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Newsreader Refresh

Sharpreader has been my RSS and Atom newsreader of choice for the better part of the last year.

As of today it appears that the honor is going to go to Sauce Reader. It's simply amazing.


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Comments (17)

I used SharpReader for abou... (Below threshold)

I used SharpReader for about as long. Six weeks ago I switched to Sage, and can't imagine going back at this point. Still, I'll give Sauce a try on your recommendation.

Does Sauce work as a sideba... (Below threshold)

Does Sauce work as a sidebar to the browser window or do you have to open a new window for it?

What Allah wrote (^^), and,... (Below threshold)

What Allah wrote (^^), and, I thank you for the suggestion and ongoing links. Wizbang is a great resource, couldn't do without my daily read. Thanks.

P.S.: Anyone who wants to offer me some basic helps as to how to launch MovableType and/or TypePad, please let me know. I never said I was a computing wiz...I just want to install the program and I don't understand the cgi stuff.

I couldn't get it to launch... (Below threshold)

I couldn't get it to launch. I'm on SP2 with .NET 1.1. Anyone else have problems?

Why oh why can't these peop... (Below threshold)

Why oh why can't these people make it work with Firefox or something else besides IE?

I use RSS Bandit which is really good. Sage leaves me wanting just a bit more (I like the option of marking conversations so I remember to go back to them).

Re: Sharp as a Marble... (Below threshold)

Re: Sharp as a Marble

I'll be the first to admit that Sage isn't perfect. But it's an on-going developement, and you can add your suggestion to the deveopement team @ http://sage.mozdev.org/

Ever since it was in early ... (Below threshold)

Ever since it was in early bets, I've been using FeedDemon - by far the best feedreader around (and doesnt require that bulky .Net, so it runs a hell of a lot cleaner and faster)

I gotta go with sage, the o... (Below threshold)

I gotta go with sage, the other benefits of firefox are too nice and its summary page is easy to read. And the live bookmark feature of firefox lets you syndicate things without feeds like free republic. Sauce looks nicer though.

Does OTB show up on it? Tha... (Below threshold)

Does OTB show up on it? That's the real test of a good RSS feed. Preferably, OTB would be built right into the permanent settings, saving the user from having to add me.

Re: James JoynerOT... (Below threshold)

Re: James Joyner

OTB shows up just fine. Although I've been trying to get the guys at PowerlineBlog to add links to their own RSS Feed. For thos of you wondering, the RSS Feed of PowerlineBlog is: http://www.powerlineblog.com/index.rdf

Every feed I've tried in Sa... (Below threshold)

Every feed I've tried in Sage results in "XML parse error." I suspect it's a setting problem, but nothing looks like a good candidate for the source of the problem. Anybody heard of that kind of problem?

Just installed it. Pretty n... (Below threshold)

Just installed it. Pretty nice. I like the grouping by days and the ease of adding new feeds.

And the Weblog This feature that supports my blog.

So far, so good.

Every feed I've tried in Sa... (Below threshold)

Every feed I've tried in Sage results in "XML parse error." I suspect it's a setting problem, but nothing looks like a good candidate for the source of the problem. Anybody heard of that kind of problem?

Try updating your forefox to .93 see if that helps Boyd.

Varuka: I'm already at Vers... (Below threshold)

Varuka: I'm already at Version 1.0 PR.

Re: VerukaSaltWhen... (Below threshold)

Re: VerukaSalt

When in doubt, use this feed validator to check validity of the feed.

IgwanaRob, that .Net packag... (Below threshold)

IgwanaRob, that .Net package is a good thing to have. Trust me, it's all I work with all day long. I tried to get my company to switch to Java and away from Microsoft. When I had to examine both packages (Java vs. .Net), let me tell you that Microsoft actually got something right on this.

My entire blog runs on .Net. The only time something is slow is on the initial run. Once it's in memory the speed increases dramatically.

Sage and Firefox go togethe... (Below threshold)

Sage and Firefox go together like steak and Guinness.






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