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Anchor's Away

John Podhoretz in The New York Post:

I don't accept the apologies of Rather and CBS News, in part because they haven't really been offered. They're trying to get themselves out of a hole, and they're only digging it deeper.

And what Rather did yesterday was beyond forgiveness. He is continuing to argue that the airing of a patently fraudulent effort whose purpose was to change the results of a presidential election was an act of "good faith."

You know what I hope? I hope Rather doesn't quit. I hope he isn't fired. He is indeed the CBS anchor - and now that the boat is taking on water, his dead weight is going to sink it for good.

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The line I used yesterday for Terry McAuliffe applies equally to Dan Rather. The explanations out of Camp Rather amount to nothing more than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


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Comments (2)

They're trying to get th... (Below threshold)

They're trying to get themselves out of a hole, and they're only digging it deeper.

I think the same thing, which made me laugh my ass off when I saw this graphic on the CBS news website.

Joe - ROTLMAO! :-D... (Below threshold)

Joe - ROTLMAO! :-D






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