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Karl Rove, Comic Strip Figure

In the (increasingly tired) comic strip "Family Circus," there's a recurring (and recurring and recurring...) gag where one of the kids misbehaves in some way. When asked who broke the lamp/left the door open/stepped on KittyCat/fingerpainted on the wall/hired a dominatrix, the child in question loudly proclaims, "Not Me!" And then in the background, we see a ghostly figure with "NOT ME" plastered on his chest doing the misdeed in question.

I think the left has been reading The Family Circus for way too long. Now it seems whenever something bad happens to them, it was "KARL ROVE" who did it. Who arranged for Osama Bin Laden's relatives to leave the country after 9/11? KARL ROVE! Who sank Howard Dean's campaign? KARL ROVE! Who is behind the Swift Boat Vets? KARL ROVE! Who arranged for Dan Rather, the Kerry Campaign, and a certified nutjob with a history of hating Bush to fall for the same bad forgeries and go on national TV with them? Why, it must have been KARL ROVE!

I'm starting to wonder just how Rove does all this. Maybe it's like "Multiplicity," and there are actually several Karl Roves. Or maybe he's the boogeyman, and liberals frighten their children with tales that if they don't eat their vegetables and go to sleep when told, Karl Rove will come and smear them.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's just so much easier to blame some shadowy conspiracy for your own failings, rather than admit to your own shortcomings and ineptitude. After all, we're the good guys, they tell themselves. Our cause is just, our people are righteous, our goals are noble -- it just can't be a coincidence that we keep tripping up and failing. There must be a greater reason why we keep being rejected by the American people. It must be something evil, something sinister, some sort of plot...

masterminded by KARL ROVE!


//firewall against all but whitehouse.gov:

OK, Rove, here's the coverup piece you wanted. NOW will you start sending me those RNC checks?

end firewall//


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Comments (16)

Even when I was a kid suppo... (Below threshold)

Even when I was a kid supposedly just like him, I wanted to just KICK that little snivelly Billy square in the pants.

And if Karl Rove is so good... (Below threshold)

And if Karl Rove is so good, how come he ain't wearing the black Vader mask and answering to the title of "Overloard" yet?

Jay Tea, I said it before I... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, I said it before I read the piece - and now I'll say it again. This is an insult to The Family Circus! That being said - BRILLIANT piece of work, my good man.

The Democrats always love u... (Below threshold)

The Democrats always love using simple catch-phrases -- mostly because they's simple themselves. Karl Rove is their favorite. Vilify the man who's outsmarted legions of political operatives in the DNC. It's similar to Halliburton. Corner Liberals in a debate, and it's almost a certainty they'll say, "Well what about Halliburton?" Hell, I'm still searching for at least one African-American who can identify which Republican suppressed his or her vote.

Perhaps Karl Rove is now ru... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Karl Rove is now running interferance for John Ashcroft. The Left has nearly exhausted the Boogie Man stories about the Patriot Act (Left anthem: "They're taking away our RIIIGGHTTSS!" -- Question: "What, specifically, 'right' has been 'taken away' and who are 'they'?" -- Response: "EVERYone KNOWS who is behind this! You've got to be kidding, where have you been for the last five years?!" Question: ????...[walking away shaking head...]").

I was just reading more blogging (aach!) by Joe Trippi and he's "feeling it in his bones" that "they" can "bring down the House..." (meaning, the Republican's who hold office in the House of Representatives, or perhaps Trippi is just revealing his hand altogether and now wears a black bandana over his face). I didn't read the name, "Karl Rove" in there but, I think that's part of the recent MichaelMooreOperation of "say nothing negative until after November". Otherwise, surely, there'd been some means by which Trippi and/or contributors would have included Rove in the mix.

The "Bush's Brain" theorists about Rove explain it well, however: no one is as "smart" as the Left, therefore, if a Republican is in the Presidency (or any other office), they have to be a puppet or be being engineered by someone else or otherwise "bought and paid for" and all that other stuff. Sadly, the Left never realizes that they're very accusations reveal themselves to be intellectually compromised, despite the wireless mania.

Sorry, should have read, "T... (Below threshold)

Sorry, should have read, "THEIR very accusations..." (not "they're"). Typo.

If Rove doesn't do anything... (Below threshold)

If Rove doesn't do anything, why is he on the payroll? Same thing for Ashcroft - It's been 3 years since 9/11 and the exact tally of convictions the DOJ has nailed - zip, zero, nadah. Unless of course you count the ones that got thrown out because the DOJ hid evidence.

Time to pull the public teat out of the mouth of these two losers.

I'm convinced Karl Rove sto... (Below threshold)

I'm convinced Karl Rove stole my shoes

Bill Braskey!... (Below threshold)

Bill Braskey!

Isn't Karl Rove <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Isn't Karl Rove running the Kerry campaign? It sure looks like it.

The last I heard, Rove was ... (Below threshold)

The last I heard, Rove was also working with the ghost of the dead grandfather from Family Circus.

That because Karl Rove has ... (Below threshold)
Bill from NYC:

That because Karl Rove has become the new Dr Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!! bawhaaaaaaaaaa
For the Dems
Karl Rove = The boogyman under the bed and in the closet!! lol

Who controls the British po... (Below threshold)

Who controls the British pound? Who keeps the metric system down?

Karl Rove! Karl Rove!

Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps?

Karl Rove! Karl Rove!

Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?

Karl Rove! Karl Rove!

Who robs cavefish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar night?

Karl Rove! Karl Rove!

Shortly after Kerry's histo... (Below threshold)
Scott Free:

Shortly after Kerry's historic defeat, Terry McAuliffe takes the podium, rips off his mask and reveals a laughing KARL ROVE!


Oh, hahaha...Bill Brasky! ... (Below threshold)

Oh, hahaha...Bill Brasky! Funny.

Well, HERE is Karl Rove, "stronger than an acre of garlic!"

I think I'll go visit the "I Love Karl Rove" Cafe Press shop right now.

Then I'll build an alter next to my house for Karl Rove and do a commemorative dance. ~All Hail Bush's BRAAAIIINNNN!~


Speaking of garlic, we shou... (Below threshold)

Speaking of garlic, we should all start to plan ahead for Halloween.






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