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A Little Makeup And A Good Photographer Make All The Difference...

We're talking boobies here, boobies of all sorts...

Seriously give to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and support the Boobiethon.


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Speaking of that, here's a ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of that, here's a guy that appears to be the Hong Kong Wizbang: See Lai

- If you're into beautific... (Below threshold)

- If you're into beautification make her put her burka back on....

- for the last time... "its one 72 year old vegitarian".....

- Ok...So now we have a nu... (Below threshold)

- Ok...So now we have a nutcase running around the countryside with a rifle in his trunk with presidential/senator snuff time on his mind...This election cycle threatens to spawn into a top rated real life TV series... "American politics - Survival III"






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