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Vote for Me! I catch like a girl!

As a former photojournalist and a some time photoeditor, I know how easy it is to catch an important person in an embarrassing picture. It's been sport of late on the lefty blogs to take screen captures of conservatives while they make embarrassing faces on television. I've bashed those as being both childish and classless. It's even easier on T.V as you get 29 frames per second, one of them is sure to be embarrassing.

But having said the above, John Kerry continually creates the most horrid photo-ops of any candidate in history. Maybe none of them singularly as bad as Dukakis in the tank but cumulatively they are much worse.

I've ignored dozens, I even ignored the bunny outfit. But since Kerry keeps setting them up, obviously he wants these pictures out there... I guess I'll help the man out.

Vote for Me! I catch like a girl!





Football- It's all in the wrist!


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Comments (32)

too funny, Paul.~C</... (Below threshold)

too funny, Paul.

Catch like a girl? That is ... (Below threshold)

Catch like a girl? That is an insult to my 9 year old daughter who looks much better catching a football the John Kerry.

Is that last picture real? ... (Below threshold)

Is that last picture real? Please say No. I have no plans of voting for the man, but this is the kind of picture that makes you feel sorry for him. He's like a colleague who's annoying to distraction, but inspires deep pity in the soft of heart.

Kerry is an overprivileged, graceless buffoon. He behaves rudely when people aren't looking. And for someone with that much money and political power, he is filled with a sense of entitlement (like al-Gore).

But on some metaphysical human level, I kinda sorta feel sorry for him.

John Kerry is a doofus. He'... (Below threshold)

John Kerry is a doofus. He's always been a doofus and always will be a doofus. He even catches like a doofus. He sounded like a doofus in those old films of his days as anti-war activist and now he's an aging doofus married to a wackjob. The thing that makes me angry is how do doofuses and wackos get their mitts on so much money?

Who plays football in slack... (Below threshold)

Who plays football in slacks?

Is the last picture real???... (Below threshold)

Is the last picture real???

Oh Yeah!

By the way, you should see ... (Below threshold)

By the way, you should see the photo of Kerry on the website for the new movie Celsius 41.11: The Temperature at Which the Brain Starts to Die which is coming out in theaters this week hopefully -- people like Bill Sammon, Charles Krauthammer, Fred Thompson, etc. are involved. It's the antidote to Michael Moore's propaganda film.
Rita Cosby showed clips from the film earlier this evening on Fox News Channel.


Marty's right. My 1st grade... (Below threshold)

Marty's right. My 1st grader, she throws with the same form, and my 4 year old boy throws better than he does......

It was nice of Kerry to wea... (Below threshold)

It was nice of Kerry to wear that yellow bracelet and draw our attention to the wrist in question.

The guy's like an evil mixt... (Below threshold)

The guy's like an evil mixture of Herman Munster and Thurston Howell III.

Incredible, Paul.

I am alerting footballfansfortruth.

Too late. <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Too late. http://footballfansfortruth.us has already got 'em up. They've even got some that are more dastardly. With these photos and the windsurfing, the only thing I can figure is ...

Kerry is going for the jugular and courting the Log Cabin Republican vote. This probably explains the group's lack of endorsement of the president.

I don't know who on at the ... (Below threshold)

I don't know who on at the Kerry campaign is trying to re-create the old Kennedy football movie clips, but they really should have figured out by now that it's just not working...

How can you play football i... (Below threshold)

How can you play football in a white polo shirt and not get a speck of dirt on yourself? On grass?!?

Who at the campaign is tryi... (Below threshold)

Who at the campaign is trying to recreate Kennedy touch-football moments?

Got to be Kerry himself. No one else is so clueless.

It must be sheer hell inside that campaign these days. I almost feel sorry for the grunts.

Kerryismos, start your fax engines!

I am fairly sure that guy c... (Below threshold)

I am fairly sure that guy could play on my 49ers this year.

There are a bunch of these ... (Below threshold)

There are a bunch of these Kerry/football pics floating around and every time one rears it's head I get a phone call from my elder nephew, who's father is an unremittent geek, so I'm Coach.
Nephew: "His eyes are closed."
Me: "What's the rule?"
Nephew: "Look it into your hands. He knows people are looking?"
Me: "He's a girl. Remember the pitch?"
Nephew: "Shit, I can reach the plate and I'm only twelve."

- Bet if you pan down he's ... (Below threshold)

- Bet if you pan down he's wearing penny loafers...

I don't think anyone will e... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone will ever beat the pic that looks like a hunter is shooting Kerry, but these are worth a few laughs, no matter who you're voting for.
My dad, who has absolutely zero football experience, plays better than that. And he actually wears athletic-type clothing.

Dodd,Remember, Sen... (Below threshold)


Remember, Senator Kerry does not fall down. He fell when "that son of a bitch" Secret Service agent knocked him over, but, by himself, the man is incapable of falling (according to him).

He looks more and more like... (Below threshold)

He looks more and more like the Kerry-Frankenstein morph every day. Did you see the pics he had taken while at "The Field of Dreams" in Ohio? The man is not one whit sportsmanlike - in any way, fashion, or mode. What a dufus.

Thank you, Addison. I stand... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Addison. I stand corrected - and should not have forgotten. That is, after all, why I call him John "Weeble" Kerry ("Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.")

Of course, part of the point of football is that people will knock you down. Perhaps His Majesty has a rule that no-one in the photo-op, er, I mean totally spontaneous, just-for-fun game may not actually tackle his royal personage...?

Has anybody asked the photo... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:

Has anybody asked the photographers, the cameramen, and the engineers?

The "talent" with the white teeth [*ting*] and good hair is only the visible part of the newsgathering process. There's somebody behind that camera who never comes in front of it, and back in the trailer are a bunch of people who keep all the wires connected, the satellite dish pointed, and the monitors tuned to the proper colors. These are people with jobs, not "roles," and they work their butts off for fractions of what the talent gets.

Everybody's awkward sometimes, but I just don't see this sort of pictures of George Bush. Oh, once in a while, but not a steady stream of captionworthy images of The Candidate at the apex of clumsiness. Are the folks behind the lenses trying to tell us something?

Ric Locke

kerry looks like a tard... (Below threshold)

kerry looks like a tard

kerry looks like a moron</p... (Below threshold)

kerry looks like a moron

simply unbelievable.... (Below threshold)
dont even worry about it:

simply unbelievable.

simply unbelievable.... (Below threshold)
dont even worry about it:

simply unbelievable.

simply unbelievable.... (Below threshold)
dont even worry about it:

simply unbelievable.

what is wrong with him? He ... (Below threshold)
just dont even worry about it:

what is wrong with him? He looks like a gimp out there. The shape of his body reminds me of a ripe pair. the pics gave me a good laugh. thnx

Kerry might not be able to ... (Below threshold)

Kerry might not be able to catch or throw a football, but he will do a better job at Bush at anything besides football :)

Why can't i make a ligit de... (Below threshold)
"John Kerry":

Why can't i make a ligit decision? Because i am the people's bitch and the people dont know what they want.

The last pic reminds me of ... (Below threshold)

The last pic reminds me of the scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ! Prerequisite for Prez should be the ability to throw out the first pitch!

I personally like the secon... (Below threshold)

I personally like the second one down. Taken out of context, it looks like Kerry is getting spontaneously attacked by immigrants.






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