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Quote of the day

Terry McAuliffe issued a statement that Republican Roger Stone had refused to deny that he forged the CBS memos, so therefor it was obvious he had done it.

An hour later, after categorically denying any involvement in an interview with FoxNews, Stone put it all into perspective.

The only difference between Terry McAuliffe and Michael Moore is about 300 pounds.

That about sums it up.


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Comments (8)

- Ok...so you put up a doub... (Below threshold)

- Ok...so you put up a doubled post...Its funny enough and certainly true enough to bear repeating......

grrr freakin' moveable type... (Below threshold)

grrr freakin' moveable type, Your timing was just right, I deleted the second one almost instantly.

And an Oscar.... (Below threshold)

And an Oscar.

- Hahaha ... apparently the... (Below threshold)

- Hahaha ... apparently the its best not to byte the keyboard that feeds you... just lucky timing I guess....

It's gold, Jerry! Gold!"</... (Below threshold)

It's gold, Jerry! Gold!"

I think a better quote of t... (Below threshold)

I think a better quote of the day is:
Secondly, I saw a poll that said the right track/wrong track in Iraq was better than here in America.

If that is the quote of the... (Below threshold)

If that is the quote of the day, I think I have the quote of the month.

Just saw John Kerry's lates... (Below threshold)

Just saw John Kerry's latest TV comercial previewed on Scarborough Country. Interestingly enough, amoung the vague and hapless attempts by the dem to define his candidacy, the add states (with the obvious liberal chagrin) that "1000's of terrorists are pouring into Iraq". Where else would you want 1000's of terrorists pouring into, John? What is better than thousands of miles away where we have over 130,000 Americans professionally trained to kill them?

This week marks the official start of the "I'm getting tough" tact for the Kerry campaign. If he starts getting traction in the polls, and Bush decides to one-up him, do you think we'll see the hammer coming down hard on those "1000's of terrorists"? I mean real HARD--no more mister nice guy.

I have always held that America and her Allies securing Iraq and winning this war is NOT what Kerry and his flunkies want.

Now they just told me so.






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