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The Suspense Is Killing Us

L.A. Times May Break Tradition, Make Choice for President.

God help John Kerry if he can't nail down Michael Kinsley's endorsement...

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Liberals may be seeing the ... (Below threshold)

Liberals may be seeing the election more clearly now:
1) Having the potential of the two "lugnuts" (Kerry/Ewards) win & after 4 years, totally kill the Dems chances for many years thereafter?
2) Give up hope on the "lugnuts" and have the opportunity to pound Bush for another 4 years until the "second coming" (Hillary) can come & save the day.
If I were a 'lib" the 2nd option has to look the most appealing

Tradition....of WHAT?... (Below threshold)

Tradition....of WHAT?
I gotta tell you, birds refuse to shit downward onto the paper anymore.
They shit sideways.
The la la times is going to what?
Pure farce.
And....who gives a flying shit.

There's always the possibil... (Below threshold)

There's always the possibility they select Ralph Nader.






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