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The Anti-War Kerry

Leaving aside the fact the Senator Kerry has now changed his position on the war in Iraq more times that anyone can count, I'll take is statement the other day that he now opposes the war in Iraq as the "wrong war, at the wrong time" at face value. What can we expect from a commander-in-chief who opposes the war in Iraq?

Perhaps a look back at his opposition to the Vietnam War, which Kerry proudly referred to earlier in the week, would be instructive. From a speech John Kerry gave to a group at the YMCA in Philadelphia on June 14, 1971, as reported by the FBI:

On June 29, 1971, [BLACKED OUT SECURITY EDIT] advised that JOHN KERRY of the National Office of the VVAW, spoke at the YMCA, Philadelphia, on June 14, 1971. In this talk he stated that HO CHI MINH is the GEORGE WASHINGTON of Viet-nam. Ho studied the United States Constitution and wants to install the same provisions into the Government of Vietnam. KERRY criticized United States activities in Vietnam, saying we are destroying villages, cities, crops, and the people there and these activities must be stopped.
Give comfort and aid to the enemy, then cut and run. That was his playbook then, what's to say it won't be again?

Get Chapter 7 from Unfit For Command (Meeting With The Enemy), free.


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Comments (8)

Better yet, go buy the book... (Below threshold)

Better yet, go buy the book. Should be required reading in history classes everywhere.

At least, a very meaningful and worthwhile purchase for every household, nation/worldwide.

It's a very well done book and well worth the purchase. The Swiftvets truly are heroism in action.

There is more to this. Ker... (Below threshold)

There is more to this. Kerry stated in his 1971 testimony some crap about the North Vietnamese would only harm 2-3,000 people if they won and those people would need sanctuary, but everyone else would be fine.

In my 44 years I have been ashamed to be an American only once. I have been embarrassed to be an American many times, but the only time I was ever ashamed to be an American was when I watched us leave the embassy in Saigon. The incredible pain on the faces of those that were ordered to leave those Vietnamese there to face their fate still brings tears to my eyes.

The North Vietnamese have already told us how much they were helped and encouraged by the protesters and the press in this country. No, John Kerry was not the only protester, but John Kerry has not shown a single bit of evidence that he learned anything from the fate of the Cambodians in the killing fields, or the plight of the boat people, or cared one damn iota about the embassy staff that left their friends to be tortured and killed at the fall of Saigon. It just would not have been an advantage to him and his political ambitions.

Remembering the shameful way we abandoned our friends makes it very clear to me that John Kerry cannot be our President if we are to be a country that cares about keeping our most important promises. "I have your back" is only an empty phrase to him. I know it in my heart, and I never want to be ashamed to be an American again.

Just imagine what will happen to our friends around the world when John Kerry turns his back on them, too. Heads are rolling now. What will it be like when President “I am too absorbed with myself to care about you” takes over?

I know that Senator John Mc... (Below threshold)

I know that Senator John McCain says that we should get past the Vietnam issue, but, actually, I don't think so, at least as to the points that foghorn and similar comments have made, and as are the Swiftvets doing.

Not that the Vietnam war should be refought or carried on or anything, but that the issues that were campaigned upon and about by John Kerry during that time, have never been rescinded by Kerry, nor his actions apologized for, nor any revisions made or offered by Kerry about his stance and behaviors from that time. In fact, just as foghorn writes (^^), Kerry has simply continued on with the same message, same intentions, same statements, same sentiments, etc.

Such that, the country SHOULD be holding him to task for his actions from that time (they're still engaged in, although he's had the cover of responsibility by being in the Senate all these years, coupled with the social cover of being married to a billionaire philanthropist, providing access to all the ongoing and "right" social neighborhoods, meetings, minglings and sources, surely).

