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Unquestionably good timing

This afternoon, I was flipping between two talk shows on the radio -- WRKO's Howie Carr and WTKK's Jay Severin. Howie was gloating and rejoicing in C-BS' having to eat crow, while Jay Severin was praising Kerry's speech about Iraq. (Severin is unabashedly anti-Kerry, but he prides himself on his political acumen, and said Kerry's speech was one of the best he's ever given. In fact, Severin said that if enough undecided voters heard Kerry's speech, it could swing the vote.

It occurred to me that Kerry gave his speech on exactly the perfect day. If you hop around the blogosphere, including here at Wizbang, you'll find Kerry's harshest critics are busy focusing on the C-BS story and giving the Kerry speech a bye. Meanwhile, the vast general public is getting home from work and turning on the TV. If you watched C BS tonight, Kerry's speech got second billing, while Rather's "apology" came several minutes later. His "hard-hitting" interview (complete with a bit of judicious whitewashing of their witness' spotty history and one out-and-out lie) was probably adequate to garner a "well, that sums that up."

Let's see... C BS first airs it's story using the forged documents on September 8th. The Democratic National Committee starts running it's anti-Bush ad, "Fortunate Son," on September 9th. C BS retracts it's evidence (but not it's story) on September 20th, the day Kerry gives what many are calling "the most important speech of his campaign."

Very, very good timing, Democrats.


P.S.: On September 12, I predicted that C BS would retract it's story about Bush's National Guard service by 7:00 p.m. on September 23. Here it is the 20th, and C BS has retracted the evidence, but not the story. A lot of people thought it would be faster, but they dragged it out as long as they could, then only took back as much as they had to. Gee, big surprise...


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I fisked Kerry a bit, but w... (Below threshold)

I fisked Kerry a bit, but who the hell am I?

Kerry Really needs to show ... (Below threshold)

Kerry Really needs to show us the secret plan he has where everything goes according to schedule and all our the countries in the world agree with it and the enemy never fights back so we don't have any casualties and the UN acutally works.

<a href="http://www.reuters... (Below threshold)

Also, Bush responded to Kerry fairly cleverly:

Bush pointed out that last December, while battling anti-war candidate Howard Dean for the Democratic nomination, Kerry said anyone who did not believe removing Saddam Hussein from power had made Iraq safer did not have the credibility to be president.

"I could not have said it better," said Bush, who accused Kerry of sending mixed signals at a delicate time in Iraq's history.

- Ex CBS president Van Saut... (Below threshold)

- Ex CBS president Van Sauter excoriating the CBS handling of Rathergate and telling it like it plainly is. Up front guy.....

<a href="http://sayanything... (Below threshold)
I also heard WTKK's Jay Sev... (Below threshold)

I also heard WTKK's Jay Severin. He played all of John Kerry's speech during 6pm to 8pm.

It was only the second time I have ever heard John Kerry give a passionate & powerfull speech.

I think republicans need to take this speech seriously, it can be found here.

I posted a lot more comments here: John Kerry finds his voice: wake up republicans!.

My wife is reading the speech right now, and says (she is a strong Bush supported): 'This makes me feel very weak, what is the answer to these points?'

I hope the blogsphere takes the speech seriously, and comes up with a good fisking & good responses to this speech.

- Which point is that mixi... (Below threshold)

- Which point is that mixie?....

- The one where he said "[Bush] lied about the connection between Al Qaeda and 9/11" (think about it)

- or the one where where he said "[Bush] lied about the interactions between Al Qaeda and Saddam".... ( I guess daily speeches of incouragement, providing known Al Qaeda leaders safe haven, and paying surviving palastinian families of human bombers doesn't count)

- or still yet the one where he claims the "[Bush] refused help from countries that wanted to provide aid in the fight in Iraq"...(Name one country who offered any tangible help in the war that we turned down)

- Finally in the ongoing King swiftboat Kerry Iraq position log we hit #42:

"Knowing there were no WMD's I would never have gone to war..." ...(How would Kerry have performed this magic feat of mental gymnastics when every creditable security organization in the world was saying that the WMD's were there and Saddam was acting as strongly as he could to support that idea ...this is more hindsight BS...)

- Sorry...It might have sounded "passionate and powerful, unfortunately as usual it was just some more spinspeak BS....

- But Kerry's real running mate Ter-ray-zah put a exclaimation point on his speech with "Scumbags"...
...Don't cha just love her.....heh

The <a href="http://www.joh... (Below threshold)

The speech was great. While some in the blogosphere may still dwell on Rathergate, the rest of the country will go on deciding the next president, and this speech will bring many voters to Kerry!

I did notice the lack of co... (Below threshold)

I did notice the lack of commenting on the speech. I am tired of "memogate." They were wrong. Everyone knows they were wrong. We can hold our heads high and say,"Behold the power of the blog!" Seriously, it was amazing, but...

I watched the speech live, then fisked it. But, like Joe R... who am I?

I listened to much of the K... (Below threshold)

I listened to much of the Kerry speech on Severin while driving home tonight but found it so droningly defeatist I had to turn the channel.

Random thoughts that ran through my mind as I was driving: I don't think this is such a great speech. Iraq isn't Vietnam, and with all due respect, the senator's four months in Indochina aren't relevant. His "speaking truth to power" when he came home from the war might be termed something else by the vets he termed war-criminals. If he's so committed to today's brave servicemen, why is he painting everything about Iraq as a cockup and urging a cut-and-run? Was inaction on Iraq truly a viable option post-9/11? Why did he vote for the War?

Cliff May at NRO's The Corner puts it better re the "diversion" from the war on terrorism the Kerry maintains Iraq has become.

From a Kerry standpoint, it... (Below threshold)

From a Kerry standpoint, it was a good speech. It just doesn't stand up to scrutiny, nor will it stand up in a debate.

My commentary here.

Also check the post MCNS quoted, and the one after it. No way that stance survives the debates.

Big deal, so Kerry got anim... (Below threshold)

Big deal, so Kerry got animated. What else can you expect of a cartoon character?

I thought that Kerry's spee... (Below threshold)

I thought that Kerry's speech was scary and repulsive. As I do think also about the person.

I can't imagine why anyone -- ANYone -- would feel cowed or humbled or even remotely impressed ('need to think things over' and the like after hearing/watching the speech in delivery) by this speech, which appeared to me to be some sort of last gasp flailing of desperation.

And Canada reveals their statute in Nelso, BC for to commemorate the draft dodgers from the Viet Nam era...

Why Kerry's speech doesn't make people MAD/ANGRY AT KERRY is beyond me. And those for whom he speaks, along with that stupidly crude slur by his wife, Teresa, who probably just cuts through more of the B.S. by Kerry and says what he actually thinks of millions of Americans: we're "scumbags."

It's the language of the guy and girl who steal your purse, key your car, raid your garden, run down your fence, hack your computer and steal your ATM card...and never regret a minute of it. The Kerry's are just creeps with billions and some time in the Senate, but still creeps.

I'm pretty tired by now, not of the SwiftVets and the Docugate revelations, but of John Kerry, Teresa, moveon.org, Terry McAuliffe, the DNC and screaming "Democrat Spokesperson(s)" on television.

Imagine the country with these in the White House and then imagine how they will govern for us "scumbags." You think there's going to be "free healthcare?" "More jobs?" Yeah, and Kerry has nine medals and was a war hero. Yeah, righht.

So Jay's insults against "A... (Below threshold)

So Jay's insults against "AM radio listeners" hasn't stopped you from flipping back to Howie, huh? I find time for both (plus some Patriots talk) too...






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