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Mama T. Speaks

Teresa Heinz Kerry is a one woman quote factory. Via the KerrySpot:

Reporter: "He's still down." [in the polls]

Teresa: "He's not. Did you see the polls today? You saw Zogby and ARG -"

Reporter: Yes, but he's still down in Arizona."

Teresa: "Oh, who cares? You know, one state is not a whole state. In the whole United States, he is even, even, and in some of them one point ahead, and in some one point behind."

See the video: Real Media Version


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Comments (14)

Fascinating woman. You cou... (Below threshold)

Fascinating woman. You could put that last sentence to a rap beat and you'd really have something.

Reporter: "He's down 3 poin... (Below threshold)

Reporter: "He's down 3 points in Montana."

TH-K: "Montana? What the hell is a Montana? I'll BUY Montana. Forget about Montana. You and your silly Montana."

"I don't need no stinkin' M... (Below threshold)

"I don't need no stinkin' Montana." John Huston and Humphrey Bogart couldn't have asked for a better femme fatale.

- Its all those scumbags an... (Below threshold)

- Its all those scumbags and idiots that won't say my boytoy is a genuine hero....they can all stuff it....Let them eat naked...

- She was in a womans clinic the other day talking about health care...."We didn't have any health care where I come from....we learned to stay healthy so we didn't need it...you women need to be stronger about things...take control of your lives..." .... A nearby nurse mumbled...."Yeh right....thats easy for her rich ass to say....she has 400 million reasons why she'll never have to worry about it...."

- Ahhh Ter-ray-zah .... gotta love her earthy humor.....

Considering all the Senator... (Below threshold)

Considering all the Senators she has collected, I imagine that she is in pretty good physical condition, if you catch my drift. A good lesson as to why healthcare should be purchased by those who want and need it.

one state is not a whole... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

one state is not a whole state.

Which state is not a whole state?

I wish Theresa was on TV mo... (Below threshold)

I wish Theresa was on TV more. She's going around the country calling people idiots and scumbags and telling reporters to shove it, and the Kerry campaign are having trouble figuring out why they're dropping in the state-by-state polls? Mama T is the Republicans' secret weapon. Also, Mama T is a prime candidate for a drug test. What the hell is that woman on?

Arrogance?... (Below threshold)
too true:


C'mon, guys, I can't believ... (Below threshold)

C'mon, guys, I can't believe y'all haven't figured it out yet:

Teresa is merely doing Karl Rove's bidding. It's a secret Republican plot! After her late husband, you remember him, the Republican Senator, died, Karl Rove concocted the grand plan to have Teresa latch onto a future Democratic Presidential candidate, just so she can scuttle the campaign!

It's just so...diabolical!

What is that even supposed ... (Below threshold)

What is that even supposed to mean?

::highly amused by the image of a rapping Ter-Ay-Zha.

Boyd,Well she was ma... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Well she was married to a Republican, so there's your proof. Better quickly fax Dan Rather.

Teresa is merely doing K... (Below threshold)

Teresa is merely doing Karl Rove's bidding.

Damn, I forgot about Karl and his time machine. He must have zipped ahead into the future and saw the idyllic, evironment-friendly UN subject that the US had become. Then he zipped back to the past, had John Heinz III die in a plane crash and then induce Tah-raze-ah to fall in love with Kerry.

The fact that I had even forgotten that Karl Rove is behind everything bad happening in the Kerry campaign is proof that he has a mind-control machine slowly sapping our will to vote against Bush!

That all knowing Karl Rove ... (Below threshold)

That all knowing Karl Rove is so darn good, why don't we make him Prez?

J -- you mean he isn't alre... (Below threshold)

J -- you mean he isn't already?







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