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Britney - Married Or Not?

Is she or isn't she married? [Note: A good excuse to funniest Britney picture ever]

(CBS) - Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are still not legally married despite a weekend ceremony that was such a surprise not even the parents and bridesmaids knew they were going to a wedding.

Jess Cagle, People magazine senior editor and contributor to The Early Show, "A lot was complicated because they moved up the date and next week, they're going to file all of the paper work," he said.

So they're not legally married now? "Not yet, although they have sort of followed everything by the book and that is the next bump in the story that you're going to see: The wedding was a fake. It's really not."

Shortly there after the DrudgeReport reports that US Magazine will be calling the wedding a fake in this weeks cover story.


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Comments (17)

That is the ugliest picture... (Below threshold)

That is the ugliest picture of anyone I have ever seen.

Mays - What universe have y... (Below threshold)

Mays - What universe have you been living in?

I know, I know, but someone... (Below threshold)

I know, I know, but someone's got to say it...

Did CBS break the "Britney got married story?"

To me, Britney Spears is ju... (Below threshold)

To me, Britney Spears is just a SLUT who mocks the institution of marriage....

Where did you get that pic ... (Below threshold)

Where did you get that pic from? My friend refuses to believe that is Britney.

I really don't think tha... (Below threshold)

I really don't think that the Tammy Faye Baker Messner look is doing "it" for BS!

...jest' my dos centavos.


Does this really rate very ... (Below threshold)
joe cioni:

Does this really rate very high on anybody's Give-
A-Shit meter??

I'm with Joe. For some BS ... (Below threshold)

I'm with Joe. For some BS is yesterday's news. For the rest of us, she never was news, other than to confirm how far we've fallen.

Sure the wedding was fake, ... (Below threshold)

Sure the wedding was fake, but is the story still accurate?

Fake but accurate!! Fake b... (Below threshold)

Fake but accurate!! Fake but accurate!! (Was Dan Rather at the ceremony?)

- Alright Britney .... wher... (Below threshold)

- Alright Britney .... wheres that form 180 so we can get to the truth of your marraige service....

Marrying a backup dancer? M... (Below threshold)

Marrying a backup dancer? Man, that's just nasty...

In case you haven't realize... (Below threshold)

In case you haven't realized it, anyone who gets married on the weekend isn't legally married until at least the following Monday. That's the earliest time you can file the witnessed documents to be legally recorded. And as we know, unless the government says you are married, you ain't married.

I knew a couple who got married by a mail-order minister. He gave them the papers to file. They never got around to it, so 6 months later when they had a falling out, they just tore the papers up. Free divorce.

Rance,Ah, yes....b... (Below threshold)


Ah, yes....but what about palimony? :-)

Mays: Two words: Leo... (Below threshold)

Mays: Two words: Leona Helmsley.

(shudders; thows away keyboard; runs to wash hands that typed the Beast's name.)

I think that's actually a p... (Below threshold)

I think that's actually a photo of Britney's mama, Lynne Spears. She's looking awfully distraught because the pic was snapped just after she'd run over a photographer's ankle. Britney was on the scene also, but not looking nearly so hag-faced. I hate it that I know this. Haaaaaaaate.

Not true. The picture of t... (Below threshold)

Not true. The picture of the post-foot incident had them both in it. This is from some Britney picture board I've long since forgotten.






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