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Oh, The Humanity...

Photoshop work by Kevin in Dallas

Dan Rather, the captain of the CBS News ship sure is ever the optimist:

"Do I think they're forged? No," Rather said, adding, "But it's not good enough to use the documents on the air if we can't vouch for them, and we can't vouch for them."

More at Rathergate and RatherBiased. More quality Photoshops from the creator of worlds.

Be heard - Sound off to CBS affiliates!


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Comments (8)

I'm trying to remember who ... (Below threshold)

I'm trying to remember who said it, but the line was something to the effect of Rather not being able to confirm a corpse was ever alive.

I'm sure it was much funnier when whoever I've forgotten said it.

Nice!... (Below threshold)


Victor Davis Hanson said it... (Below threshold)

Victor Davis Hanson said it, in a NR article, which is widely linked today. Recommended reading; that's only 1 good line in it.

I checked Hanson's article.... (Below threshold)

I checked Hanson's article. In reponse to Rather's contention that the memos should not have been used as the basis for the story because they couldn't be verified as authentic, Hanson says: "That's the equivalent of saying that a corpse cannot be proven to be alive."

Did you folks hear about an... (Below threshold)

Did you folks hear about another Bush-bashing segment being prepared by 60 Minutes/CBS News?
According the the Accuracy in Media, they are working on a story that drudges up the old allegations that the Bush Administration used forged documents in their allegations of Niger yellow-cake uranium being sought by Saddam. According to the AIM, the story is already showing signs of distortion -- for instance, CBS won't be telling viewers that Joe Wilson's original report appeared to confirm suspicions. It wasn't until the highly-partisan Democrat Wilson returned that he started changing his tune. Also, Wilson was discredited by the release of a memo that showed he was lying about how he got the job of investigating the Niger-Iraq connection.

I saw Chris Matthews jabber... (Below threshold)

I saw Chris Matthews jabbering about that this week. I forget who his guest was, some liberal journalist, who Matthews used as a foil to spin his "forgery" theories, ad nauseam. His guest was reduced to saying, "yea, Chris, yea," which only induced Matthews to further verbal (and mental) diarrhea on the his fictional conspiracies.

Speaking of Chris Matthews,... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Chris Matthews, Bill O'Reilly will be featured on 60 Minutes this weekend. I guess going into the tank for Kerry has its rewards for O'Reilly. I ceased watching O'Reilly the night he said that he believed Kerry would fight the war on terrorism as hard as Bush. That did it for me. Many people noticed that O'Reilly seemed to always defend Kerry, but it was attributed to his desire to interview Kerry and wanting to show him that he'd get a fair shake on The Factor. Now it seems that O'Reilly is seeking to change his audience from mostly conservatives to mostly liberals.

Hate to be a downer on such... (Below threshold)

Hate to be a downer on such a fine website, but there are real people dying in that photograph of the Hindenburgh aflame. Not a thing to use in frivolous context - we can all remember a recent Spanish ad equivalent I'm sure :(






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