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More Unimpeachable Sources

Media Matters blogger Duncan Black is urging readers to buy the latest edition of the National Enquirer so they can jerk off to more of the same old allegations from the far-left fringe of Bush drug use. The Enquirer is trying to dress up very old unsubstantiated rumors from previous Bush campaigns by using proven liar Kitty Kelley and freelance journalist Toby Rogers - whose supposed source denies everything attributed to him. Both of these "journalists" rely heavily on the work of J. H. Hatfield (profiled here last week). Who else relies on that unsubstantiated work that was dropped by its publisher?

Michael Moore
John Kerry's Party

Bush-hating draws Democrats to tinfoil-wearing wackjobs like moths to a light. Just ask Dan Rather and Mary Mapes...

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Wow...you can't make shit t... (Below threshold)

Wow...you can't make shit that good up.

I guess that I don't have a... (Below threshold)

I guess that I don't have a problem with drugs. In fact, if Kerry had taken more in Vietnam, perhaps he wouldn't have made such a horse's ass of himself there, and such a menace when he returned. Yeah, one of the presidential candidates needed more drugs, me thinks.

Isn't it funny how the Dems... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny how the Dems constantly accuse Bush of doing things that they themselves have no problem with, like avoiding military service, abortion, and drug use?

I just CAN'T get beyond "..... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

I just CAN'T get beyond "...so they can jerk off to more of the same..." The mental image is so, so, bohemian.
The sort of rabid, visceral response to the Bush administration is based on exactly nothing. NOTHING. Does anyone remember how the "cool" kids in grade school used to band together and form "we hate you" clubs against those who weren't as cool? Well, how is this different? No discussion of policy differences except to say "George Bush has alienated the rest of the world" (You can't sit with us. You're stupid!), or "He lied to the American people" (I tagged you! I did too! You're out!).
I thought we left that sort of thing behind us after puberty.

Dan Patterson

You know they're getting de... (Below threshold)

You know they're getting desperate when the left is resorting to quoting from National Enquirer articles. Granted, that publication did break the story on Limbaugh's pill problem, but it isn't exactly well-known for its journalistic integrity.

The National Enquirer has c... (Below threshold)

The National Enquirer has consistently proven that their journalistic standards are far above that of CBS and others. They were right about Rush. That being said - where were they during the Clinton era? His staff could not even pass modern day security checks - so they just suspended the checks. And what about Kerry's checkered past? Aren't there far more serious questions there? Sign the 180!

It seems as though the Dems are being successful in one area; Bush and many bloggers seem to be busy answering charges instead of continuing attacks against Kerry.

That whole SeeBS hit piece... (Below threshold)

That whole SeeBS hit piece was designed to furtherr this story about Dubya allegedly hoovering up half of Columbia's GNP. Five election cycles now they've trotted out the Air National Guard story and nobody gives a rat's ass.
The whole missed the physical meme is about trying to plant the idea that he skipped it because it included a drug test. The Left is depending on the fact that people don't remember that drug tests were not a part of military physicals until well after Bush was discharged.
Even if I agreed with the Donk's agenda, whatever it is today, I wouldn't vote for the Party that so transparently depends on the electorate being so stupid as to believe abject lies.

Maybe Duncan Black is tryin... (Below threshold)

Maybe Duncan Black is trying to send them some traffic and subscription money to make up for when he the National Enquirer that envelope full of Anthrax?

*shrug* It's just as true as the wild tales Duncan and his loose cannon cohorts state regularly, whether independently or collectively.

This is why they are caled Media Matters insetad of Truth Matters.

ogrish.com have videos of a... (Below threshold)
eugene smith:

ogrish.com have videos of amreican jack hensley beheading and british bigsley on video. why don't you? is bush controlling your site? are you scared?

if any man experienced the ... (Below threshold)

if any man experienced the kind of chaos and mayhem that john kerry survived in only 4 months of duty in vietnam....he would be blowing bubbles and shitting his pants in a mental hospital today! please give us a break! this dickhead should chastised, spit on and maybe have his long jawbone cracked.






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