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Bill Burkett Must Have Good Ears

By now you've all read that Bill Burkett claims that he overheard a request to "sanitize" Bush's National Guard file. As Betsy points out, the files are not kept in Texas but in St. Louis, Missouri.

Burkett would have to have good ears to hear that call and extraordinary vision to see the files in the trash from almost 1000 miles away.

Via The Commissar


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Comments (7)

I have seen posts claiming ... (Below threshold)

I have seen posts claiming the central records are in Colorado and I have seen some claiming they are in missouri. Which is which? Is one army and the other air force or something?

follow the link to Betsy's ... (Below threshold)

follow the link to Betsy's page.

Bad Betsy Link, Paul.... (Below threshold)

Bad Betsy Link, Paul.

delete as sees fit.

It's got a sitting o... (Below threshold)

It's got a
sitting on the end of the URL for some reason...


Perhaps Burkett was in t... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Burkett was in the CIA Remote Viewing Program and misspoke?...

Burkett meant to state that he; "saw" the files, wherever their storage depot was located...

Operation: Artichoke... Does it need to be revisited?...or; Operation Monarch...

The mind...is a terrible thing...


Wrong but right.Pe... (Below threshold)

Wrong but right.

Personnel records are kept in St. Louis. Air National Guard records, which is the primary source are (or were in 1997), when Burkett claims to have seen them scrubbed, kept in Denver.

RiverRat:Thanks for ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for clearing that up. I knew I had seen a post somewhere about Denver a couple days before this Missouri stuff came up. Either way fairly far from Texas.






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