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Kerry takes another wrong turn

And this one may be his last:

Kerry's New Call to Arms
Battle Plan: Kerry was to spend the fall on the economy. Then came a new team of advisers—and a fresh focus for the homestretch

Sept. 27 issue - Sitting in his black-leather swivel chair, with his trusty world atlas beside him, John Kerry huddled with his aides in the executive-style cabin at the front of his campaign jet. Kerry was preparing to accuse the president of failing to tell the truth about "the mess in Iraq"—part of an aggressive fall strategy to challenge George W. Bush on the war. But before he spoke to the National Guard convention in Las Vegas, Kerry sought the advice of yet another sounding board on his plane: former four-star general Wes Clark. Kerry knew from Vietnam what it felt like to face the bullets without the support of the folks back home. So how, one of his senior staff wanted to know, would Kerry's attacks go down now with the troops in Iraq? "Look, the soldiers are debating it themselves on the ground," Clark reassured Kerry's inner circle. "They're coming back and they're incredibly critical. You have to call it like it is."

This strategy has no less than 3 fatal flaws, I ranked them in ascending order of importance:

Flaw #1) Why not just pin a note to his lapel that says "Let's talk about Winter Soldier, shall we?"

If Kerry has one area where he is truly vulnerable, it is his actions after he came home from Vietnam. Now, if he turns into an Iraq war protester, it invites the people who oppose him to draw parallels to his behavior in 1971.

Flaw #2) Simply telling people that "Bush Lied, People Died" is not going to sway many voters. -Especially after the CBS debacle.- If Kerry wants to knock Bush over Iraq, he will be compelled to spell out what he would do in Iraq... A task, so far, more daunting than getting the nomination for President.

At this rate, the debates promise to be a field day for Bush. Kerry has said too many times on the record that Saddam had WMD and needed to be removed. Don't doubt for a second George Bush does not have every quote memorized. Kerry will undoubtedly accuse Bush of lying about WMD and W will take Kerry's own words out and drive them like a stake thru Kerry's heart. It promises to be political theater for the history books.

In the short term, Bush is obviously going to charge that Kerry "woke up this morning with yet another campaign theme". A charge Bush gets to make every few days. Every time Kerry changes his campaign theme he looks more and more like a man who can not bring himself to make even the most basic of decisions. Not a trait voters tend to look for.

Flaw #3) The largest reason this is a misguided idea is that it openly puts Kerry cheering for the insurgents. Voters don't mind candidates telling them the economy is bad on a daily basis. That makes the candidate seem like they care about the well being of the electorate. People DO NOT want to hear Kerry take advantage of every death on the battlefield.

When Kerry puts himself in a situation where he is obviously hoping the U.S. military fails, he may as well resign from the race. It's over. There are plenty of ways to win votes. Cheering against our troops in a time of war ain't one of them.

I've mocked the people who have predicted Bush by 40 sates. If Kerry really puts himself in this situation, I think 40 states may be a conservative estimate.


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Comments (9)

I don't remember where I sa... (Below threshold)

I don't remember where I saw this first: "Remember, Veteran's Day, this year, is 2 November."

I can't believe the absolut... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I can't believe the absolute ridiculous claim that because Kerry thinks the war in Iraq isn't going well, he is "obviously hoping the U.S. military fails." Shouldn't people that are supposedly supporting the troops care that Bush lied to get them there, failed to plan, and is now leaving them out there to die with no real direction? Isn't that a bit more aggravating than say, ya know, pointing out the fact that things are going well?

Well, while you're busy moc... (Below threshold)

Well, while you're busy mocking, you might as well have the chance to mock this one, too. [grin]

Did you catch this?<p... (Below threshold)

Did you catch this?

"Kerry knew from Vietnam what it felt like to face the bullets without the support of the folks back home..."

That isn't true. When Nixon was elected, a majority of Americans were behind the war effort (Kerry was there until March '69).

Support for the war decreased *after* groups like VVAW and others began telling tall tales of American malfeasance in the field.

Newsweek simply cannot help but write something disingenuous.

- A mildly satisfying visua... (Below threshold)

- A mildly satisfying visual - Imus beating his head against a jukebox trying to figure out what [the hell] Kerry had just said to him in response to a question clearly discribe his position on the Iraqi war. Imus tried mightily to carefully frame the question and gave the Senator plenty of time to answer it. Once again, as on so many other occassions, Kerry sounded like Olive oil on that bridge in Sweethaven trying to walk and talk both directions at once....Imus just gave up...Even more interesting was the segment with Joe Biden...Much as I'm totally with and support Bush, ole Joe has done his homework and knows what he's talking about concerning Iraq and the upcoming meetings by Bush at the UN...Wish he was in Bush's cabinet.... one of the few right thinking Dem's ( pun intended )....

- A bit off topic but have ... (Below threshold)

- A bit off topic but have you seen this yet paul...


The news media is working h... (Below threshold)

The news media is working harder than ever to help Kerry. Notice how now all the gloom and doom articles on Iraq are coming out just as Kerry unvails his newest position/strategy? Here's an article I wrote on the media and the election for the magazine The Intellectual Conservative:


Bill- If Kerry runs his who... (Below threshold)

Bill- If Kerry runs his whole campaign on the fact that the war in Iraq is going badly then obviously he will take every opportunity to make it look like the war is going -well, badly.

He will be putting himself into a situation where he must have GI's die for him to score political points. If you don't see the problem with that from a marketing point of view then I'm afraid I can't help you.

But then I see you are one of the "Bush lied, people died" crowd so your analytical skill are lacking anyway.


Hey thanks hunter- No I do ... (Below threshold)

Hey thanks hunter- No I do sleep sometimes- not much but some-

Blogged it above. thanks






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