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Your daily Chuckle

It's pretty bad when news reports are so ludicrous that I file them under humor.

Despite accusations, Kerry's position on Iraq has been consistent

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - (KRT) - Sen. John Kerry set his jaw, and even sighed at one point, as he confronted anew the confusion over his stand on the Iraq war, a fog that has enveloped his candidacy for months.

"I have one position on Iraq," Kerry insisted this week during a rare news conference. "One position."

In fact, he's right, his image as a "flip-flopper" notwithstanding.

Kerry voted in October 2002 for the congressional resolution that authorized President Bush to go to war in Iraq. He now says that the invasion was not justified and has made the United States less secure.

These positions are not contradictory, but his attempts to explain the distinction between them are often complicated, and they have given President Bush an opening to caricature Kerry as a flip-flopper. However, beneath the torrent of campaign verbiage, Kerry's position on Iraq for the past two years has been consistent and defensible - just difficult to sell in a sound-bite world.


"Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture don't have the judgment to be president or the credibility to be elected president." John Kerry - 12/20/03


"The satisfaction we take in (Saddam's) downfall does not hide this fact: We have traded a dictator for a chaos that has left America less secure." John Kerry - 9/20/04

Folks, I can keep posting these quotes all day. The media is going nuts running different versions of this story. They all claim Kerry is consistent. They think you are ignorant enough to believe them.

The only problem with their story is John Kerry's own words.

Comments (16)

'There you go again'<... (Below threshold)

'There you go again'

The point is that the way in which we went about getting rid of Saddam, and the many missteps in executing the war that have left us less secure today. Yes, getting rid of Saddam was a good thing, it is how it was done, and the situation we are in now that Kerry is criticizing.

"Did I expect George Bush to fuck it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did." John Kerry - 12/03

"Did I expect John Kerry to... (Below threshold)

"Did I expect John Kerry to fuck up his election bid as badly as he has? I don't think anybody did, but I'm damned glad that he's doing so." Mark - 9/04

I wrote to the author of th... (Below threshold)

I wrote to the author of that idiotic article -- Thomas Fitzgerald. Although he wrote it for Knight-Ridder wire service, he's a staff writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He wrote an article in today's edition talking about the Democrat's claims that Bush and the Republicans suppressed the black vote. I asked him to please tell me a) whose votes were actually suppressed, b) which Republicans did the suppressing, and c) how did they manage to suppress a million black votes? Actually, I asked questions a reporter such as Fitzgerald should be asking. Oh, and I mentioned that he wrote a press release disguised as a news story. I wanted to call him a scumbag, but I didn't want to sink to the level of Theresa Heinz-Kerry.

"Less secure today"? Surel... (Below threshold)

"Less secure today"? Surely you jest.

How, exactly, are we less secure now than we were before removing Saddam?

BTW, Traitor Kerry IS a fuc... (Below threshold)

BTW, Traitor Kerry IS a fuckup. He's an empty-suit with a good bullshit strategy for getting elected in a wacko state like Mass., but it ain't going to play in most states.

We are less secure because ... (Below threshold)

We are less secure because the resources that we have expended in Iraq to dispose of tyrant who posed no threat to us could have gone towards going after the terrorists who are a threat to us.

How the hell would Kerry kn... (Below threshold)

How the hell would Kerry know what we're doing as far as fighting terrorists? He's never at intelligence committee closed-door briefings or committee meetings. Also, as someone "on the inside" as far as the war on terrorism, I can tell you, R.G., there are things being done throughout the world and in the US that you will never hear about. things even that genius Kerry isn't aware of.

Kerry's only 1 position on ... (Below threshold)

Kerry's only 1 position on anything has been that whatever bush does in wrong and he would do almost the same thing with him in charge...
that's not a position.. it's juvenile...

I posted a cartoon on it today @

read it if you like

Hmmmm.... is having all <a ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm.... is having all these guys DEAD made us safer?

I would think so.

R.G., we're a pretty capabl... (Below threshold)

R.G., we're a pretty capable country. I think we can handle two things at the same time, especially if those two things involve using different types of resources.

- A bit off topic but did ... (Below threshold)

- A bit off topic but did anyone else catch Neil Cavuto's interview the other day with the "Soup Nazi".... Seinfeld didn't do him justice...He's 10 times worse in person...He had his lawyer in tow.... apparently he's mad as hell over all the ribbing he's taken...With his face and demeenor when he gets angry something really important is going on..

- He said "No I'm not grateful for what they did to me on that show....I didn't need their lousy advertisement...I had more people than I could feed before all that....besides I only work 7 months a year..." ( No doubt he spends the other 5 months under an elm tree at sunnybrook farms basket weaving and singing hava nageelah )....

