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Source: CBS to address Lockhart issue

Update: Apparently Heyward is going to issue a statement about the Lockhart connection. The powers that be are arguing about the wording. Supposedly 3 pm eastern but we know what happened to their last timeline.

Looks like Mapes is soon to be unemployed if anyone is hiring.

Note about source. The source is extremely reliable BUT not exactly in the inner circle. Still, has some interesting insights.

UPDATE: CBS News said in a statement: "It is obviously against CBS News standards to be associated with any political agenda. As to what actually happened here, it is one of many issues the independent review will be examining."

Not much of a "statement" but OK.


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Comments (14)

What?! From an unnamed sou... (Below threshold)

What?! From an unnamed source?!

Oh right, if it turns out the bird was wrong, then you'll admit that. Funny how blogs work that way. Or at least, some blogs.

In any case, this forgery business has gotten a lot more fun since we don't have to argue the fine points of typography and Air Nat'l Guard lingo. I want muckraking! I want heads on pikes! Wooo!

meep If you read my update ... (Below threshold)

meep If you read my update I described the source as best I could and even gave said source's limitations.

This post would be more hel... (Below threshold)

This post would be more helpful if the "Lockhark Issue" was identified or a link was provided.

George man-- What planet ha... (Below threshold)

George man-- What planet have you been on? (rib)

OK will update.

My goodness, it just keeps ... (Below threshold)

My goodness, it just keeps getting better for the 'Tiffany Network" I always thought it was fun to watch buildings demolished. But witnessing CBS implode is quite a sight to behold. Great job as always with the updates. Keep it going.

This whole thing could have... (Below threshold)

This whole thing could have been predicted seven months ago in the Washington Post:


The latest Poll in the Gard... (Below threshold)

The latest Poll in the Garden State -- New Jersey -- shows Bush is leading Kerry by 4 points. Unbelievable. The Dems thought Jersey was a state they could count on. I'm shocked.

I heard Joe Lockhart blowing-off the story of his actions in the Rathergate scandal. According to Lockhart, Burkett only lectured him on how they should have handled the Swift Boat Vets. Yeah, sure.

Paul -- I was just ribbing.... (Below threshold)

Paul -- I was just ribbing. The item is clearly marked gossip, so I don't mind unnamed sources. And I always come back to check for updates anyway. (And I've been here often enough to have seen items corrected and struck through when found to be wrong.)

I really am enjoying myself, and in my opinion, the more gossip the better. Lots of the blogs have been running with unnamed sources, and most of them revisit to see if the source was right or not. Sometimes it's not the source's fault (like last Wednesday, when CBS was supposed to make that statement at 11am and it didn't come til 5pm or whenever. And was damned weak at that.)

I have no sympathy for Mape... (Below threshold)

I have no sympathy for Mapes as she is clearly a partisan hack posing as a journalist and needs to be fired. However, Rather should join her in unemployment.

Rather should be tossed out... (Below threshold)

Rather should be tossed out first so his carcass can break Mary's fall.

I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon. ... (Below threshold)

I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon. If I practiced as carelessly and as sloppily as Dan Rather plied his trade my license would have been suspended and some slick trial lawyer would have my house, my car, and a 7 or 8 digit settlement.

Dan Rather has committed Journalistic Malpractice. He needs to be punished.

What a turnaround CBS had d... (Below threshold)

What a turnaround CBS had done, huh? From "we stand by our statement" to public apologies from dan rather...good analogy about doctor practice vs. journalistic practice. that was my fav part about the letter/petition congressman blunt and 40 other members sent to Hayward, where he talked about the media holding politicians to very high standards, and that politicians should expect the same from the media. I caught Blunt talking about this matter on CNN this morning - sharp guy.

Late breaking news, Burkett... (Below threshold)
Triple P:

Late breaking news, Burkett confirms he spoke with Lockhart about the documents. To break tomorrow in the Print Media. Just revealed by Joe Scarborough on his show. I'll be damned!! Who would a thunk it.

Dan Rather should resign as... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather should resign as he arrogantly has shown his liberal bias and does not reflect any objectivity. This has been going on for years and he finally got caught in his own web.






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