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Dan Rather: Miserable lying sack of shit

Dan Rather just introduced Mr. Burkett as a "former member of the Texas Air National Guard" with "a history of medical problems." Burkett was in the ARMY National Guard, as widely reported everywhere else besides CBS, and not the AIR National Guard, where President Bush served. He also neglected to mention that his "history of medical problems" includes TWO nervous breakdowns and a LONG history of blaming Bush and the National Guard for his problems.

I guess we all know just what Rather considers "unimpeachable" sources... paranoid nutcases and himself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to throw up.


Update: Transcript of the CBS Nightly News broadcast this evening [Link]. This is not the video used on the news broadcast, but it is a CBS News report associated with the Rather/Burkett interview. [Video]


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Comments (9)

After spending only 4 month... (Below threshold)

After spending only 4 months in the Marines, washing out of boot camp, yet taking the title of Marine, is it any wonder Dan can't tell the difference.

Seems like Burkett was some... (Below threshold)

Seems like Burkett was somehow connected to the Texas ANG for a while in the late 90's (96, 97?). Seems like I saw this in reference to George Conn's denials related to Burkett's sanitizing accusations...

Actually, the NYT keeps mak... (Below threshold)

Actually, the NYT keeps making this mistake as well. No surprise really.

Dan Rather: Miserably ly... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather: Miserably lying sack of shit

Don't sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel.

Sacks of shit world-wide ar... (Below threshold)

Sacks of shit world-wide are rising up in disgust since you have added Dan to their group. This is unfair to those sacks and the shit in them, and you should appologize immediately.

Dan Rather specifically poi... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather specifically pointed out that Bill Burkett "Didn't come to us, WE WENT TO HIM." Do you think he said this because he doesn't want anybody to discover Max Clelland gave the memos to CBS, thus establishing a Kerry campaign link? Biased to the end, Dan Blather.

Yes, Ask anyone who has bee... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Yes, Ask anyone who has been in Texas for a few years. They will tell you the guy is a psycopath! Also a person who can not tell fact from fiction.

Tell you what. I'll be ups... (Below threshold)

Tell you what. I'll be upset about what a lying sack of shit Dan Rather is when George Bush and the rest of his administration publically acknowledges the fact that they based their argument to take the US to war, in no small part, on fradulent, partial, and outdated information.

Also, the memos don't really change what's known about the matter: that the president failed to attend national guard drills without permission, that he failed to make up the skipped drills, and that he ignored a direct order to take a physical examination to keep flying.

Yeah, Rather did a lousy job journalistically, and he deserves some censure for it. On the other hand, an equal or more severe disinterest in the facts and the quality of evidence to back them up has been exhibited by the current administration. Where's your wrath for them?

Dan Rather has a long recor... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather has a long record of accurate reporting. He is a great newsman & a real patriot for trying to sink George W Bush






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