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Nelson-style "A-HAAAAA"... (Below threshold)

Nelson-style "A-HAAAAA"

I think when Burkett wrote ... (Below threshold)

I think when Burkett wrote that he cribbed from this.

I'm sure you already know, ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure you already know, but I thought this was an interesting article: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,132682,00.html

a sty, a sty, my country fo... (Below threshold)

a sty, a sty, my country for a sty!

- Repost- I've been ... (Below threshold)

- Repost
- I've been wondering how long CBS would hold off before they tried this as a last ditch defense... They are getting painfully predictable....

- http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-cbs18sep18,1,1428308.story?coll=la-home-headlines

- Hard to know what the WH was telling CBS behind the scenes...Unfortunately for Kerry and company that reduces to "he said/he said"....

- But publicly the White house simply stated over and over again...most particularly at the WH morning gaggles... "[That] they had no way of confirming or denying the validity of the documents"....

- So this defense is doomed to failure also... someones simply going to have to take gas for any hope to stem the bleeding at CBS...

COMPARING THE DOTS... (Below threshold)


1. Comparison of the forged docs at CBS, FOX & USA Today:

(The dots and markings can be seen either on screen at their sites and also visible if you print it out.)

They all have those strange almost custom-made to-look-old dots. But they all seem to match in pattern formation. They do not all show the same number of dots, but the markings that DO appear, are common to all 3 sets. Please look and see if you agree. Let me know if you need links to all 3 sets. (USA Today's has 6 pages in the set, which includes the CBS 4.)

If so, then this would mean that all 3 media groups got them from the same source. I believe USA Today has claimed they got theirs from a separate source than CBS. (?) I don't know what FOX is saying. It would help if they announced when and from whom. (Their pdf creation date shows scanned in on FEBRUARY 6, 04 8:24:48 AM and it's unclear why. Fax marking dated 9/10/04 at 3:08 PM. FOX's copy of the 01 Aug 72 forged doc is missing paragraph 4, possibly a scanning or copying mishap.) CBS pdf creation date 9/8/04 (4 separate pdfs, all around 6:07 to 6:08 PM). USA Today's pdf creation date 9/9/04 at 9:57 AM, modified 9/11.

2. Further comparison: USA TODAY and GLCQ.COM:

Although USA Today's small black dots look similar to the other sets, they have an added characteristic of additional larger, lighter grey squarish shadows all over the pages. This is visible on screen as well as when one prints them.

Compare that to a doc allegedly from Bush to Col. Jerry Killian in Lukasiak's site: glcq.com (The AWOL Project). I've only just opened his site, but the very first doc I looked at is dated Sept. 5, 1972 and IT ALSO HAS THOSE LIGHT GREY SQUARISH SHADOWS. I've copied a screen photo of it to my desktop in case it suddenly disappears from http://www.glcq.com/docs/eqt_request.jpg.

I'm not saying this 9/5/04 letter to Colonel Killian is a forged doc (although there's that P.O. Box 34567 again, which wasn't assigned to anyone at that time, and one of the four known CBS forged docs dated shortly thereafter, 01 Aug 72, has Lt. Colonel - different rank just 6 days earlier.) All I'm looking at right now, are the grey shadows.

I don't know if there's already been a discussion here of Paul Lukasiak, anti-Bush "AWOL" attacker. Tell me if I'm repeating old news. (Fresh Air at Ace of Spades HQ on 9/14 found out that although he claims to be in Philadelphia, his ISP is in Massachusetts.) Lukasiak, Martin Heldt and 2 Boston Globe reporters (Latour & Walter Robinson) are all listed as sources by Col. Gerald Lechliter in his 36-page study where he tries to prove Bush's "AWOL" status at http://www.glechliter.glcq.com/critical_analysis.htm.

Martin (Marty) Heldt is the "Iowa Farmer" who got all those Bush TANG FOI docs and allegedly sold them to Dem. consultant "Brooks Gregory" aka "Freedom Fighter" in late 1999. Burkett has connections to the Boston Globe reporters. (FOXNews interview of Lezendes 9/16, one of 5 authors including Robinson, of Globe 9/8/04 slam article on Bush which is analyzed at http://www.redstate.org/story/2004/9/10/135321/013). Burkett and Heldt are connected, in that Mapes interviewed both of them (they probably have further connection to each other like being posters on the same anti-Bush sites, just haven't looked for it yet.)

TYPO ALERT - sorry, that do... (Below threshold)

TYPO ALERT - sorry, that doc from Bush to Killian at Lukasiak's site is '72 not 04. It should read "9/5/72", in the 3rd last paragraph above. This time warping scandal is contagious!

Priceless!... (Below threshold)


Nice!... (Below threshold)


Oh shoot, I just realized I... (Below threshold)

Oh shoot, I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. I've been up for two days. You can tell in my math, the difference between those two rank docs is more like 36 days, but still, it's odd.

