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Miss America

Who will it be?

Spoilers follow...

Miss Alabama Deidre Downs
Miss Louisiana Jennifer Dupont
Miss California Veena Goel
Miss Arkansas Lacy Flemings
Miss North Carolina Kirstin Elrod

Personally I think Miss Kansas (Megan Bushell) got screwed. Another contestant who should have made the final 10 was Erika Ebbel (Miss Massachusetts) who was featured previously at Wizbang. Erika won won the talent competition on the first night of preliminaries.

Update - There she is Miss America, Deidre Downs. Here she is with fewer clothes - 1, 2, 3.

Comments (7)

I'm going with Miss Louisia... (Below threshold)

I'm going with Miss Louisiana, Jennifer Dupont.
I wonder if she goes to the Mardi Gras. She
could earn enough beads to sink a battleship!

Next time you say that Ms.K... (Below threshold)

Next time you say that Ms.Kansas, or, for that matter, any of the contestants "got screwed," there better be a linked attached. This is the Internet, not People Magazine, yanno!

Never been to the state, bu... (Below threshold)

Never been to the state, but Miss Alabama could coax me into it.

Hurray, Alabama! We have b... (Below threshold)

Hurray, Alabama! We have been very fortunate to have had someone from this state win this several times. She certainly is a lovely young woman with fine goals in life and we are very proud of her!

You may remember we recently had the first deaf Miss America also from this state. While I am not fond of the concept of beauty contests in general, both were exceptionally pretty and outstanding examples for young women everywhere.

After Ivan, we needed this!

sympathy vote she ... (Below threshold)

sympathy vote

she ain't the prettiest... but maybe that is me.

MMmm. A little Veena would ... (Below threshold)

MMmm. A little Veena would be keena.

I'd just like to point out ... (Below threshold)

I'd just like to point out that "speedo" doing the bikini's looks like a big improvement...






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