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Quid Pro Quo

I hadn't seem this spelled out anywhere else, but The New York Times explains why Joe Lockhart spoke with Bill Burkett.

Joe Lockhart, a senior adviser to Mr. Kerry, acknowledged today that he had talked to Mr. Burkett. He said he had done so at the behest of a CBS producer, who had promised to help Mr. Burkett, an ardent Bush opponent, relay some campaign advice. Mr. Lockhart said there was no connection between the campaign and the memos.
Either Lockhart was fully aware of the upcoming CBS story and happy to provide help in to CBS, OR CBS producer Mary Mapes had to fully brief him on the content of the piece - at which point he cheerfully complied with her request. In either case he did so in his official capacity as a senior member member of the Kerry campaign.

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Excellent site! Keep up the... (Below threshold)

Excellent site! Keep up the good work...

- Now we are down to the or... (Below threshold)

- Now we are down to the original source being "started with a phone call from a stranger and ended with the handoff of an envelope at the boisterous Houston Livestock Show."...Why do I sense the trunk of a caddy in a Dallas alleyway in our future.....

I certain prominent radio t... (Below threshold)

I certain prominent radio talk show host, a week ago or so, mentioned that George Stefanopolis had connected Joe Lockhart with this story. We couldn't make any more connections at the time, but now we can. Apparently, George is still pretty "plugged in" to Democratic political operations.

The story here is that CBS/... (Below threshold)

The story here is that CBS/Rather claimed confidentiality of the source of the memos, but had communicated that identity to the DNC via Mapes/Lockhart.

Its a conspiracy, and they are admitting it.

This is the end, the end my friends....






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