Please see my other posts in the correct thread "Kerry May Have Gotten Forged Memos". I have this burning question about Burkett being ARMY, not AIR.

I'm in possession of docume... (Below threshold)

I'm in possession of documents from the Vietnam War that Dan Rather was the lover of a ranking member of the Viet Cong. The documents -- love letters between Rather and Pnom Khaunim, a noted Viet Cong leader -- describe a hot affair between the two men and Rather's total devotion to his lover. I'm in the process of vetting these interesting letters and notes, and will release them once my investigation is complete. Does anyone have Mary Mapes' fax number?

How about reporting for dum... (Below threshold)

How about reporting for dummies, using MS Word.

- A mildly satisfying visua... (Below threshold)

- A mildly satisfying visual - Imus beating his head against a jukebox trying to figure out what Kerry had just said to him in response to his position on Iraq during a live early morning interview...Even more interesting was the segment with Joe Biden...Much as I'm with and support Bush ole Joe has done his homework and knows what he's talking about...Wish he was in Bush's cabinet.... one of the few right thinking Dem's ( pun intended )....

- One of the more interesting vanishing act "scoops" by that dauntless cabal of jounalistic Robodupes at CBS involved the hapless Israeli pentagon office worker of a few weeks ago. After a day or two of loud screeches of traitorous spying activities run amok in the halls of US military planning it seems that particular bombshell boinked so fast it might as well have been typed in dissappearing ink. It wasn't apparent which brick wall CBS hit in that case that so completely damped their ardor. What was amusing, after the smoke died down, was the comments of a Pentagon official who quiped "[If] someone was caught with their hand in the Pentagon filing cabinets you can bet it would be the FBI or the DC police serving the subpeona's and making the arrests and not the CBS building security guards"...

- A lefty pundit speaking on FOX yesterday opined that Kerry needs to speak to the only position left he hasn't put forth on Iraq to date..."[Kerry] needs to settle down and out-aggress Bush on a strident, detailed Iraqi plan for victory if he stands any chance to win the WH"...Aside from the fact that taking such a position would lose him over 50% of his base, a base thats not all the happy with him in the first place, doing so would complete the list of "let me count the ways" that Kerry has espoused during this election cycle...

- More evidence that Kerry is a "possibilities junky". DNC insiders say he runs around getting advice from everyone including his personal hairdresser and the hotdog vendor on the corner in front of DNC headquarters. Other than the fact that he never seems to come to a definative conclusion, he shows a remarkably astute ability to change course at the drop of a liberal press headline. DNC staffers, a gang that can't seem to shoot straight, with a roster changing so fast you need a scorecard to keep up, are adding rocks to their ulcer gardens trying to manage the mixmaster mind of the spoiled rich boy Senator from Mass. ..

- This past week the Kerry camp thought it would be a good idea to use the words of Howard dean from the primaries as a set of Iraq talking points in yet another dysfunctional effort to counter Bush, apparently hoping everyone would forget Kerry used the exact opposite arguments to shoot holes in Deans presidential asperations swiftboat just a few months ago....

CBS News should cover this ... (Below threshold)

CBS News should cover this latest Kerry story: For the last two days Kerry has accused the Bush Administration of having a secret plan to call up reservists and guardsmen to go to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. The key question CBS should ask? Well, how about: Mr. Kerry, if this is a secret plan, then how the hell did you find out about it? It can't be so secret if you've been blabbing about it for the last two days. Also, Mr. Kerry, are you in the habit of blabbing government secrets to the world? And you want to be the Commander-in-Chief of the military, the intelligence community and law enforcement? Mr. Kerry, ever hear the words: Loose lips sinks ships? This guy, like Dandy Dan, another liar about his military record, couldn't be funnier if Saturday Night Live wrote his talking points. (BTW, Rather lies about his own service record: He tells people he's a former Marine. The record shows that Dandy Dan spent 44 days in boot camp before he dropped out -- the bum couldn't take it.)

that's funny, of course eve... (Below threshold)

that's funny, of course even if that book sold millions of copies they wouldn't interview the author.

I posted some new catoons on it here


Other than 1 misappropriati... (Below threshold)

Other than 1 misappropriation of trademark and 1 theft of intellectual property, nicely done.

For the last two days Ke... (Below threshold)

For the last two days Kerry has accused the Bush Administration of having a secret plan to call up reservists and guardsmen to go to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact Jim, that "secret plan" was announced by press release in July. Maybe Kerry needs to bang his head on a jukebox a few times.

Awesome picture!... (Below threshold)

Awesome picture!

My take on Dan Rather's so-... (Below threshold)

My take on Dan Rather's so-called "reporting" of the whole issue can be seen here. Apologies to Jay Barnes of Rock, Paper, Saddam!






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