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Live Blogging Dan's Apology

#1 Iraq Beheading- OK fair enough

#2 Story on John Kerry (surprise surprise)

#3 Afghanistan (we're waiting)

#4 Hurricanes in Haiti

#5 Hurricane Ivan

#6 Finally!

"He [Burkett] did not come to us, we went to him and asked him for the documents"

hmmm- How did CBS know to ask for the documents? And let me get this right- They went to a guy who has a history of mental illness, who has been trying for years to discredit Bush and used him as anonymous source. THEN they have the unmitigated freaking gall to tell me that he was "unimpeachable."

You're done Dan.

"Burkett initially told CBS news he got the documents from a fellow guardsman, but when we interviewed Burkett this past weekend he changed his story and told he got the documents from a different source, one we can not verify." (see update 3)

But you are going to keep investigating... Right? Right? You do what to know who played you for a fool, broke both federal and Texas state law AND tried to steal an election. You are looking into that right Mr. Journalist man? I'm sorry I did not hear that answer...

Video of Burkett:

Rather: "Why did you mislead us?"

Burkett: (paraphrased) "You guys pressured me for a name. I made one up."

Rather: "Have you Forged anything?"

Burkett: "No Sir."

Rather: "Have you faked anything?"

Burkett: No Sir.


End Video

Rather: "Burkett still insists the documents are real, but says he was in no position to verify them."


"I also insisted when I sat down with your staff in the first face to face session, before i gave up any documents, I wanted to know what you were going to do with them, and I INSISTED that they be authenticated."

End Video

Rather: "The failure of CBS news to do just that, to properly, fully scrutinize the documents AND they source led to our airing the documents when we should not have done so. It was a mistake. Blah Blah Blah I'm sorry Blah Blah Blah

An interview that was rumored to take 2.5 hours was cut down to 65 seconds. And a very self serving 65 seconds at that. They stressed the part where CBS asked him where he got the documents. A fact they obviously did not follow up on.

All things considered, he was much more in control than when he defended the first time. They dropped the "Fake but True" defense but showed no interest in who forged the documents.

Basically, Rather thinks he can sweep this under the rug. He can slander a sitting President then when he was caught say "My Bad" and expect all to be forgiven.

No apology to Bush, no nothing. Just an "Oops, we'll do better next time."

Nobody is going to happy with this performance.

Update: Transcript of the CBS Nightly News broadcast this evening [Link]. This is not the video used on the news broadcast, but it is a CBS News report associated with the Rather/Burkett interview. [Video]

Update 2: Allah and Spoons ask one of the same questions I did.

Update 3: Dan claimed in an interview with WCBS that the first person Burkett named was outside country and they could not find that person but that it was "believable" they had access to documents.


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Comments (8)

"The failure of CBS news to... (Below threshold)

"The failure of CBS news to do just that, to properly, fully scrutinize the documents..."

It took Buckhead and others like how many minutes to suspect they were forgeries?? What the hell did CBS's process of scrutinization consist of? A quick read-through to confirm their content was, indeed, incriminating to Bush?

As part of the investigatio... (Below threshold)

As part of the investigation of its 'slipup', I would like to see CBS release its raw interview footage with Burkett - both the original and the latest admission tapes - along with a timeline and trail of investigation that Ms. Mapes followed to get this story.

TWO questions which MUST be answered now:

1. Where did Burkett get the memos?
2. WHO told CBS that Burkett had the memos?

BOTH these questions must be answered. Of course the second of the two would be the easiest to determine - IF CBS has TRUTH as its goal - since THEY are in the perfect position to know who told THEM to go to Burkett.

Of course, if you can't ver... (Below threshold)

Of course, if you can't verify the source of the documents (because that source is out of the country), a REAL journalist would devote extra effort to other means of validation. Rather, the propagandist, is not bound by any journalistic ethics (as he continues to show).

I'd like to know from CBS w... (Below threshold)

I'd like to know from CBS what evidence has ever been presented and if they thought the fact that the president may have missed a physical 32 year ago in the national guard was relevant to the election. this "story" has been around for years, who does CBS think they are Michael Moore?

Mr. Rather said that he got... (Below threshold)

Mr. Rather said that he got the documents from Mr. Burkett. However, he did not say that Mr. Burkett was his "unimpeachable" source.

Since CBS has said that they contacted Mr. Burkett, someone had to point CBS to him. Ergo, there was more than one source. Since Mr. Burkett seems to be eminently impeachable, Occam suggests that whoever pointed Ms. Mapes to Mr. Burkett is that source.

I am curious about who that unimpeachable source is.

Now, we know it was not Mr. Bill Clinton nor Mr. Andrew Johnson because they've been impeached already.

However, Mr. Max Cleland, as a former Senator, cannot be impeached. I'd like to know what Mr. Cleland knew and when did he know it.

For the record, Paul, havin... (Below threshold)

For the record, Paul, having nervous breakdowns isn't the same as having a history of mental illness.

I don't mean to nitpick; it's just that by lumping Burkett in with us, you give us folks who do have mental illnesses a bad name.

Check the CBS interview of ... (Below threshold)
Howard Rodriguez:

Check the CBS interview of Rather by Marcia Kramer. When questions get tough and he starts lying his eyes start blinking. IT is time to clean house at CBS and for an FCC investigation of their unethical journalistic practices

To determine where Burkett ... (Below threshold)

To determine where Burkett got the "documents", one needs go no further than Kevin Drum's comments section for a list of possible suspects.....






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