- Neil had his hands clamped to the edge of the desk in the runners starting position in case he had to make a break for the door.... Even when the guy said..."I'm not like that...mean....I'm a nice guy..." the look on his face and the animation made you expect him to finish with...."...and if you argue with me I'll eat your liver....."....

At this point, every time I... (Below threshold)

At this point, every time I hear "the media" and "John Kerry" in any similar or related context, the visual image of a man holding a rubber chicken overhead by it's neck and twirling it around comes to mind. The man holding the rubber chicken, twirling, is "the media" and the rubber chicken twirling is John Kerry.

I asked him to please tell ... (Below threshold)

I asked him to please tell me a) whose votes were actually suppressed, b) which Republicans did the suppressing

I will help you out. A blast from the past. Suppresion of the black vote is summarized nicely on Greg Palast's website. I would post the url, but I keep getting an error. Just click on "Theft of Presidency" located on the left side of the page.

Incidentally, the NAACP sued Harris and the gang for the black purge, and won. The state threw up its hands immediately and said, You got us! Well put these people back as soon as we can. Were still waiting.

cloverstump: not sure if t... (Below threshold)

cloverstump: not sure if there's even room to respond to those issues of yours -- but about Palast, he's Left of Bill Maher and most people otherwise have a pretty good idea of his perspectives. The "black voters" issue in FL, as written about by Palast, I did read a while ago but it's not as simple as he or you make it out to be now, nor as does Kerry and the DNC (persons were not excluded or evaluated or qualified based upon their race or genetics, and that's the misnomer that Palast/Kerry/DNC continue to emphasize that is just plain wrong).

Anyway, then again, there are states like California, where Dems campaign against voters being required to prove their identity in order to vote, based upon some very, very sad rationalization that to prove an identity is to so intimidate certain racial types as to discourage them completely from voting.

In other words, the Dems in CA RELY UPON undocumented voters to, um, vote without proper residence and most often citizenship. To ask for identity is to discourage anyone fearful of revealing themselves as being undocumented, fraudulently identifiable, etc. Which the Dems endorse and actually protect, based upon a vile deception that to ask for identity is to be exercising racial prejudice.

They (the Dems) actually say that with straight faces on television -- requiring identification when voting that should equate with the voter registration identity is "RACIST," and illustrates Republicans as "discouraging certain races from voting."

What IS RACIST are the Dems in this argument (among others), because it is THEY who equate and actually campaign upon the fact that to be fearful of providing/establishing/being verified as to one's identity is to be of a certainn race -- and in CA, that means generally someone illegally immigrated from South/Central America, prominently Mexico. But they never SAY that, the Dems, they just continue to avoid THAT but instead say that "requiring identification inorder to vote is racist."

Um, what? Is not the assumption, the accusation itself, racist? And, why should someone NOT be required to establish their identity at the polling place before participating in a voting process? I mean, inorder to vote, you must be a resident of whatever area in which you want to vote and register, so, why NOT be required to establish that when a person shows up at a poll? Anyone can say they are anyone else (and they do, particularly in CA and they represent a voting pool that the Dems in CA need), but what harm, what violation OF A RACIAL SORT is committed by asking ALL VOTERS to provide identity inorder to vote?

What that process would do is discourage only those persons who have compromised identities and/or some problem with their registration under whatever name and/or address they've used to register. But, again, the Dems avoid THAT and pass the issue of -- inorder to create a false impression -- that the Republicans 'are racist' in this request.

Ah, the duplicity and impossibility of reason that is the Left, the Dems, about these issues.

And people wonder why there's such a problem of illegal immigration, in so many regards. And voting in CA and FL and areas where large numbers of illegal immigrants inhabit in concentrated numbers...most of whom get snookered by the Dems into casting votes that are not always rightful or should be allowed, and yet every time someone else tries to establish or organize the polling processes, the Dems cry "racist" because the Dems think everyone/anyone with a voting problem is within a racial type of one sort or another. Which is, again, the actually racist perspective, and it's by the Dems.

Anyone catch "Despite Bush ... (Below threshold)

Anyone catch "Despite Bush Flip Flops, Kerry Gets Label"?

Fisked here.

"(persons were not excluded... (Below threshold)

"(persons were not excluded or evaluated or qualified based upon their race or genetics, and that's the misnomer that Palast/Kerry/DNC continue to emphasize that is just plain wrong)"

90% of the voters purged were black which we know votes blue. Less than 1% of the hispanic vote was purged, which typically votes red. It really doesn't matter who Greg Palast is or where he falls in the political spectrum. What is relevant is the the was black votes were illegally purged, and Harris and gang were caught in the act. Sorry, but integrity still matters.






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