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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ was particularly hard to judge, as there were 141 entries - at last count. OneDrummer clearly brought his (or her) "A" game; so much so that I'm not even sure I picked his (or her) best entry.

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

1) (OneDrummer) - "
Mister, if you hold the baseball this way, using these fingers, you should be able to get the ball across the plate next time at Fenway...

2) (Steve H.) - "Read between the lines, bitch."

3) (Randy P.) - "Senator John Kerry inquires as to how many red stars on your homework it takes to get an early release to the playground."

Honorable Mentions

4) (Joe R) - "Oh no son, I haven't spent nearly that many days in the Senate this year."

5) (Aaron's Rantblog) - "You see HOW MANY furrows on my forehead?"

6) (OneDrummer) - "You're three? Last time I saw someone your age, I shot the little bastard in the back with a 50 cal as he ran away from me..."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (18)

This is how many electorial... (Below threshold)

This is how many electorial votes your going to get beeahhch!

Anyone who repeats themself... (Below threshold)

Anyone who repeats themself 4 times needs a job, MahaRichie. As for me, I will get one as soon as I win one of these. Am feeling robbed and empty now.

I work full time and... (Below threshold)

I work full time and have a pension.You sound sincere,and wish you luck on both counts.

Well I wasn't actually tryi... (Below threshold)

Well I wasn't actually trying to delete all your commens MahaRichie, but it appears I've done so...

In the interest of history here's what you said.

Kevin:Week after week you seem to select mostly lame and unimaginative comments as winners.Does one have to make a donation to get some consideration?As for ONEDRUMMER and his 25+ comments I say get a Job!Same goes for RODNEYDILL,and McCain...GET JOBS!!!
Kevin,I think you should recuse yourself from anymore selecting.I think your adorable son would be a more effective arbiter.I am not a sore loser.I just saw so many comments that were better then the ones you chose.Some folks just don't have a knack for recognizing creativity.

As to the charges, I'll take them under advisement...

Kevin:That is a fair... (Below threshold)

That is a fair reply. Thanks

Sorry MahaRichie, the capti... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Sorry MahaRichie, the captions just keep coming to me, unfortunately for me I think of captions for pictures that never make contests, or captions long after the contest are done. If you don't particularly like my captions then I am really sorry for you, 'cause you will likely see a number of them each week-end


You got the right winner, b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

You got the right winner, but oneDrummer had several captions I thought were funnier, including:

Hey mister, that crazy lady with you said that one state is not a whole state.... does that mean it's three states? Or is it just missing three counties?

Rodney - you are right, som... (Below threshold)

Rodney - you are right, sometimes these things come to you and you can't bottle it up. Jamal's bitch slap got my vote....

Maha - I'd apologize to you... (Below threshold)

Maha - I'd apologize to you, but for what? You enter this site as a guest, enter a fun contest as a guest, then you complain about it. Hmm. It's called a Weekend Caption Contest for a reason. So we can spend 48+ hours thinking captions for the funny pics while drinking beer in our underwear? Yeah, like my wife will allow that.

Underwear? I usually do th... (Below threshold)

Underwear? I usually do these contests in the nude, but when I saw Kerry's face I just had to cover up. I think if the contest were to include the top, oh, 30 or 40, I might appear somewhere on the list. Will redouble my efforts for next time.

Onedrummer:Forget a... (Below threshold)

Onedrummer:Forget about getting a job..Get a LIFE! 48 Hours??

McCain:Now that was funny!Seriously I think Kevin should put a limit on entries.Say,3 or 4 per guest.
You 3 "Einsteins"submitted around 30% of the total!

Maha - you obviously did no... (Below threshold)

Maha - you obviously did not get my 'nuanced' post o' sarcasm above. For some reason you seem offended about this contest and how it is run while putting Kevin down in the process. My Mom taught me not to slight, embarrass, be rude to anyone that invites me as a guest anywhere (even if its to a website.) I'd say, if you want to make the rules for a contest, go make you're own friggin' blog.....

Apparently, I don't need a job, I need to get a life now. Gosh, thanks for the advice. I'll remember what you said the next time I hear some kool-aid drinkin' birkenstock wearin' tye-dye t-shirt vendor telling me how awesome it would be to have John Kerry as President, so he can avoid the upcoming draft.

Oh, btw, why would anyone even spend time counting how many posts someone enters into this contest? Are you Mr. Hand? No one is stealing 'your' time with this contest, are they? It's not even 'our' time.... it's my own. I'll live my life, you live yours, and have a nice day.(disclaimer: no sarcasm intended in the last sentence.)

Yo OneDrummer cool ... (Below threshold)

Yo OneDrummer cool your heels.We are on the same page as to our choice for President.
I enjoy the weekend Caption Contest also.However, it is becoming a painful experience sifting through the clutter of inane amateurish entries.It's like throw it on the wall and see if it sticks,instead of really applying some some thought and submitting your BEST.If you and some of the other"Comedic Genuses"were so clever you would be earning your living in the entertainment business-I do-however,I don't think that EVERY thought that comes to mind is worthy of entry.That is why I hope Kevin will put a limit on entries.
In the meantime,don't be a "girlie man"and let your wife tell you that you can't sit around in your underwear and drink beer if you want to. Peace. MahaRichie

Maha - Rodney, McCain and ... (Below threshold)

Maha - Rodney, McCain and I will pitch in for some aspirin for ya, since these 'inane amateurish' posts are so painful for you.... You might be a nice guy, but so far, you come across as so condescending and pedantic to render me with nothing but symapthic feelings for you.

Oh, the wife's gone this weekend. So, like McCain, I will redouble my efforts. Maybe even make sure they post as many as I do.

Soooo the wifes awa... (Below threshold)

Soooo the wifes away.Not implying anything,but when this occurs, do you guy's all sit together in your underwear drinking beer,and giggling at each others captions. I can hear it now.QUICK guy's put your pants on,I think I just heard the garage door open!

Actually, Maha, I've been e... (Below threshold)

Actually, Maha, I've been engaging in phone captioning of late. I find that hearing the caption spoken out loud brings an enormous amount of nuance I cannot get from just the typewritten word......

I think poor Maha is suffer... (Below threshold)

I think poor Maha is suffering from that Freudian condition known as "caption-envy." He spends all his time talking about something he wants other people to spend less time talking about. Umm, I'm all twisted around now... so I will faithfully prepare my first job applications ...

OneDrummer, have you taken ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

OneDrummer, have you taken a shot at using your gift for something with lasting substance?







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