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American Hostage Beheaded In Iraq

The terrorist beheadings in Iraq, and elsewhere, have not stopped.

Hostages are seen in this video posted on the Internet by an Islamist website, September 18, 2004. A deadline set by militants who have threatened to behead two Americans and a Briton seized in Iraq was due to expire on September 20, 2004, and more than two dozen other hostages were also facing death unless rebel demands were met. The hostages are said to be Americans Eugene Armstrong (C) and Jack Hensley (R) and Briton Kenneth Bigley. REUTERS/Handout
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - A Web site posting Monday claimed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's group has beheaded one of the American hostages in Iraq and that others would soon be killed. The claim could not be verified.

The short statement was posted by a Web site contributor using the pseudonym Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, who has put up past statements signed in the name of the Tawhid and Jihad group.

The posting promised video proof "soon."

In a previous videotape issued in the name of Tawhid and Jihad, militants threatened to behead Americans Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong and Briton Kenneth Bigley on Monday unless Iraqi women are released from two U.S.-controlled prisons in Iraq. The brief posting did not say which American had been killed.

The three construction contractors were snatched Thursday from their Baghdad home.

Reuters is reporting, and American State Department officials are confirming, the body of American Eugene Armstrong has been found.

The video is now available at Northeast Intellicence Network.

Additional Coverage - Dr. Rusty Shackleford (with stills and video links).


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Comments (17)

- The promised video has be... (Below threshold)

- The promised video has been posted ... American state department officials are confirming the body of american Armstrong has been found and positively identified.....

At some future date, I susp... (Below threshold)

At some future date, I suspect we will exterminate thousands of these vermin with whatever weapons are needed. Perhaps we can use several of the MOAB or the "monster size" weapons on Fallajuah soon.

At this time, I pray for Mr. Armstrong's family and the safety of the remaining hostages.

I especially pray for our troops on the ground.

The "Religon of Peace" lead... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

The "Religon of Peace" leads by another example. I have been a supporter of the following policy since the early days of the war:

1. Allow the tribes to gather in the streets, pump their fists in the air and sing praises to their Goat-King.


3. Push the debris into a large pile topped by a sign--Next Time, MF, this is you!

I will contribute to the purchase of a free-market delivery system and weapon if the military isn't soon allowed to do it's damned job.

Sincerely and with much love,

Dan Patterson
Winston-Salem, NC

Kevin, I have stills from t... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I have stills from the video up at my site.

PS- I also have video if so... (Below threshold)

PS- I also have video if someone wants to host.

Eugene Armstrong.s... (Below threshold)

Eugene Armstrong.

see mypetjawa.com.


There's one way to undercut... (Below threshold)

There's one way to undercut these MFs. They thrive on this publicity. We need to attack these terrorist and middle-east "news" web sites with DOS attacks. This method alone may not work, but denying these animals publicity is certainly the key to ending their idiocy.

Of course, I'm all for repainting their walls red for them too.

Dan P"Goat-King" -... (Below threshold)

Dan P

"Goat-King" - actually it's "moon stone/rock" and
it rests to this day with its three daughters (rocks also) in that holiest of Muslim shrines. Check out the Satanic Verses and Tea with Terrorists. The later is a novel, chock-full of the origins of Islam.

IT IS QUITE EMINENT TO ME T... (Below threshold)


And John Kerry is in New Yo... (Below threshold)

And John Kerry is in New York with a message of defeat -- same as when he returned from Vietnam. Americans -- Dems and GOP -- must wakeup and see the nature of our enemies. It comes down to this: fight the enemy in Iraq or fight them on US soil.

I don't know which is sadde... (Below threshold)

I don't know which is sadder - the fact that most Americans have not been fully exposed to these atrocities or Americans like myself, who are becoming desensitized to them.

Kevin, given the reality of... (Below threshold)

Kevin, given the reality of these horrible acts, do you think the Dan Rather trophy on the sidebar might be in bad taste right now?

Annika, you make a good po... (Below threshold)

Annika, you make a good point about the sidebar.

I just finished watching the video. The killing was incredibly personal having to saw forever to sever the head. It was the first one of these I have seen. Now, having watched, I find I cannot think of a fate torcherous enough for these hate filled vermon. I am more firm in my support of Bush than ever. I don't know the god they pray to, but my God isn't going to give them 40 virgins. I suspect they will be pretty disappointed when they get to where they are going after they die.

I have never hit the backsp... (Below threshold)

I have never hit the backspace key so many times as I have right now. The need to type SOMETHING but not knowing what. The words are not coming. The feelings are not easily described.
How can these barbaric people think that this is in the name of ANY God? I can't understand...I just can't understand.
Our mission cannot waiver now. It just cannot. We have 2 more video's coming. I just have to say that we MUST stay the course. My resolve remains steady and true in support of GWB but my fear is that there are some who will waiver and swing the other way. Keep it going Kevin...Please keep it going.
The truth is hard to deny.

I am blown away by what I j... (Below threshold)

I am blown away by what I just saw. I pray our troops get their hands on this guy and do him as fast as possible. That, or just turn fallujah from sand to glass

It is absolutely horrific w... (Below threshold)

It is absolutely horrific what is happening to innocent men and women in Iraq. Unfortunately we were put in this position by lies that we were told by President Bush and his administration. I was wondering if there is anyone other than myself that saw on a news channel, it was CNN or MSNBC, Fox (one of those) that showed President Bush apparently at a fundraiser making jokes and laughing while looking under his chair saying maybe the weapons of mass destruction were under there. His fellow Republicans were heard laughing in the background. I think the thing that we as Americans should be asking is does he really care what is happening to our troops and citizens when he can make jokes when men and women are dying every day? What kind of a person would do that???? Especially being the President of the United States. He disgusts me!

The video is cruel and no n... (Below threshold)
chris vetter:

The video is cruel and no normal human being can understand this animal behavior.

Vote for BUSH to continue tHIS war, and you will see many more videos like this one. Don't forget, it is him who started the whole mess. It is him who stopped peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. It is him who invaded Irak out of retaliation to what happened to his father. The whole world turns against the US, not only Islam nations. Bush's arrogance and stupidity is isolating America and creates hate towards us not only in the Middle East!

Bush is as much of a terrorist as BinLaden, just in the name of God and not Allah.

Cris Stevens - Fort Worth, TX






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