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Tempest in a B-Cup

It's been an interesting week at work.

At one point, I saw a guy reducing a tattoo pattern to fit his girlfriend. When he thought he had it, he turned to her (a rather cute brunette in a tanktop), held up the copy, and told her "pull up your shirt." She promptly lifted it over her (rather lacy) black bra while he held it up. I felt like I should avert my eyes, but it was a rather pleasant sight.

A few days later, a (female) colleague received a "grab bag" of graft from the local Chamber of Commerce. She offered me a necklace with little green heart-shaped beads, but with the condition that I NOT pull up my shirt.

Oh, well. At least now I'm equipped for the next time I see that guy and his girlfriend...


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- Jay dude ... Think the ne... (Below threshold)

- Jay dude ... Think the necklace will go with your French Maid ensemble ---- Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Shouldn't that be "Temptres... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't that be "Temptress in a B-Cup?"

Just looking at the recent ... (Below threshold)

Just looking at the recent postings, you really seem to have a breast problem. Did you mother wean you too early?

He doesn't have a breast pr... (Below threshold)

He doesn't have a breast problem.

Girl pulls up shirt, exposes breasts, he looks -- NO PROBLEM!






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