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Circus Break


We're off to see the circus, and our youngest is pretty happy about the news.

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Now THAT'S a beautiful baby... (Below threshold)

Now THAT'S a beautiful baby. Enjoy the circus!

So sad about the human cannonball, though.
Every time he goes to work, he gets fired.

Damn Kev-- That kids good l... (Below threshold)

Damn Kev-- That kids good lookin' -- You sure he's yours?


There's one in every crowd.

Kev, that is one beautiful,... (Below threshold)

Kev, that is one beautiful, happy baby! Great photo, too. Looks like your wife and you are doing a really good job, you must be pleased as punch. Hope you enjoy the circus and the baby does, too.

Totally precious - I'm sure... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:

Totally precious - I'm sure he takes after his Mom. Enjoy him while he is little and cute - one day he'll stuff three speeding tickets in his glove compartment and hope they'll dissolve.

I've been a labor and deliv... (Below threshold)

I've been a labor and delivery/newborn nursery nurse for years and contrary to popular belief, not all babies are cute! But your child is beautiful and even more important, looks happy and content. Ya'll did good!

That is one cute baby. And... (Below threshold)

That is one cute baby. And he does look at peace with the world. But what the hey,....in about 16 years or so, He will down a whole gallon of milk in one swig, will have socks hidden in the corner of his room, that would be classified as WMD even by the UN, and will know more then both his parnets combined.

But until then, love the stuffing outta the little tike!

Cute kid. I second Paul - ... (Below threshold)

Cute kid. I second Paul - you sure he's yours? ;)

He's a beautiful, handsome ... (Below threshold)

He's a beautiful, handsome boy! Enjoy that circus, enjoy your son more!



Looks like he just saw Bush... (Below threshold)

Looks like he just saw Bush's new poll numbers :)

Great looking kid there!!


Dont commit Hairy Kerry; Vote Responsibly!

*squeal*IZZA Bay-B... (Below threshold)



Aww, how adorable. I'm sure you never get sick of hearing that!






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