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The 10 Spot - Comeback Edition

Things you may have missed on the great big interweb...

  1. David Scott Anderson has an open letter to the President about our response to the beheadings in the Middle East.
  2. Ace answers the question, "shouldn't we be talking about the real issues?"
  3. Oxblog hit the million visitor milestone.
  4. Boyd has some interesting statistics on the economy that help explain why, according to a lengthy WSJ article today, the new Kerry strategy is to focus on the war in Iraq instead of the economy
  5. Apropos of Something has the exclusive investigative report by CBS on Britney Spears wedding
  6. Joe Gandelman on the the battle for the Jewish vote.
  7. Arizona, were Bush leads by 16 points is "in play" for John Kerry. California, where Kerry leads Bush by 15 points, is "all but locked down" for Kerry! Patterico catches the L.A. Times double standard.
  8. Fellow RNC blogger Karol Sheinin has 5 questions for bloggers - a lot of folks have already answered in the comments.
  9. Female suicide bomber hosted childrens TV show.
  10. The Price Ain't Right, Bitch! Bob Barker is in hot water again with Barker's Beauties.


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Comments (3)

I am honored to be ranked n... (Below threshold)

I am honored to be ranked number one on the 10 Spot Kevin! :-)

Hell, I'm honored to just b... (Below threshold)

Hell, I'm honored to just be included in the 10 spot!

Woooooooooo, me too.... (Below threshold)

Woooooooooo, me too.






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