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Kerry Invokes His Anti-War Stand From The 1970's

From John Kerry's speech at New York University today:

It is never easy to discuss what has gone wrong while our troops are in constant danger. But it's essential if we want to correct our course and do what's right for our troops instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

I know this dilemma first-hand. After serving in war, I returned home to offer my own personal voice of dissent. I did so because I believed strongly that we owed it those risking their lives to speak truth to power. We still do.

Well since he's bringing up his principled protest to the Vietnam War...


From Mike Krempasky at RedState:

I'm hearing that starting mid-week, the Swifties will make their biggest ad buy yet (maybe twice as large as any previous). And if you look at the trend of the ads they've put out so far, it's only getting worse for John Kerry.

Word is, they're in the studios right now cutting a spot that looks at Kerry's exploits in Paris when he met with the North Vietnamese (read: THE ENEMY) while he was still a naval officer.

Kerry is Wile E. Coyote...


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Comments (11)

- This guy is doomed to be ... (Below threshold)

- This guy is doomed to be forever stuck in the Vietnam time capsule to the bitter end. Aside from being a "possibilities junky" he can't get beyond his own internal issues. I posted earlier one of his gaffe's from this morning's speech where he claims that Bush lied about the connection between [Al Qaeda and 9/11] ....I think these sorts of maleprops give us a glimpse of his true still hard and fast anti-war feelings.....

Hey, the skunk opened the d... (Below threshold)

Hey, the skunk opened the door for the media to look at the things he said and did when he returned from Vietnam. Perhaps CBS News will show copies of FBI files showing Kerry's cooperation with North Vietnamese officials. Or his appearance on the pages of the Communist Party USA's The Daily World newspaper, especially two frontpage photos.

If Kerry had any class, he'... (Below threshold)

If Kerry had any class, he'd have long ago come clean and made peace with the vets. For instance:

My Interview with John Kerry - A Fantasy

John Kerry and his ilk are every bit as bull-headed as the claim Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are.

Tim McNabb

If you've read the accounts... (Below threshold)

If you've read the accounts of Kerry's exploits with the North Vietnamese and Vietcong delagation in Paris and in Hanoi (during the war and while an officer in the US Navy), it will turn your stomach that a man who would be President of the United States of America would rub shoulders with the likes of Al Hubbard, Jane Fonda, the North Vietnamese Communists, the Vietcong, and praise Ho Chi Minh as Vietnam's George Washington.

The length at which he was involved with the Communists of Vietnam and the fact that he and the VVAW had financial ties to the Communist Party (CPUSA) here in America and the fact that the words at the Winter Soldier Investigation and the Fulbright Committee were lies and here say and could never be substantiated, his group VVAW took in fraudulent members who never went to Vietnam or were never even in the military, or the fact that the words he spoke before congress (the Genghis Khan bit) were nearly word-for-word the same anti-American, anti-war message that the Soviet KGB was spreading throughout Europe to damage the credibility of America and lie about our soldiers in Vietnam.

It makes me utterly sick to think that this man might ascend to the highest office of our land!

- Pour yourself a nice Zinf... (Below threshold)

- Pour yourself a nice Zinfandel cooler dewaun and relax...the only place Kerry is likely to ascend to is political oblivion ala screeming Dean...

All the Swifties have to do... (Below threshold)

All the Swifties have to do is replay Kerry in Paris and then show new footage of his sister down in Austrailia telling those folks that their American alliance makes them less safe....

meddling in foreign policy as a Senator running for Prez? Yeah, that's the ticket.....

Knew they were panicking ov... (Below threshold)

Knew they were panicking over Swifties when they showed a parody on the Emmys last night!

So Kerry wants to destabili... (Below threshold)

So Kerry wants to destabilize the U.S.-Australian relationship, causing Australia to pull their troops out of Iraq, thereby possibly causing more U.S. military casualties. Or, said another way, Kerry wants more U.S. soldiers dead so that he can win the November election. Did I get that right?....or did I miss something?

Kerry should be forced to w... (Below threshold)

Kerry should be forced to watch the beheading tapes on an endless loop. Then he should just leave the race for President. He doesn't have the cajones (sp?) needed to protect us from these evil savages.

I wonder if the Swift Boat ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Swift Boat Vets will then follow that ad with the allegations of a respected journalist, Sydney Schanberg, that Kerry, as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW affairs participated in a coverup, including the shredding of classified documents (what is it about Dems and classifed documents) a cover up of the evidence about sightings and information about MIAs and POWs because he was in a hurry to normalize relations with Vietnam, why because his cousin, a Forbes, owned Collier International which was awaiting juicy rebuilding contracts in Vietnam

in other words Kerry sold out his Band of Brothers for financial consideration.......

Schanberg goes through the whole way Kerry conducted the Committee and it was clear he was in a rush and not concerned about the truth......

this is another issue that sticks in the craws of many veterans and esp the families of MIA and POWs from Vietnam

you want this guy as Commander in Chief?

I'm sorry, but would Kerry ... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but would Kerry (while still obligated to the USN) going to France (of all places) to meet with the N. Vietnamese (IE - THE ENEMY) be an act of TREASON? And if so, and if I'm not wrong here, isn't it true that there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (IE - no time limit) on prosecuting an ACT OF TREASON?






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