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Paris Hilton 2: Electric Boogaloo

I think we've seen just about enough of Paris Hilton pole smoking straddling Dick's...

Infamous hotel heiress PARIS HILTON has allegedly been caught on camera in another sex-and-drugs movie, this time lasting a staggering 12 hours.

British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD claims to have a tape showing the SIMPLE LIFE star smoking cannabis and being intimate with two different lovers.

The 23-year-old blonde writhes in the back of a car with her ex-boyfriend NICK CARTER in one scene, and is then seen answering the door naked to model ex-boyfriend JASON SHAW.

In the video, Hilton reportedly jokes, whilst puffing on a cannabis joint, "Paris Hilton part two: how to roll a joint!"

A source tells the newspaper, "Paris knew she was being filmed but didn't care. She'll do anything to make sure all eyes are on her."


Via Fleshbot (NSFW)

Update: Contrary to rumors the Paris Hilton Jewlrey Collection (exclusively at Amazon.com) does NOT feature pearl necklaces.


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Comments (7)

"I think we've seen just ab... (Below threshold)

"I think we've seen just about enough of Paris Hilton pole smoking..."

Speak for yourself!

Couple years ago, MSNBC did... (Below threshold)

Couple years ago, MSNBC did a piece one afternoon about lame movie sequels. The opening line of the segment was:

Hollywood didn't invent the concept of "sloppy seconds"...

can you send me this second... (Below threshold)

can you send me this second tape if you have it. thanks

That has to be the most com... (Below threshold)

That has to be the most complimentary photo ever taken of Nicole Ritchie...

....and it still didn't work. No amount of plastic surgery will make her attractive.....

that's it, that's where I've seen MahaRichie... he's Andy Dick in real life!!

That look on Dick's face ki... (Below threshold)

That look on Dick's face kinda creeps me out.

First of all... could that ... (Below threshold)

First of all... could that picture be considered a "nip slip", since I can almost see it?

Secondly... I'll look at her all I can. I just never want to see her act in anything "serious" (although she acquitted herself honorably in her Las Vegas guest spot) or even open her mouth. And don't get me started on her "book", which is exactly as long as mine (198 pages) but will sell 10,000 times as many copies.

Thirdly... regarding the third commenter, the one who asked for the tape... I get at least one comment every two weeks related to my post about the Cameron Diaz tape, people asking if I have a URL, or if I can send them the tape. Kevin, you're now stuck with those commenters for the rest of your blog's life. They'll keep coming, and they'll keep asking. It's sad and depressing that even when you put in the post that you will NOT give out the URL to the tape, or that you don't have it, or that you won't put it up on your site, you'll still get comments. (Although there was one Arabic man who posted that he respects Cameron Diaz too much to watch the video, and I have to give him props for that.)

Oh, and fourth...? If I can get my hands on that video without having to pay for it, I'm going to watch it at least once. Just to say I did.

I have seen both and I don'... (Below threshold)

I have seen both and I don't see them making it to the general public. The tapes are on a "who you know" basis.







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