Shoot, if this is what we have ahead of us, Nader should just get elected and then everyone can take a nap.

Sorry to not be so frenetic... (Below threshold)

Sorry to not be so frenetic to make this an interesting thread, Edwiges.

How about this: Fuck the liberals, Nader's an asshole and Kerry's a commmunist.

Amen, a big fat commy!! Ju... (Below threshold)

Amen, a big fat commy!! Just like what's his name? Oh crap. You know, the big fat commy... oh damn!

The big fat one would be Ch... (Below threshold)

The big fat one would be Cheney (or Ashcroft)...

At least Diamondman has a s... (Below threshold)

At least Diamondman has a sense of humor. Edwiges just reminds me of the guy everybody just wishes would go away.

Maybe that's because...

McGehee:My thought... (Below threshold)


My thoughts, exactly. I found Diamond to be refreshingly sober, well-spoken and fair. He didn't come in here and piss in everyone's direction. So I, against my better judgement, threw out some nasty language in response to his pitiful observation. Diamond got it, then Edwiges shows his true colors (a bomb-thrower, not one interested in discussion).

I retract the language of my previous post, and regret that I took the bait of the aforementioned, soi-disant thinker.

I kinda liked <a href="http... (Below threshold)

I kinda liked this one.

Sleeping? They probably di... (Below threshold)

Sleeping? They probably died of boredom. Isn't that Janeane Garofalo in the foreground?






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