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Somewhere, I don't know where.... Bernard Goldberg is laughing his ass off.

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I find this whole scenario ... (Below threshold)

I find this whole scenario to be absolutely breathtaking, the temerity of CBS and Rather to continue to cling to this issue, despite the ever increasing evidence of their unimpeachable source being wholely impeachable, the possible links to the Kerry campaign, etc ... If I were a shareholder in Viacom, I would be screaming bloody murder. In the history of electoral politics, has anything of this magnitude ever occurred so close to an election?

Are you kidding? Somewhere?... (Below threshold)

Are you kidding? Somewhere?? He's home working on his next book, no doubt! LOL

He should call it I told ya so, or maybe just nay! nay! nay! nay! nay!

What I really want to see next is Lockhart's head as the next one on that trophy wall, along with Mapes, of course. Just save a big spot in the Middle for Kerry come November. It's looking like a hell of a hunting season.






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