Because, as someone who remembers that era (years when the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam and the social conditions here at home, from a newly enrolled college student's perspective at that time)...there was immense influence on colleges and socially among teens to rant "anti war" messages and listen to Kerry and Kerry's message and Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and wear flowers on our jeans and the like...it was a pervasive inflence, what they were promoting and it filtered into student unions all across the country and most of us heard it and went along.

Not so much because it was right thinking but so much because it was what our friends were talking about and listening to and watching and all that...it was a social trend and among impressionable young minds, it was socially attractive to find out what all the noise was about, at least to a degree.

The point being is that the "anti war" movement isn't what it says it is. We can all chant "peace" and encourage "no war," but those are different processes altogether than the political movements that actually defend and protect and make sure that we're all here tomorrow to consider peace and no war and much of anything else as to issues and states of mind.

The more I hear and read about Kerry, the more I find him to be so repulsive in ideology as to be, well, just repulsive in ideology. He's one of those reckless individuals that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about, who run over the vain, adulterous woman and never look back. And then pretend it never mattered because of ideology and the like.

It's late...sorry to wax on so but, the entire period of history that allowed Kerry his mainstage for to promote himself is still engaged, and, needs to be confronted within our society.

Putting aside the Swift Boa... (Below threshold)

Putting aside the Swift Boat Vets allegations, there are FBI files describing Kerry's activities when he returned from Vietnam. Why don't the members of the news media investigate that story? Even Fox News Channel avoids it. Kerry is undermining our war effort for his own ambitions and that's why he deserves to lose.

Just remembered another poi... (Below threshold)

Just remembered another point: Notice how the news media zeroed in on the part of the Swifties book involving Kerry in Vietnam, but they ignored the second part of their book.

Just to clarify my point – ... (Below threshold)

Just to clarify my point – however poorly I word it – I am only concerned about our future, not our past. I was too young to serve in Vietnam and there was never any danger of me being drafted. That is not my axe to grind, and all that is behind us. But what did we learn?

We must carefully choose your commitments because there is only so much we can do. But once we make a commitment, (as we have – and yes, Mr. Kerry you voted for that commitment, too) the most important thing that our country, as people of honor, must do is stand by our friends. Do we have that degree of honor or not? When we go to any country and ask decent people to stand with us, we are making a solemn commitment to stand with them all the way to the end. It is a contract more important than any other, including every single one of our social entitlements.

John Kerry and his friends think it was OK to shaft the South Vietnamese because we still have some friends left. John Kerry thinks it was OK to let a couple million Laotians and Cambodians be murdered because some countries still “like” us. Apparently they think that we can now screw the Afghanis that have helped us and we will still have friends, and then we can go ahead and renege on the Iraqis and Kurds that have helped us and we still have friends in the world. What world? It will be a world where no one, and no country is as good as their word.

If we continue the behavior Kerry endorses, no one will ever trust us again – and for that matter – why in hell should they? Under that scenario, I guarantee you all those relationships with countries we call “friends” will be phony and shallow and meaningless.

Whether the war in Iraq is right or wrong, we gave our word and our word must mean something when the subject is torture, life and death. Can anyone point me to any evidence at all that John Kerry understands anything I am writing?

Foghorn, John Kerry would p... (Below threshold)

Foghorn, John Kerry would probably say to you, "That depends what the meaning of the word 'word' is." Interesting comment from NYC talk host Mark Levin: Apparently Kerry told Letterman and his audience that while traveling he saw someone with a sign "Give us 8 minutes and we'll give you 8 years." Well, Levin read a passage from Hillary's book describing how she and Bill campaigned and saw a sign that read, "Give us 8 minutes and we'll give you 8 years." Kerry can't even come up with his own bullshit stories.

John Kouri,I see y... (Below threshold)

John Kouri,

I see your point. If the definition of "word" is "something I say" rather than "something I promise" then it must make sense to be John Kerry.

Why does anyone want to live in a world led by a man without any understanding of what "promise" means? Or do you think the Kerry voters even think that far ahead?






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