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Burkett To Sue CBS

From the sublime to the absurd... just when you thought this story couldn't get any weirder. From NewsMax:

It was Mr. Burkett, not CBS, who was misled, Van Os told the Sun, explaining that ""60 Minutes" producer Mary Mapes promised to protect his then-client with complete anonymity and would "expend both time and money authenticating" the memos.

"Bill leveled with [CBS] about his doubts over the papers, and they promised him they would take their time," Van Os insisted. But "they spent all of three days, maybe less, on authentication," he complained.

Based on the network's assurances of confidentiality, Burkett chose CBS over ABC News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, Van Os said.

However, he told the Sun that he now thinks a CBS is "an organization with a total lack of moral or journalistic integrity."

ABC and the Washington Post have been banging on CBS since early last week, and even the Times has come around and is doing some investigative reporting the unfolding fraud scandal at CBS. Did they know beforehand that CBS would be self destructing if they ran with this information? Did they check out the documents, if so when?

We want dates, times, and names!!!

If recent history is any guide we will get them...


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Comments (13)

I don't see how your questi... (Below threshold)

I don't see how your question follows from the text. It seems clear to me that Burkett DID NOT share the memos with ABC, NYT, and WaPo. For all we know, he never approached them, because CBS (and his fellow Texan Dan Blather) were first with an acceptable deal.

It isn't clear how USA Today got the memos though.

What I don't get is how can... (Below threshold)

What I don't get is how can he sue anybody?? What a jerk.

everybody is lying and even the Democrats I had respect for are still questioning the President over his guard service. WHO GIVES A DAMN???


You know what I mean. Last night they kept saying it was BLOGGERS who brought the truth and lies to light. So you should be proud. But geez, can't they end it?

No way, I want the lawsuit ... (Below threshold)

No way, I want the lawsuit to go forward, for one reason: discovery.

Discovery won't even begin ... (Below threshold)

Discovery won't even begin for six months to a year, if ever. In the meantime, it'll mean that CBS will have an excuse to clam up and not don any in-house investigating.

Dan Rather with his source ... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather with his source Bill Burkett has followed in the tradition of Leslie Stahl and J. H. Hatfield who appeared on 60 Minutes in 2000 and had the same type of allegations against Bush - cocaine use made him miss his physical, special treatment getting in all documented in a book called "Fortunate Son". J. H. Hatfield, a felon convicted of attempted murder, committed suicide months after his interview with Leslie Stahl which mentions a Kinko's copy machine. The above link is the transcript of the interview. Below is a link which is an interview with J. H. Hatfield in which he mentions his publisher had received Bush Guard documents showing that Bush refused to take his physical and so he was grounded from flying.

It seems that history repeats itself so with such incredible detail. Rather using Burkett is channeling Hatfield so exactly that it is scary. Of course Karl Rove was blamed by the left for Hatfield's death (literally having him killed) and giving false information and memos to Hatfield. Karl Rove is some mythical figure to the Left. They think he is the antichrist but Marty Heldt has been peddling those false Guard documents for years to the crazy left and Rather and Crowd, not Karl Rove.

"Fortunate Son" is the name of Kerry's Campaign Ad not because of the song but because Hatfield's and his Book have become FACTS in the leftie world and in fact Michael Moore lifted most of his best stuff for 9/11 from Hatfield. 60 Minutes needs to get over its obsession with Bush's Guard Service and using attempted murderers and fake memos to further the gossip and slanders they want to think is journalism.

In the link below you have to read really far down to get to the Guard memo paragraph.

This is the link to the Les... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:

This is the link to the Leslie Stahl interview of Hatfield which sounds so much like the Rather/Burkett interview in the subject matter that is discussed.

CBS Motto - Any attention is good attention

I find it comical that Burk... (Below threshold)

I find it comical that Burkett, of all people, is blasting CBS for being unethical.

I think a reminder of some... (Below threshold)

I think a reminder of something most of us know already is needed.
Drug tests were not a part of any military physicals at the time we're talking about. Dubya didn't skip any physicals because he was afraid that this alleged drug use would come out. They did not test for drugs.
Something so basic and easy to check as when the Armed Forces began routine drug testing and yet these lies continue to circulate. It's beyond me.

The best part about Van Os'... (Below threshold)

The best part about Van Os' statement is the assertion that CBS only spent three days on authentication, maybe less.

How long did it take Chuck to type the memo up in Microsoft Word? An hour? What would they need three days for?

Burkett will likely expedit... (Below threshold)

Burkett will likely expedite things by suing before the election and the filing will get a lot of publicity. His complaint will be chock full of interesting allegations about CBS' behavior and motivations in running the piece. Even without discovery, CBS will have to make all sorts of public statements to preserve its name, especially with Bob Schieffer set to host the last debate. No doubt, to discredit Burkett, CBS will have to claim that they knew their "unimpeachable source" was crazy all along.

Man, this guy is bats&*t cr... (Below threshold)
Mark Buehner:

Man, this guy is bats&*t crazy, and who's this lawyer, Dr. Gonzo? ('As your attourney I advise you to buy a motorcycle'). CBS is on the horns of a dilemna, the crazier the guy looks the stupider CBS looks for listening to him. The saner he looks the more it looks like a conspiracy.

...and if that happens, it ... (Below threshold)

...and if that happens, it will continue to suck the media attention away from the man who needs it most...John Kerry.

Burkett says that he sent a... (Below threshold)

Burkett says that he sent a copy of the documents to USA Today AFTER he gave the first set to CBS...

I can provide you with a link, if you want, but unfortunately, I believe it's from a USA Today news article from yesterday, if memory serves me right, but they DO make a quote or purported quote by Burkett himself as having said that he gave USA the second set after he gave the first set to CBS.

Another thing, however:

yesterday, on FOX -- Brit Hume said, quite smartly about the entire dance between CBS and Burkett, that:

"it was a shared-bone opinion."

Meaning, both Burkett and CBS/Rather/Mapes had a bone to pick with Bush and were picking away, looking for a means to access marrow.

They both knew what they wanted (marrow) so they then went about otherwise manufacturing the bone...neither/either took any time to examine whether or not the bone was real or imagined, just that it resembled a bone, so, hey, it's a bone.






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