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CBS: Bush Still Sucks

I am extraordinarily skeptical of this new release.

CBS Nixes '60 Minutes' Story on Iraq War

NEW YORK (AP) - CBS News has shelved a "60 Minutes" report on the rationale for war in Iraq because it would be "inappropriate" to air it so close to the presidential election, the network said on Saturday.

That is laughable. We now know they worked with rabid desperation to get the forged document story out before the election. Mary Mapes was even quoted as saying she was working so hard on the story to "save the country from George Bush." So the idea they did not want to sway the election is, simply put, an untruth.

The report on weapons of mass destruction was set to air on Sept. 8 but was put off in favor of a story on President Bush's National Guard service. The Guard story was discredited because it relied on documents impugning Bush's service that were apparently fake.

CBS News spokeswoman Kelli Edwards would not elaborate on why the timing of the Iraq report was considered inappropriate.

The report, with Ed Bradley as the correspondent, has long been in the works. Originally scheduled for June, it was first put off because of new developments, Edwards said.

Another untruth. "60 Minutes" did not run the forged document story "60 Minutes Wednesday" ran the story. Ed Bradly works for "60 Minutes" which airs on Sunday. The idea that they pulled an Ed Bradley story from the Wednesday show for the forged document is simply not plausible. They are 2 different shows.

Further, there is little they could add to the WMD story at this point.

Despite the moonbat raving of the Michael Moore left, there is exactly zero evidence that "Bush Lied" about WMD. Indeed, France, Germany and Russia all agreed Saddam had WMD before the war. Every major Democrat including Bill Clinton and John Kerry is on record saying Saddam had WMD. At worst, our intelligence services were wrong and Bush relied on faulty intelligence.

No matter how many forged documents CBS could produce, it is impossible to rationally make the case Bush knew there were no WMD.

So why did CBS make up this statement?

Sadly for CBS, there is only one logical conclusion, especially in the wake of the forged document story:

They have nothing to throw at Bush so they made this blind "Well, we have the goods that could sway the election BUT we don't want to say anything about it... But boy, if you guys knew what we knew you'd never vote for Bush." statement.

Or said another way: "We might have been wrong on the document things but Bush still sucks and we know it." This is a continuation of the "Bush Sucked" defense of the forged documents story.

The panel investigating why CBS used forged documents to try to change the outcome of a Presidential election should also investigate this news release. If it is found they have nothing, everyone involved in its release should be fired. It is also abundantly clear that CBS should not be allowed to host a Presidential debate. They obviously are not a not a credible news source and have a disqualifying agenda.

UPDATE: Clarice Feldman has much, much more on this. Apparently CBS was working the "16 words" angle. I hope they air it now... The story is so full of holes - holes anyone with google can find- they'll be slammed again.


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Comments (12)

There is one other posibili... (Below threshold)

There is one other posibility - that the report reflected favorably on Bush, ie provided evidence that the weapons were destroyed or moved to Syria. And we can't have information that would help Bush get out.

I know this is kind of a stretch, what with the time frame and all, but what do you expect from a blogger in his pajamas?

This 60 Minutes, is this th... (Below threshold)

This 60 Minutes, is this the one Mary Mapes and Joshua Michael Marshall were working on?

Allah Pundit regardging JMMarshall

"At worst, our intelligence... (Below threshold)

"At worst, our intelligence services were wrong and Bush relied on faulty intelligence."

Actually, at worst, we missed the WMDs in Iraq and the baddies now have them. At least, that's the worst senario I can imagine... Of course that would play into the whole "We're now less safe than before we invaded Iraq" idea, so if they had any evidence of it, they would be waving and shouting.

MAD Anthony- CBS run a pro ... (Below threshold)

MAD Anthony- CBS run a pro Bush story? You are Mad!

Peapies, yes, see update.

Ted: "Actually, at worst, we missed the WMDs in Iraq and the baddies now have them."

OK point taken. But CBS will never report Saddam had WMD.

I am seriously beginning to... (Below threshold)

I am seriously beginning to believe we've all fell down Alice's rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Maybe they pulled it becaus... (Below threshold)

Maybe they pulled it because they suddenly remembered that Burkett also gave them 'unimpeachable' documents for this story as well. :o)

Who will their unimpeachabl... (Below threshold)

Who will their unimpeachable source be this time? Joe Wilson. He's already been outed as a liar. His written report is at odds with what he said on 60 Minutes later. The 9-11 Commission Report indicates this. Also, he lied about how he got the assignment to go to Niger to investigate the yellow-cake information obtained by the British MI6. His wife, an undercover CIA operative (some undercover -- all of Washington knew who she was and what she did) wrote a letter of recommendation for him to represent the CIA in Africa. Is that 60 Minutes' main source? Russian President Vladmir Putin and other international leaders believed that Saddam was attempting to purchase/obtain yellow-cake uranium. In Bush's speech he attributed the report to British intelligence. And they continue to standby their story. NO. CBS News and 60 Minutes are not airing the story because the jig is up. They know they can't get away with their bullshit propaganda masquerading as news anymore. Hey, 60 Minutes, how about an investigative news story on John Kerry's meeting(s) in Paris with North Vietnamese officials. Or how about looking into his claims that his wounded ass is the result of schrapnel, not Uncle Ben's Rice. You can even show us pictures of his ass. You may have the shave it first, but I'm sure we'll be able to study the wound and confirm his Purple Heart story one way of another.

- This is another one of t... (Below threshold)

- This is another one of those "If we keep saying it often enough and long enough maybe someone somewhere will believe it"....

- I'm always amused at the way the Wonkenettes quote Nazi this and Nazi that in reference to everything Bush...While they themselves practice many of the tactics of that Fanatic they love to alude to...

- There are so many arguments that refute this WMD thing its comical... But apparently its all they've got to counter Kerry's constant flipflopping, checkered background, and history for opportunistic lying....

- I'd really love to get a look at that form 180...Those 31 pages of unreleased service record... I'm convinced Kerry got a "general" discharge that Clinton did an upgrade to honerable in late '99 just before leaving office....

- Maybe someday we'll find out just what a prevaricator this guy really is....

- One other thing ... I wou... (Below threshold)

- One other thing ... I would'nt give it a second thought...I'm convinced that out there somewhere someone pro Bush has some damning Email copies of Mapes/DNC/Kerry communications....The Nets a big mother of storage spots....Whoever it is they're waiting till the eve of the debates to drop the nuke on Kerry's flipflopping head....

It appears that they pulled... (Below threshold)

It appears that they pulled away from a second hit piece on Bush. With their liberal bias clearly exposed, they just couldn't do it again.

When it comes to journalism... (Below threshold)

When it comes to journalism, there are things worth risking your credibility for, and things that aren't worth it. WMD, a substantive issue, is worth taking a credibility hit. Thirty-year-old Guard service? Not so much.


Could it be that Sumner Red... (Below threshold)

Could it be that Sumner Redstone is so worried about Viacom's stock and the reaction of the stockholders that he's brought down the hammer on 60 Minutes.

After all, why would a "liberal Democrat" like Redstone endorse Bush? He said it himself - It's for the good of Viacom.






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